How To Destroy Christianity In Two Short Sentences


How to destroy Christianity in two short sentences. Just make the following proposition:

God loves us.
Only the very bad go to Hell.

Which follows:
So what did Jesus die for then?

This is the root cause of what we’ve had to suffer since 1970. Unless this proposition is nullified, then Western society will continue its decline, which decline stems from a perversion of Christianity at its heart: the Catholic Church.

No fear of Hell => No fear of sin => A society of villains.

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Cui Bonum?


To whose good was the revision of the Catholic Church’s Rite Of Exorcism? 

To whose good was the removal of Prime from the Divine Office, with the prayer "Turn back evil on my enemies and destroy them in Thy truth"?

 To whose good was the changing of the Roman Missal from a propitiary to a celebratory rite?

To whose good was the removal of the prayer to St. Michael The Archangel and the Asperges from the Mass?

To whose good what the creation of a Book Of Blessings which don’t actually bless anything?

Alas, we now have a clergy who don’t believe in the power of the Devil. Which suits him just fine. Worse, it also leads to a lack of belief in God Himself.  If you can neuter the Devil, then the neutering of God is a merely a delayed after-effect.
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What Happens When An Officer Takes Off His Insignia?


What happens when an officer takes off his insignia? He stops being worthy of respect.

Bosses who ask their staff to call them by their Christian name are either stupid or hyprocrites. You can’t be friends with people you expect to give orders to; friends don’t give each other orders. Will the boss then get angry when his servants then don’t hop to it when he tells them to? 

Our current Pope is playing this game. He is ‘The Bishop Of Rome’. He doesn’t believe in formality.

I recall Paul VI gave away his crown. Symbolically, that sends a very obvious message. And religion is all about symbolism. Even diabolists get this.

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One Day You Will Realise ….


One day you will realise that you you can only be in one room at one time, eat one meal at one time, wear one suit of clothes at one time. Your life is finite and its end approaches faster the older you get. 

When you realise that, the project of owning a mansion on a country estate seems a waste of time and energy.
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