The Real Reason For George Osborne’s Help-To-Buy Mortgage Scheme

He is stoking an artificial economic boom, in time for the next general election. 

Longer term, one does wonder when Britain as a nation will finally be in credit. This kind of policy created the last recession, starting in the US.

Signs Of The End Times?

A popular theme in Protestantism is ‘The End Times’ i.e. the Apocalyapse. As Catholics, it’s not a fixation amongst us. Recent events have made me wonder, however. I would say we’re at Defcon 3: "Increase in force readiness above that required for normal readiness"

For example:

The British Prime Minister, David Cameron, is going to go down in history as having sodomitic marriage ‘legalised’ during his incumbency. Just imagine: a vice, deplored throughout the ages, elevated to the status of ‘marriage’. This is a logical impossibility, as two men can’t marry in any practical or meaningful sense. It’s just stupid. At a stroke, the institution is broken and sodomy normalised. The basis of civil society, the family, mortally wounded. Truly incredible.

This tells me that the ability to reason is gone in those that rule us. 

Another recent example:

Britain’s Chancellor George Osbourne has given HMRC the right to rob money from taxpayer’s bank accounts directly. He has also made having undeclared income, lodged offshore, illegal. If they think you owe it, they can take it. These measures are the actions of cretins. Their conservatism is a lie.

This follows on from measures like removal of the right to silence, the Council (Poll) Tax, quick extraditons and entry into the EU. These measures have made Britain into a curiously weak and totalitarian regime.

The poor from other nations come here because it’s better than the hellish places they live, the middle classes will move as far away as they can, to the shires or abroad, while the elite will leave according to whether their positions render them untouchable or not; a man with £500m and properties worldwide can live where and how he wants (as long as it’s quiet and the kids can go to good schools).

The local working class will get it in the neck; they can’t go anywhere. They earn just enough to be taxed and not enough to progress. God help us if the country goes bust and the state-dependents can’t be bought off any more.

The stage is being set for revolution. Any barriers to it have been broken down. A generation of narcissistic hellions, their minds debauched by vicious media and drugs, their spirits broken by divorce and concubinage, with no allegiance to God or nation, will have no scruples about rioting. All it will take is a severe economic depression, so keep an eye on economic indicators like budget deficits, national debt, employment rates and so forth. Our current leaders can’t hold it back: no one will heed them, as no one respects them.

The Catholic Church, having given up preaching the hard sayings of Jesus and dumbed down its rites, will be severely tested in the coming decades. A smart man might start reading approved private revelations, to see if the signs of the times are lining up with prophecy.

Just GIVE Your Business To Google!

I just realised: Google is collecting data on browsing habits. It knows what you like; you tell it.

Chrome, Adsense, Adwords, Webmaster Tools mean it knows what sells. It probably stopped Checkout because it had enough purchasing data already and it didn’t need the money.

My latest minor epiphany was that millions of businessmen are using Adwords to get traffic. They are telling Google what they’re trying to sell, refining their keywords, seeing what works. Google is listening in. It’s lunacy!

They’re doing the slog and Google, by ‘helping’ them get clicks, lets them compete with each other, thereby putting  up the price of those clicks, thereby increasing its profits. It shows you what keywords are popular; you, and everyone else.

It’s getting a % of every sale, at one remove. 

If ever Google decided to move in on a particular niche, it could easily dominate. And you can bet it’s giving commercial data to American security services.

Generation Onan: 1960 – Today

Sociologists try to find names for different genrations of people in the West; Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y etc.

A better name for the lot of them would be Generation Onan. These are the generations that fornicate without much less chance of anyone being generated, because of the use of contraception.

So, basically, we’ve had three generations of w*nkers, with fewer children in each. They call it ‘love’ or ‘sexual expression’ but basically they’re just w*nking each other off.