The End Times Or Just A New Tyranny?


Here is a list of events that may herald the arrival of the Antichrist, or just a new tyranny:

1. One world economy.

It is now feasible to give everyone a mark on the hand or forehead which will enable them to buy and sell. You can receive benefits if you have the mark. The mark can be an electronic implant or simply an encrypted numerical code. Your bank accounts can be debited or credited. Or expropriated.

2. Celebrity culture.

One man can now bestride the globe as a false saviour, through mass media. He doesn’t need to be moral; he just needs to appear to be.

3. Worldwide hatred of Christianity.

One may not now criticise any religion in public, except Christianity. Isn’t that strange?

At the time of writing, Christians are having their throats cut in the Middle East, with very little ...

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Summer’s Here And The Time Is Right For … Vandalism!


Passengers trains on the Liverpool Street – Southend line will currently see a lot of the following:


As the weather gets warmer, the trees blossom and come into leaf, the birds sing in the morning time and urban dopes plan and execute a selfish and destructive form of self-expression.

What a pity one couldn’t sentence them to have the same done to their domicile, except with images they’d detest: holy icons, or excerpts from the criminal law code.

Or just to have paint spattered on their best clothes. That would be educational.

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Irish Sexual Pervert Marriage Referendum – A Plebiscite For Unreason



This man is the Prime Minister Of The Republic of Ireland. He claims to be a Catholic. He believes in an “energy or spirit [that] is around”. ” … an energy, a force, an almightiness there that is certainly beyond my reach”. ” ..I can’t see it as a person or as a being.”

He is reported as admitting that he doesn’t pray, but does go to Mass, to “communicate with that spirit”. His faith is “… my God, and my God is that energy and power that I feel”.

In other words, he is a pagan who was baptised Catholic.


This is a man, who dresses as a woman. He is a sexual pervert, who evangelises for his perversion. He is HIV positive. He promotes that which has given him a very serious disease.

He makes a poor sort of man, in the sense of being useful in a crisis.
He is a caricature o...

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Calvary – A Terrible Film


I borrowed this film from the local library. I’m glad I only spent a quid to rent it (yay inter-library loans!)

How bad is it? Let me count the ways.

Plot: Stupid. It centers on an anonymous pentitent threatening to assassinate a priest, on an appointed day. Priest goes to his bishop about what to do. Bishop says “it’s up to you”.

Dialogue: The film starts with a disgusting, insane line uttered in the confessional and continues in the same vein; unrealistic, stilted and unimaginative e.g. the local Irish make cynical and insulting remarks to a girl, in her presence, about her obvious signs of having attempted suicide. As ye do.

Costumes: No Irish priest has worn a cassock since the 1960s.

Characterisation: The cast play a strange set of foul-mouthed, cynical, urbane people somewhere besid...

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