Calvary – A Terrible Film


I borrowed this film from the local library. I’m glad I only spent a quid to rent it (yay inter-library loans!)

How bad is it? Let me count the ways.

Plot: Stupid. It centers on an anonymous pentitent threatening to assassinate a priest, on an appointed day. Priest goes to his bishop about what to do. Bishop says “it’s up to you”.

Dialogue: The film starts with a disgusting, insane line uttered in the confessional and continues in the same vein; unrealistic, stilted and unimaginative e.g. the local Irish make cynical and insulting remarks to a girl, in her presence, about her obvious signs of having attempted suicide. As ye do.

Costumes: No Irish priest has worn a cassock since the 1960s.

Characterisation: The cast play a strange set of foul-mouthed, cynical, urbane people somewhere besid...

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Rosary March Barracked By Pro Abortionists Stratford London E15 09-05-2015


I was walking home todat after a Breakfast Special, at Best Cafe in the Inshop in Stratford Mall, about 11.30am. I saw cop cars in the Crescent, where St. Francis’ Church is.

The police were peacekeeping at a demonstration by a small pro-life group, which was kneeling outside the Church. The rosary-reciting group were being ‘battered’ by the sonic efforts of the pro-abortion group. The latter were banging pots, blowing horns and whistles and singing pro-abortion songs. They were largely female.

Pro-lifers: singing hymns and reciting the rosary.
Pro-abortioners: trying to put them off, essentially.

Quite bizarre: women protesting to shut up people praying against Women’s Right To Kill The Life Inside Them.

On balance, who do you think, dear reader, finds favour with God?


If you don’t b...

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British Elections May 2015 – The Mutation Of The Zeitgeist


What’s peculiar is how superficial the election seems. Left and Right pretend to disagree on economic strategy, while maintaining the Welfare State by public indebtedness. The Conservatives cut more, while Labour borrow more, but neither can kill the Blob. The Blob must be fed! Too many voters depend on the Blob, and not just obvious ones like retirees and the unemployed.

We have a kind of prosperity, which is built on the City and on personal debt and public debt. 8 years after the Crash, the economy is on a natural uptick, as part of the cyclical Boom-Bust cycle. So the public is quite tranquil.

However, take away the City and property investment and there’s not a lot going on here. Wages are historically low, while rents are sky-high. The next crash could bring riots.

Messers Cameron...

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You Are Free To Say Whatever You Like As Long As We Like What You Say


You are free to say whatever you like as long as We like what you say.
You are free to do whatever you like as long as We like what you do.
If We do not like what you say, We will hound you.
If We do not like what you do, We will arrest you.
You should tolerate everyone’s behaviour as long as We deem that behaviour acceptable.
What We deem acceptable is what every right-thinking person finds to be right.
What We deem acceptable is tolerance of every behaviour We deem acceptable.
What is old is wrong.
What is static is wrong.
What is new is good.
Change is good.
Right-thinking is defined by what we feel to be right.
Right-thinking is defined by what Our peers pronounce to be right.
Our peers are those who rebel against the established order.
Once We have subdued all the Wrong-thinkers We wi...

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