You Are Free To Say Whatever You Like As Long As We Like What You Say


You are free to say whatever you like as long as We like what you say.
You are free to do whatever you like as long as We like what you do.
If We do not like what you say, We will hound you.
If We do not like what you do, We will arrest you.
You should tolerate everyone’s behaviour as long as We deem that behaviour acceptable.
What We deem acceptable is what every right-thinking person finds to be right.
What We deem acceptable is tolerance of every behaviour We deem acceptable.
What is old is wrong.
What is static is wrong.
What is new is good.
Change is good.
Right-thinking is defined by what we feel to be right.
Right-thinking is defined by what Our peers pronounce to be right.
Our peers are those who rebel against the established order.
Once We have subdued all the Wrong-thinkers We wi...

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From Calvary To Cafeteria – What Don’t You Understand?


The Credo religion started around 2000 years ago. From the beginning, opinions varied about what to believe and how to practice it. Major divisions arose and were settled.
Fast forward 1500 years and a king of Albion, a small Credo country, wanted to divorce his wife. This wasn’t allowed by the Credo priests, so he did it anyway and declared himself head of his own Me-Church. He was helped in this by Credo heretics, who said he could do it. Which he did. More than once.

This Me-Church started dropping practices and beliefs of the Credo church. Since Me-Church was founded upon opinion, individual believers started to splinter from it. This led to the formation of a lot of Me-Tooer churches. 

Fast forward another 450 years...

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International Finance – Passing The Rotten Potato


Given that:

Most major states are effectively bankrupt: their debt is huge; 
They all rely on credit;
Credit stops if the debtor defaults;
If one big debtor goes bust, it can take many creditors with it;
It’s 7 years since the last crisis … 

Therefore: It’s only a matter of time before the next crash. 

Credit notes (debt) are the rotten potato. As long as you can pass it on, you don’t go bust. The potato has value as long as it’s circulated and no one shouts "It’s rotten!".  All players want to keep the game going. So they gloss over the rot.

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The Sissified Society


21st Century England is a sissified society. Narcissism is rampant, weakness is extolled, complaining is a culture and wheedling a virtue.

I would caricature Britannia nowadays as an obese single mother of b******s. Her b******s were begotten by different men. The b*****d sons have ‘problems at school’ and later, trouble with the law. They have no father to smack them down when their natural selfishness manifests. The Liberal Consensus tells us that Smacking Is Always Wrong. So worn-out women have to plead with their hellions to behave. It is sad.

The b******d daughters will joust with their mother. This is normal, as girls compete with their mother, as boys with their father. This will be tiring, as there is no father to tell them to back off...

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