A Lorica

I arise today, armed with the sword of truth and the shield of righteousness …

A Lorica

Pater Noster …
Ave Maria …
Gloria Patri et Filio …
Sancte Michaele Archangeli …
O Sacred Heart Of Jesus …

I arise today, armed with the sword of truth and the shield of righteousness,

In the company of the Most High God, the Adonai Sabaoth, the First and the Last, the Creator of all things, and no one created Him.

I arise today in the company of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of the Father, the best beloved, the Agnes Dei, the Salvator Mundi, miserere nobis, Domine Jesu Christe, salva nos ab igne inferni.

I arise today in the company of the Holy Spirit, the Spiritus Sancte, the Paraclete, the Quickener, the giver of widom. Vene, Sancte Spritus, emitte spritium tuum eat creabuntur, et renovabis faciem terrae.

I arise today in the company of the Angels of Heaven, Saint Michael, Saint Raphael, Saint Gabriel, the Seraphim, The Cherubim, the Powers, Thrones, Dominions, Archangels and Angels. That I may be like them in righteousness before the sight of God and that they might abide with me according to their station and their liking.

I arise today in the company of the saints of Heaven, Saint Peter, Saint Paul, [Your baptismal saint Name], St Joseph ….. [your favourite and most powerful saints here]

St Jude
St. Philomena
St. Anthony of Padua
St. Pio of Pietrelcina
Blessed Catherine Emmerich
St. Vincent Ferrer [i.e. your confirmation saint name]
St. Patrick [i.e. your national saint name]

… That I may be like them in righteousness before the sight of God and that they might abide with me according to their station and their liking.

Christ be with me,
Christ be within me,
Christ be above me and Christ be below me,
Christ be on my left hand and Christ be on my right hand,
Christ be before me and Christ be behind me,
Christ be all around me.

Christ be in every eye that sees me, in every ear that hears me, in every mouth that speaks of me, in every mind that thinks of me, in every heart that feels anything about me, Christ ever be.

That the following classes of beings may be turned back, neautralised and confounded, if they attempt to work ill against me this day:

The demons may be neutralised,
that witches might be neutralised,
that wizards might be neutralised,
that astrologers may be neutralised,
that psychics may be neutrlaised,
that evil spirits may be neutralised,
that bad thought-forms may be neutralised …
that any and all users of occult power if they attempt to work ill against me this day, may be turned back, neautralised and confounded by the power of the Most High God, that I might abide in peace.

That Muslims,
Liberals and progressives in matters of religion …
and any and all persons that do not hold and profess the traditional Catholic faith, if they attempt to work ill against me this day, may be turned back, neutralised and confounded by the power of the Most High God, that I might abide in peace.

That Communists,
the apolitical,
liberals and progressives in matters of politics … and any and all persons that do not hold and profess Christian conservative political values, if they attempt to work ill against me this day, may be turned back, neutralised and confounded by the power of the Most High God, that I might abide in peace.

That professionals,
policemen and policing agencies,
taxmen and taxing agencies,
bureaucrats and bureaucratic agencies …
motorists, pedestrians, train drivers, cab drivers, cyclists and motorcyclists, street crazies, beggars … and any and all laymen if they attempt to work ill against me this day, may be turned back, neutralised and confounded by the power of the Most High God, that I might abide in peace.

That women, children, animals, birds, fish, insects, plants … bacteria, viruses and fungi … chemicals, molecules, atoms, atomic particles, sub-atomic particles and radiation if they attempt to work ill against me this day, may be turned back, neutralised and confounded by the power of the Most High God, that I might abide in peace.

That I may enjoy perfect health of mind, body, soul and spirit.

That any and all creatures that attempt to work ill against me this day may be, by the power of the Most High God, turned back, neutralised and confounded, that I might abide in peace.

Lord have mercy on the Holy Souls in purgatory, let perpetual light shine upon them, may they rest in peace.

Lord have mercy on the poor, the sick, the lonely, the crazy, the homeless and those afflicted by demonic powers. Grant them respite, O Lord and fortitude to bear their trials.

God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven,
God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven,
God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven,
God’s will be done in me.

Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat.

Gloria tibi, Domine. Deo gratias.

Signs Of Decadence And A Coming Chastisement?

Christian countries are becoming more decadent. As Christ recedes in the hearts of men, the Devil advances.

If you want to know what a country looks like without Christ as its spiritual center, look at any traditionally non-Christian country. War, plague, famine and social disorder occur at close intervals. Family life is fraught. There is little laughter in the streets.

Imagine these countries now without Western medicine and technology; that the imperialists never went there and never traded with them.

Now imagine your post-Christian country sliding back to that. The signs are there.

1. Western governments becoming more tyrannical.

Someone smarter than me said the following, which I paraphrase:

“Britain’s parliament is now working to frustrate the express will of the people it’s elected to represent, so as to continue to give cede power to a foreign entity (the EU), which entity is itself undemocratic.”

The parliament’s Speaker, who I assume has the function of keeping order in debates, which necessitates him being impartial, is anything but.

Conservatives can’t understand the perversity of the liberal-left. Conservatives are usually straight-talkers and think straight. They don’t understand that liberal-leftists can maintain contradictions and happily lie to themselves and others, as long as they perceive it will please the audience.

What matters to the liberal-left is leveraging mob violence to political power. Once this has been attained, any remaining moral principles can be discarded.

I perceive that conservatives are increasingly wising up to this and thus the next General Election here should be … interesting. Who will win: Millenial leftists who will vote socialists into power or the hard-grafters who once every 5 years may give the elite a fright?

2. Socialism making a comeback.

Anyone under 40 has no idea what that heresy of Communism, Socialism, does to a country.

They have lived all their lives under the EU and can’t conceive of an alternative; the thought of being ‘alone’ frightens them. They badly want acceptance and being members of an international managerial cult soothes that ache. They’re not millionaires at 25 and blame … everyone but themselves and their parents’ means.

People who will give their lives away on social media are probably happy to go along with oppression dressed up as progression, if they get ‘likes’ on Facebook. Until the thugs come to their own front door. By then, it is too late.

Now socialism has come round again like a part-exorcised ghoul to haunt British and American politics. A generation whose minds have been dulled by fornication, drugs, divorce and permissive, leftist education are primed and ready for it.

A nation running at a financial loss really doesn’t need 50 year socialist tyranny loaded on its back. Oh, don’t assume you can vote socialists out of power later, after they screw up; they may not let you!

3. Perversion goes public.

When eunuchs and clowns-dressed-as-women start demanding that sane men assent to the living lies they represent, the smart money is looking for a rural retreat to wait out the coming storm.

4. The current Pope is a heretic.

The current Pope is a heretic and does not keep company with holy people.

Quite the opposite. He favours everyone except those who espouse the Faith of our Fathers.

There has been a 70-year attempt at a second Protestant Reformation, this time coming from inside the Church, and it’s working. Alas for all the souls that have been damned because of it!

Precisely none of the modernising changes post-1950 are useful to a pious young man seeking holiness. They are much more useful to someone wanting ‘official’ permission not to work hard to get to Heaven.

I’ve never heard of a saint that had an easy time in this world. Christianity is a monastic faith at its core; you focus on the next world, not this one. You seek out penances, before God throws them at you.

5. The focus on fornication and the stupidity this induces in the person and their society.

6. The offering of infants in the womb to Satan.

What, you think all abortionists are holy people? How can they be?

I recall a witch writing in a forum: “If Catholics can offer all the Masses in the world to God, I can certainly offer all the abortions to Satan.”

7. Paganism making a comeback.

Modern black magicians don’t care who effects the changes they want, as long as it works. Occultists usually subscribe to some form of reincarnation. They don’t think they’ll end up in Hell. They might think Hell is somehow bearable (ha ha ha). Or they just don’t think.

They might think the saints were fools but those humble men were far more intimate with true knowledge than their teachers and gained acquaintance with the Divine that Crowleyites can only guess at.

Silly women invoking the ‘Earth Goddess’ have no idea the devils they are calling up, but the effect is the same; more souls going to Hell (theirs) and disorder for the people in their social circle; X goes well initially, but then Y goes wrong; you get a postal order for £50 but then you lose your job.

8. The rotten behaviour of the average person, compared with their forefathers.

If you break all the Commandments nowadays, you will be lauded by a greater and greater section of your society.

You are a proud, confident person who’s in charge of their own destiny and no one can tell you what to do.

All impulses are natural and being inhibited is bad for you. The old white male Christian patriarchy which built the society that sustains you is tyrannical and thus must be undermined and then overthrown.

This is Satanism pure and simple.


Pious people who live in decadent times expect God will smite the unjust soon, and in a way they can anticipate. They forget Who He is, what He can do and that He deals in epochs, not decades.

I’ve read that English Christians in Henry the VIII’s time expected the wrath of God to fall upon England. It didn’t, or it didn’t seem to.

Britain’s history since then seems to this Irishman to be one of a list of wars of increasing severity, killing off the cream in English manhood at close intervals.

Henry wanted a son to succeed him. After all his wicked deeds, it was a daughter who did. Elizabeth then died without issue and a Scotsman took the throne.

God’s got his own agenda and a smart man tries to work out what it is, for him and his, then runs ahead to merit God’s graces by cooperating with His will, and to outrace His wrath.

A society that turns its back on God will not long enjoy the benefits its forefathers in faith gained for it by their piety.

Brexit – The Simple Truth

The EU has everything to gain by making it as difficult for Britain as possible.

The simple truth of Brexit is that the EU has everything to gain by making it as difficult for Britain as possible and nothing to gain by being in any way accommodating.

That is why EU ministers are relaxed.

They are also aware of, and can do nothing about, their own coming national financial crises. It won’t affect them personally (they get nice pensions) so again, they’re not as frantic about the crisis as you might suppose.

They’re just currently a bit annoyed someone is upsetting the gravy train. As a class, they are also scared the good times might be coming to an end.

What To Do With Faithless Priests

Laicise the lot, instantly, by fiat.

What to do with faithless priests? Laicise the lot, instantly, by fiat. Much easier.

Files are kept on every priest and bishop. The hierarchy know who the faithless priests are.

The problem is that many bishops are also heretics, at the very least, or they are homosexuals, or both.

If neither, their ‘brother’ bishops may have the means to blackmail them. Thus, the lack of clamour to police priests and bishops who are faithless.

This would be better, I think: Let there be another protestant church for this generation of proud sinners. The sodo-heretics have done too much damage, and their numbers are too great, to tolerate them any more.

Then the rest of us can get on with the practical work of giving God the obedience and worship he demands, in peace.

Pope Francis & Co seem to be working to create a NuChurch Of Nice which isn’t Catholic and may soon not even be ‘Christian In Name Only’. The Remnant will then be, by default if nothing else, the Church of Christ on Earth, whatever their political status.

As you can’t logically reconcile the World with Christ, I suspect the NuChurch project’s purpose is simply to wreck the Catholic Church as much as possible.

This is ultimately is the result of the manipulations of the demons of Hell, whatever that deviant stream of individuals from Abp. Bugnini to Pp. Francis may think they are doing.

‘Cui bonum’, as always.

One Vector For Apostasy From The Catholic Church

Don’t presume the Orthodox are problem-free.

I’ve read that one vector for a pious Catholic to apostasise nowadays is Novus Ordo -> TLM -> Byzantine Catholic -> Orthodox -> StayAtHomePope. You can be a bit too picky.

Don’t presume the Orthodox are problem-free. Do some research first. As the Orthodox are essentially protestant and nation-based i.e. split into factions, the wider world doesn’t much care what happens in them, so they don’t feature in the news. And that suits the Devil just fine.

Find a TLM said by a holy priest and wait for the current welling-up of filth to be seen by all who have eyes to see; then any fervent Catholics left can make their choice: schism, conversion, lapsation or apostasy. The Church will continue, but most modern ‘catholics’ may not be in it.

The Devil is showing us all exactly what he’s doing so we will be complicit if we make an accommodation with it. For the moment, you have to be a ‘parish shopper’.

Work on attaining holiness; all the tools are online. Just find some places you can get valid sacraments well-said i.e. traditional orthodoxy, and wait out the coming implosion.

A Baby When Wanted And A Foetus When Unwanted

Greek pagans forbade their doctors to perform abortions.

Re: The Irish Abortion Referendum and from memory:

– Greek pagans forbade their doctors to perform abortions, but, we have superior morality(?)

– Ronald Reagan said: “I note that all the people in favour of abortion have already been born”.

– When a member of the British Royal family is pregnant, the being inside her is referred to as a baby, but when Jane Smith is pregnant and the entity is not wanted, it is referred to as a foetus. They are both the same type of entity, so what is going on?

– One has to state that human life begins at conception, for practical reasons: stating that it is protected at ‘X weeks’ but not at ‘X weeks minus 1 day’ is illogical. It’s all or nothing.

– The problem of abortion for the wider society is that it gives rise to the idea that human beings can be ‘terminated’ if they are troublesome, and that they are generally disposable.

If a human being is a thing, well, we discard things all the time, so ultimately you and I can therefore be binned quite easily.

– Next up in the agony columns: voluntary, and then later, involuntary euthanasia: “Grandad says he’s depressed. Shall we kill him?”

– What’s needed is a reversion to continence generally in society. The ‘sexual revolution’ has caused terrible, but largely hidden problems; they are hidden because they are not glamourous or salacious enough to feature on prime-time RTE. They are miserable and sad. They don’t fit the program.

Proposition: Misery makes money, ‘though: do happy people buy more stuff, or unhappy people?

– Cui bono? To whom is abortion a benefit?

Doctors and the devil, I think.

Amazon: Uber Geeks And The New Serfdom

Amazon, Google and Apple are run by geeks who treat people like code.

– Amazon works its staff hard. As in, unkindly. As in, likely to cause a revolution if more companies take this approach.

I get the sense Amazon, Google and Apple are run by geeks who treat people like code; as something that can be made more efficient and then discarded. They should read more history.

– Amazon hasn’t created value; it has destroyed it. It has helped push down prices for … junk, and the only cost is human misery; in foreign factories and local warehouses. It has put many other businesses out of business, AFAIK. And for what?

So you and I can buy Chinese-made consumer junk, cheaper.

– Did you know Amazon competes with its own sellers? I understand if it finds out Joe Seller is doing well, it will recommend other sellers compete with him. And, of course, it undercuts its own sellers, by selling the same items, itself!

I see it as a monstrous parasite, run by a man with no discernible character, encouraging addicts to buy junk, made in sweatshops, which they’ll dump in the spare room in 6 months, while ultimately moving towards monopoly status of retail sales.

It’s all fun until you realise you can only by x online and there’s nowhere local left to get it any more.

The capitalist running-dog says: it’s your choice to do it; work for them, buy from them, but:

1. No one has the right to maltreat workers (ambulances parked outside warehouses?)

2. The greater tendency towards monopoly in an industry, the greater the likelihood of immorality, illegality and bad quality. It’s reined in under antitrust legislation in the US, but, hey, Amazon isn’t really in the US, is it? It’s offshore!

3. Amazon is practicing tax-avoidance. This is legal, but the money is tending to move one way: from US/UK, to offshore.

The local stiffs get subsistence-level wages. The state pays the serfs benefits funded by taxes which Amazon works hard to avoid. Funny outcome, from that justice-n-peace-n-tolerance class of leftist 21st C. geeks.

So, at the very least, Amazon should be given no credit at all, socially or any other way, and if local governments want to screw them for taxes, I don’t suppose many will shed a tear. We’re paying for their profits, which they move offshore.

These 4 Things Need To Die

People need hope: true hope or false hope, but they need hope.

– Political correctness;
– Health and safety culture;
– Compensation culture;
– Welfare-statism.

Overall the problem is leftism, which is Communism at its heart. It must die.

Communism is state-sponsored theft, which results in a crooked, repressive, stagnant society. At the root of Communism are some of the oldest sins: covetousness and anger.

Leftists prate about tolerance, fairness and compassion but when they take power they put the conservatives up against the wall first, and then their own comrades.

Then the most cunning and brutal of the pack becomes the Glorious Leader, often to the surprise of his sleeker comrades.

Then the Terror begins.

Do the fervent, emotional, struggling revolutionaries ever imagine it might be them that gets a bullet behind the ear, in a grubby, non-descript basement, one day?

No fanfare, no big speech, no religious rite, no friends to mourn you. Just your carcass slung in the back of an ambulance, to be quickly harvested for organs in the nearest state-controlled hospital.

Who knows: your red heart might end up powering the body of a party favourite. For the cause, komrads!

Party officials form the new overclass. They get nice dinners and the proletarians get a subsistence living. Or they starve.

Communism finds fertile soil when the ‘haves’ use the have-nots too hard. A man who sees no future for himself will happily join a mob fighting to take yours.

A man who sees his children starve will hurl yours into a pit for spite.

People need hope: true hope or false hope, but they need hope.

Contra Sacerdotal Sodomites

The proper response to discovering a priest or religious is homosexual is laicisation. If it is discovered that a seminarian is a homosexual, he should be sent home.


1. Sodomy is a grave sin.

It is one of the four sins that cry out to God for vengeance i.e. it is very serious. That the Catholic Church currently admits men drawn to this evil to holy orders is in itself perverse.

One might as well knowingly admit a man with an inclination to kleptomania to the police force, then move him around when he’s caught stealing and cover up when his victims complain. If the police were prone to doing that, there would be public uproar, but in these dark times the Church gets a pass.

2. A homosexual priest cannot properly exercise spiritual fatherhood.

He would not marry and have children (i.e. be a lay father) if he was not a priest, and feels no inclination to do such. He becomes a living lie if he puts himself forward to take the pennies of the poor, for a job he cannot do properly.

3. Laicisation stops the man being a ‘ticking time-bomb’ for further possible outrage. Holy bishops can sleep easier.

Teenage boys have had their lives destroyed and the Church’s reputation sullied because bishops thought these men could be ‘cured’ or, worse, they wanted to shuffle the miscreant somewhere else and ‘make the problem go away’ or hush it up, or, the bishop is a homosexual himself or in some other way compromised, so he won’t bring the hammer down.

If the local law dictates secular punishment and the priest is an actual offender, the Church should co-operate. Otherwise, he may go on to commit more crimes.

4. A homosexual priest is blackmailable.

He is doing something expressly forbidden by his job description. And so he gets a call: “Want to keep your job? Afraid you might give your mammy a heart attack if you were ‘outed’? Do this little favour for me.”

5. A homosexual priest or religious is going to be around nice young men all his life. This is too much temptation.

6. A homosexual priest or religious is not only more likely to fail in his vocation but also help destroy the souls of those he errs with; this is the opposite of his job description.

7. The laity should not be subject to the experiment of being lead by a man with a deep psychological disorder – we want holy men, and holy men want to be priests. We don’t want effeminate men! They are off-putting and thus the sheep will stray.

8. Ordaining a homosexual and hoping he’ll keep his promises is tactically stupid.

He might love all the bells and candles and lace and his mammy is delighted with him and he may think his mildness is a qualification for priesthood; the Church should not indulge such error. It can cost far too much way down the line.

“What’s Catholic about it?”

A question useful in deciding the worth of any religious writing

“What’s Catholic about it?”

I find this question useful in deciding the worth of any religious writing.

The less mention is made of The Lord God, The Lord Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit, The Blessed Virgin Mary, saints, angels, miracles, penance, asceticism, Calvary and the Four Last Things, the more you can ignore it.

I also surmise that those men who are demonically influenced, and demons themselves, will avoid talking about these beings and topics.

If A Loving God, Why Hell?

God’s Mercy implies His Justice.

The pablum I was fed was sweet indeed but a growing child needs savour also to be truly healthy.

I wonder now how many of the propagandists for God’s Luv in my youth were either effeminate themselves or influenced by such men and knowing no better. We now know that many/most(?) seminaries were not teaching tradition.

As children we had great fun re-arranging the furniture in our house. It’s a shame that adults did it to the core of their society: their religion. We children put the furniture back in its proper place at day’s end; the VII reformers did not.

God’s Mercy implies His Justice. If I have the power to show you mercy, implicit in that is that I have power over you; that I can judge you and then enforce that judgement.

So that’s the first clue; God is not a senile grandfather, he is Pater Omnipotens, the Just Judge.

The following is speculation; take it or leave it:

Hell is God’s Wrath manifest as a place and/or …

The absence of hope and
The absence of caritas and
The absence of anything good and
The absence of light and
The absence of God Himself and …

The presence of beings purely evil, who hate each other with undying hate, in a plastic, psychic, yet super-real plane,
lasting forever. Who torture each other, forever.

And you can go there and be among them, quite easily.

These Things The Righteous Profess And The Left Detests

Here is what every Christian should profess. If you find you can’t follow, or won’t, you have a problem.

I was going to confect The 13 Commandments For Leftists, which were basically the opposite of the 10 Commandments, but even writing them made me feel sick.

It’s also just possible the Left would take them and use them.

So here is what every Christian should profess. If you find you can’t follow, or won’t, you have a problem.

God has gone to a lot of trouble to convey to you the following. Why do you think you have any leeway? Do you think the Father Of The Law, the Origin of Justice, is going to overlook His own Law?

Do you think those saints who went to their deaths rather than profess to the contrary, were fools?

Ignorance may save many, but I wouldn’t count on it. There’s too much at stake.

The Ten Commandments

Douay-Rheims Bible, Exodus, Chapter 20:

[1] And the Lord spoke all these words: [2] I am the Lord thy God, who brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. [3] Thou shalt not have strange gods before me. [4] Thou shalt not make to thyself a graven thing, nor the likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or in the earth beneath, nor of those things that are in the waters under the earth. [5] Thou shalt not adore them, nor serve them: I am the Lord thy God, mighty, jealous, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children, unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me:

[6] And shewing mercy unto thousands to them that love me, and keep my commandments. [7] Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain: for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that shall take the name of the Lord his God in vain. [8] Remember that thou keep holy the sabbath day. [9] Six days shalt thou labour, and shalt do all thy works. [10] But on the seventh day is the sabbath of the Lord thy God: thou shalt do no work on it, thou nor thy son, nor thy daughter, nor thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thy beast, nor the stranger that is within thy gates.

[11] For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, and the sea, and all things that are in them, and rested on the seventh day: therefore the Lord blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it. [12] Honour thy father and thy mother, that thou mayest be longlived upon the land which the Lord thy God will give thee. [13] Thou shalt not kill. [14] Thou shalt not commit adultery. [15] Thou shalt not steal.

[16] Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour. [17] Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s house: neither shalt thou desire his wife, nor his servant, nor his handmaid, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is his. [18] And all the people saw the voices and the flames, and the sound of the trumpet, and the mount smoking: and being terrified and struck with fear, they stood afar off, [19] Saying to Moses: Speak thou to us, and we will hear: let not the Lord speak to us, lest we die. [20] And Moses said to the people: Fear not: for God is come to prove you, and that the dread of him might be in you, and you should not sin.

The Seven Deadly Sins


The Nicene Creed

I believe in one God,
the Father almighty,
maker of heaven and earth,
of all things visible and invisible.
I believe in one Lord Jesus Christ,
the Only Begotten Son of God,
born of the Father before all ages.
God from God, Light from Light,
true God from true God,
begotten, not made, consubstantial with the Father;
through him all things were made.
For us men and for our salvation
he came down from heaven,
and by the Holy Spirit was incarnate of the Virgin Mary,
and became man.
For our sake he was crucified under Pontius Pilate,
he suffered death and was buried,
and rose again on the third day
in accordance with the Scriptures.
He ascended into heaven
and is seated at the right hand of the Father.
He will come again in glory
to judge the living and the dead
and his kingdom will have no end.
I believe in the Holy Spirit, the Lord, the giver of life,
who proceeds from the Father and the Son,
who with the Father and the Son is adored and glorified,
who has spoken through the prophets.
I believe in one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church.
I confess one Baptism for the forgiveness of sins
and I look forward to the resurrection of the dead
and the life of the world to come. Amen.

The Our Father

Our Father,
who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name;
thy kingdom come;
thy will be done
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread;
and forgive us our trespasses
as we forgive those who trespass against us;
and lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.

The Hail Mary

Hail Mary,
Full of Grace,
The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary,
Mother of God,
pray for us sinners now,
and at the hour of death.

The Gloria

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.

Why Catholicism Is The Superior Religion

A Catholic hermit living in poverty is what comes to mind when you think of a typical holy human.

Catholicism is essentially monastic. Monks deny the flesh, the Devil and Self to draw nearer to Christ and to amplify Him in their hearts. Priests and religious follow this model to a greater or lesser degree.

A Catholic hermit living in poverty is what comes to mind when you think of a typical holy human. A monk in cloisters. A living saint. Know any locally? Maybe one? Maybe none? Thought so.

Contrast that with every other religion you know.

Orthodox Christianity allows a kind of divorce. A married man can be a priest. The Virgin Mary was not immaculately conceived. She did not ascend bodily into Heaven. Orthodox religious and priests can be holy, but their nationalist churches and easing of doctrine is where the rot began officially in Christianity.

Protestants allow divorce. They have, most seriously, dropped the sacrament of Confession. Their priestly orders are invalid; they don’t themselves think their priests are set apart from the rest of us by their ordination. They believe that ‘once saved, always saved’, which negates spiritual exercise. A protestant is not what comes to mind when you try to imagine a holy man. They, themselves don’t think asceticism is worthwhile.

Islam allows multiple wives. It has no monastic tradition I’m aware of. Muslims can morally make war on non-muslims and take their property, their women and their lives. It claims it is the final product of a line from Moses to Christ but rejects central tenets of Christianity. A muslim, even a Sufi mystic, is not what comes to mind when you try to imagine a holy man.

Hinduism and Buddhism. Now, here is where it gets interesting. Sadhus and Buddhist monks certainly look the part. But who or what do they believe in? No god, no God, or, a wide variety of gods, and mystical practices to go with that. Producing … men who can produce low level magical effects and personality change, but, that’s about it. No one is raised from the dead in the flesh, no one is cured of incurable diseases, permanently.

Paganism. Think about any occultist you know. That’s paganism: a man choosing to worship a created thing, or himself, or treat with demons. Holy? Ha ha.

Holy. Who is holy? Holiness is in the gift of God. ‘Sanctus’ is what the seraphim sing when they circle the Throne. Those beings of vast and unimaginable power are compelled to sing this word in the Presence of the Lord Most High. He embodies it and is its source.

In whom do you see it in your locality? In whom was it seen in the past?

Catholicism is interesting because it denies the world and seeks God, through Christ. All other religions embrace the world to a greater or lesser degree.

The Effeminate Public Response To Jihadist Attacks In The West

When jihadists strike at Western non-combatants, what is the response?

When jihadists strike at Western non-combatants, what is the response?

– Hugs;
– Tears;
– Cards;
– Candles;
– Lighting displays;
– Sentimental rhetoric.

“We will not be afraid”
“We will not be divided”
“Our hearts go out …”
“These are not real Muslims …”

This is essentially a feminine response.

– It does nothing to address the core problem;
– It is a lie, or a displacement behaviour;
– It makes the speaker feel better;
– The speaker is virtue-signalling and convert-preaching.

We are afraid, we are divided and we’ll have forgotten the atrocity in 48 hours.

Back to eating snacks and watching reality-TV, yippee!

The Second Protestant Reformation 1960 – 2018

The aim is: Christianity on my terms, and not His. And the Devil laughs.

Recent evens in the Catholic Church have caused much pain and confusion to traditionalists. “What is going on?”, they say.

The traditionalist try to make the best of it and cling to the old rite. The neo-Catholics profess loyalty to the Pope and to whatever the latest ideology coming out of Rome is, while trying to show how it is not acccctttuallly heretical.

Mainstream Catholics go to church on Sundays and sing along to bland hymns leached of content, and wonder why their children are cohabiting.

The answer is simple.

We are enduring the Second Protestant Reformation. Most Catholics believe and worship in a way their forefathers in faith would consider Protestant.

The aim is: Christianity on my terms, and not His. And the Devil laughs.

– The altar table.
– Communion in the hand.
– Communion given to notorious sinners.
– Unvested laity reading from the pulpit.
– Faith alone will save you.
– Divorce, contraception, fornication are tolerable.
– No mention of Hell, Death, Sin, Judgement, for these do not apply the the Already Saved.
– A dumbed-down mass, where attendees stand or sit, mostly.
– The focus on the participants, rather than the Orient.
– The priest entertaining the congregants.
– Churches stripped of icons.

What gives it away is the forced, weary way we worship. NO ONE would pay good money to sit through a theatrical performance of such utter blandness, such dull keening, and yet we think this is fitting for the King of Kings.

The fix, is truly, in.

The Truth About The Syrian Civil War 2016

The truth about they Syrian civil war is simple. It’s a war between an Alawite dictator and a ragbag of other Muslim sects.

The truth about the Syrian civil war is simple. It’s a war between an Alawite dictator and a ragbag of other Muslim sects. Neither subscribes to Western, Christian notions of decency. Each side has committed war crimes, by Western standards. The losers will be tortured horribly and then executed. Surrender is not an option.

It’s surprising reporters don’t get that. They bleat that Western governments should do something, against Assad and his coalition. ‘Think of the children’ they say.

Well, the problem is that, to the locals, using the most destructive methods possible against your enemy is righteous. “I and my brother against my cousin. I and my brother and my cousin against the infidel.” Arabs don’t subscribe to Christian ideals of chivalry.

Total war, no mercy and a bunch of insurgents who have no emotional connection to the country thrown in to poison the mix.

What could US ground troops do against that? America failed in Iraq. It failed in Libya. Third time’s the charm? “Gimme a break!”, as they say in the US of A.

Barack Obama isn’t that stupid and neither is Donald Trump, we hope.

RIP Political Correctness 6.9.16

Oh, no noteworthy event caused it. I just think it’s run its course.

Today is the day political correctness died.

Oh, no noteworthy event caused it. I just think it’s run its course. So I’m making it official, by a committee of one.

Brethern, let us raise up our heads, now burdened less, and rejoice. Amen.

8 Tools To Sainthood

Suffering is the coin of Heaven.

1. The Jesus Prayer

“Lord Jesus Christ, son of God, have mercy on me a sinner.”

Start this mindfully, then let your heart take over.

2. Humility

Realise the Christ is a king and set over all creatures. You can’t overman him. You must be as a serf to his lord.

3. Prayer

Petition the King humbly, kneeling.

4. Fasting

A full belly leads to sloth. An empty belly is an offering of suffering.

5. Suffering

Suffering is the coin of Heaven. Man has a debt to pay. The scales must be balanced. Suffering cheerfully undergone for Christ’s sake is pleasing to God.

6. Offerings

The Work of God needs money and labour. It doesn’t proceed merely by good wishes. You can help by offering both. A lighter wallet is a form of suffering too!

6. The Sacraments

Trying to get to Heaven without these is like a swimmer, in a tempest, refusing the offer of a lifebelt (from the Barque of Peter!)

Confession is the most important, after Baptism. Without this, the chance of Heaven, across a population, is minute.

7. Charity

See Christ in others and give to the needy. Christ made the ultimate sacrifice. You can make small sacrifices every day.

8. Continence

Avoid every form of evil. Restrain evil passions. Ignore the glittering trash the World offers. Have clean hands, clean head, clean heart and thus a clean soul.

Pope Francis Reveals Himself

To be a member of a religion means to subscribe wholeheartedly to a set of beliefs and practices and not to any which contradict.

Recently our Pope used a word to describe traditionalists: rigid. This is revealing.


Because it is also a word used by seminary directors to describe pious seminarians who say the Rosary and want to wear the cassock, before they ‘send them home’. It is also, from memory, a word used to describe the priests and lay adherents of the SSPX i.e. enthusiastic Catholics!

What is the opposite of rigid? Flexible.
What do you call a man who is flexible in his religious beliefs and practices? A heretic.

To be a member of a religion means to subscribe wholeheartedly to a set of beliefs and practices and not to any which contradict. Religion is, fundamentally, exclusive.

It is the current desire to compromise with the World which has sapped vocations and increased lapsation for the past 40+ years.

How To Destroy A Nation

Just tell the citizens everything previously forbidden should be permitted

It just occurred to me that if you want to harass an enemy nation from afar, you could encourage drug use, debauchery, revolutionary ideas and general bad behaviour therein.

Just tell the citizens everything previously forbidden should be permitted, and help them along the way. Tell them sections of the citizenry are a problem, or their ideas are, or behaviour. Flood the place with narcotics and seductive media.

Result: the citizens attack their own society, and thus themselves. Or they just curl up with a bottle and die. Saves you having to do it.

And then I thought about what’s been happening in ‘Christian’, Western countries since the 1920’s!

How To Make Interstellar Travel Possible

Fact: Very few planets we know of seem likely to harbour life. They are also very far away.

Fact: Very few planets we know of seem likely to harbour life. They are also very far away.


1. Send microprobes [with instructions to replicate bigger telescopes at their destination] and relay visuals back to earth.

1a. Create oases at regular intervals outside our solar system, to the nearest likely planets; assume it will take 300 years+ to get to the nearest system.

1b. Create mini black holes, at long intervals, outside our solar system, to slingshot probes around their gravity wells, to the nearest star.

2. Find black holes, send a micro probe in and see where, and if, it pops out. Timeline: hundreds of years.

3. Study advanced out-of-body techniques to send subjects’ minds to remote-view distant planets.

4. Create a gravity-pinch so a vehicle generating it can be ‘drawn’ at sub-light speed in a particular direction.

5. Find some equation of space/time/gravity/electro-magnetism that allows us to manipulate them in a novel way. Easy!

6. Find some way to ignore current laws of physics, by using higher ones.

7. Collate all known accounts of spaceships. Filter out occult, eccentric and misidentification accounts. Find commonalities in the rest and try to copy the science.

7a. Create miniature versions of any likely-successful craft, for testing purposes.

The Nazis appear to have made some kind of working craft, using unusual propulsion, near the end of the war. The reason they were able to do it is because they were highly motivated, highly organised and looking in a different direction to US/UK scientists; they weren’t inhibited in trying weird ideas.

Contrast that with current Western projects 60 years later; they’re all still based on ‘bottle-rocket’ technology. We’re never getting off this planet by that means.

Why God Sends People To Hell

Someone who has willingly and knowingly disobeyed the Commandments cannot then just saunter into Heaven.

God emobodies ultimate power, will, knowledge and ubiquity. As the embodiment of both Caritas et Justitia, no evil can exist in His Presence. People who do evil reject Him. Those who knowingly do evil and thus knowingly reject God cannot enter the Presence of God after the death of the body. So, where can they go, being solely spirit? To the hell of Lucifer.

God made us. We owe him everything, much more than any earthly son owes his father. To take the gift we have been given and then smear it in dirt is a base insult.

For the crime of rebellion, and thus disobedience, angels were sent to Hell. Because we do not have immediate sight of the Presence we have more excuse than the angels. So we get Purgatory for venial sins.

Someone who has willingly and knowingly disobeyed the Commandments cannot then just saunter into Heaven. God will not be mocked. He does not change. He does not deviate. He embodies Justice as well as mercy.

It is part of the darkness of this era that people, even many Catholics, think that this is not so. In their minds God has gone from being the father of Justice to a sentimental uncle, who will look the other way.

A Nation’s Pyramid Of Needs

Order must prevail, preferably good order.

The recent Brexit vote indicates that the British mass-mind is sober. It has got its priorities right.

A nation needs the following, in order of importance:

1. Autonomy.

This is the ability to be free to govern itself as a separate entity. Any nation dependent on, or commanded by, another, does not have autonomy. Its citizens are thralls.

2. Security.

Order must prevail, preferably good order. Citizens must have confidence that they can walk the streets unmolested. They must have confidence that what property they hold, they can keep. The nation must be able to repel foreign foes.

3. Economy.

The majority of the people must have confidence that they can keep themselves and their dependents for the coming year. Without this, they may riot. A hungry man feels he has little to lose.

4. Infrastructure.

This is roads, communications, utilities. A nation can call itself civilised when it can safely and completely dispose of its own waste!

5. Honest Government.

Honest police, honest bureaucrats, honest politicians. This is the capstone of the pyramid. Westerners who say “All politicians are corrupt” have never had to operate in a society where most of them truly are.

Brexit: A Clear Victory – Or Is It?

The manadarins of ever-closer-integration will re-run the referendum within 2 years.

EU fans need not worry, unfortunately. The manadarins of ever-closer-integration will re-run the referendum within 2 years; long enough for:

1. People to forget the hoo-ha on 23rd June;
2. To really frighten John Bull this time;
3. To re-assure them by telling them more lies, as a vet caresses a dog he’s about to euthanise, and
4. Just in time to avert formal separation.

They re-ran the referendums on the Nice and Lisbon treaties in Ireland until they got the ‘right’ result. No reason they can’t do it with the UK.

Even as I write, the mass-mind of the emoting class is pitching reasons to do this, online: “Leavers didn’t know what they were voting for”, “London voted to stay In”. A petition with a million (digital) signatures has been accomplished overnight.

What a pathetic generation this is: very worried about the rights of perverts and animals, oblivious to the erosion of their own political power.

I am convinced this generation’s mind has been darkened by sin.

What they don’t realise is that these manoeuvres will give a future tyrant the excuse he needs to abolish their treaties altogether; they’ve set the precedents.

A New Nation Of Ireland

The current one is built on French revolutionary principles. The people are the arbiters of everything. That leads to relativism, decay and ultimately, death.

Observe the signs of the times and take note.

I propose Ireland becomes a Catholic constitutional monarchy, with Christ as King, and a mere man as Regent.

Here’s a start: a flag.

Here’s a name: Eire Nua.

We need to stop acting like soppy 12-year-old girls and start acting like men.

Eire Nua Flag

The Flag Of Sodomy Flies Over The Town Hall

21st May 2016, Cork city centre.

I was sitting outside a cafe near the river when I looked across to see a striped flag flying over City Hall. Was it the flag of India, perhaps, to welcome a delegation? That would be odd.

Nope! It was the rainbow flag of sexual perversion.

Just how stupid are the Irish people nowadays that public servants think it’s permissible to 1) play politics and fly the flag of 2) a niche of 3) perverts on 4) a government building?

Windows OS Is A Massive Virus

Windows OS is a massive virus. Think about it.

– It slows down your PC;
– It crashes all the time;
– It interferes with simple tasks;
– Its helper functions don’t actually do anything;
– You have to pay its creator regularly so you can keep it working;
– Each new iteration causes problems on client PCs;
– It its early days it tried to stop competitor products from working properly;
– Its creators make unnecessary changes to force users to pay to upgrade;
– It hogs system resources merely to run itself.

If The Devil Wanted To Destroy Catholicism …

… He’d just need to water it down and sugar it up.

Frontal assaults haven’t worked in the past; the remnant remains and bounces back with greater vigour.

But, oh, getting clergy and religious to attack it from within and making that attack look like ‘progress’, ah, beautiful.

He plays to human weaknesses.

Pride: ‘My opinion is important. My will should be done.’

Desire for approval: ‘People are important; focus the rites on them and their wishes. We must not lose the People’

Laziness: ‘Ah, let us do less, it’s so much easier and simpler’.

Viciousness: ‘Let us make this vice no longer a sin, then we can indulge in it.’

Result: a hollowed-out religion which no longer attracts new members and repels existing ones. “One cannot serve both God and Mammon”; the contradictions, while not obvious, nevertheless bubble in laymen’s subconscious, creating disquiet. Pious people will be repelled and sinners will be find the excuse they need to not repent.

The really clever thing about Catholic Protestantism is that, officially, nothing has changed.

The New Age – The Truth At Last

New Age = Occultism = Spiritualism = Diabolism.

That’s a bit harsh, you say?

Alas, my starry dreamer, it is the truth.

Where do you think the Power comes from? It’s not Heaven, is it? White magic and black magic are both demonic in origin.

‘White witches’ are the useful idiots of the occult. Here’s a test for Mistress Wise: Ask your familiar to say “Praise the Lord Jesus Christ!” Here’s another: tell them you don’t want to contact them any more and for them to stop contacting you. See what happens.

Mediums talk to lying spirits, which are demons. The demon pretends it’s your grandma. It gives tidbits of information that while they are true (sometimes), they are not truly helpful and/or they are banal. Meanwhile, serious problems like illnesses and accidents erupt around you.

You’re walking down the wide and pleasant road to Hell. You don’t need Catholicism because you think you’ve got a hotline to Heaven. Watch how your ‘contact’ gets you do do more and more sinful things. Watch what happens when you try to disown them.

The devil is a liar, you see, forever and for all. He’s the king of deceit and he’s had a long time to practice it.

How To Discern If A Prophet Is False

How To Discern If A Prophet Is False

1. Is he putting himself to the fore?

Authentic private revelations come from humble people. They know the majesty of God, and fear Him.

2. Is he deliberately making money from his revelation?

St. John The Baptist was an ascetic. Ascetics know that human life is short and Hell is eternal. They know that material goods are thieves of time. They know that money causes problems as well as solves them, so they put it in its proper place; a means to an end, not an end in itself. They choose poverty as a sacrifice.

3. Is he contradicting established sacred truths?

Johnny Come-Lately has little authority. He has none if he’s inventing new doctrines. He could be a demoniac if he’s contradicting the Commandments. Who needs yet another Luther, mangling the Truth? One was plenty!

4. Is he permitting vicious acts amongst his followers? Is he encouraging them in this?

A prophet that justifies rapine and murder to his followers is a Satanist.

5. Do any of his predictions fail to come true?

This is the biggest red-flag.

6. Is he showing signs of demonic oppression or possession?

These would be fits, levitation, abhorrence of sacred objects, abnormal strength, knowledge of obscure languages, blaspheming and inappropriate levity. Two or more of these in combination is a red-flag.

7. Are his ‘powers’ trivial and/or banal and/or harmful in their effects?

Another big red-flag. Raising the dead is impressive. Guessing the content of someone’s bureau can be done by any demoniac.

Pagan Liberalism Vs Islamic Puritanism

It’s wryly amusing to a conservative Irish Catholic to see Western pagan liberals trying to force Islam into their worldview.

Islam is a militant, puritanical and doctrinaire religion. Muslims are everything liberals are not. Islam wishes to put them under, or to, the sword. Still they cry: “That is not the true Islam! Moderate muslims’ voices are not being heard! Don’t be biased against muslims!”

They do not realise that political correctness is a psychic virus. It causes the infected to act against their own interests, to value enemies over their own kind and to spread the virus further. Its energy is from leftism and ultimately the Lord Of Misrule.

My current view is that they cannot understand people who have sincere views about who and what they are and who wish to impose their views on others, by force.

They, the muslims, believe their views to be the best and they utterly scorn western decadence. They despise us.

The liberals make up their beliefs from out of the mush of western media. Their beliefs are written in sand. They bow to any and every idol and believe in none, except one: the idol of themselves.

These two ‘religions’ are not compatible except in one area: both scorn Christianity and work to undermine societies based on it.

A pity they don’t realise that Christianity the engine of the West’s success, whose fruits they both currently enjoy.

A pity one couldn’t drop San Francisco, Hampstead and Islington into Saudi Arabia and sit back and watch the results.

What Is The Purpose Of A Catholic Mass?

What Is The Purpose Of A Catholic Mass?

There are 4 ends of a mass: propitiation, thanksgiving, petitioning and adoration of an almighty God.

• The God that created all things;
• The God that cast Lucifer and a third of the Heavenly host into Hell;
• The God of Abraham and Moses;
• The God that sent the plagues upon Egypt;
• The God that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah;
• The God that incarnated so that He might be suffer a cruel death as an offering to Himself and resurrect in the flesh;
• The God that saints suffered and died to proclaim and defend.

_That_ god.

How should that kind of god be propitiated, thanked, petitioned and adored?

With this?

[Ha ha, says the Devil.]

How do the following help the ends of the Mass?

– Versus populum | Dropping Ad-orientem;
– The sacred matter handed out like groceries | Dropping kneeling;
– Prayers in the common language | Dropping Latin;
– Banal, sentimental hymns | Dropping Gregorian chant;
– Allowing effeminate men to become spiritual fathers;
– A total rewrite of ‘sacred’ texts.

[Ha ha, says the Devil.]

• The sacred becomes more mundane.
• The participants take it less seriously; they walk around in the sanctuary in lay clothes and receive the sacred matter without purifying themselves first.
• Bare-headed women in civilian dress read from the pulpit.
• The priest makes little jokes during the sermon.
• The music is soft and sentimental.
• The temple is stripped of icons and statues.

Tradtional Latin Mass


The adherents of change keep doing the same thing over and over again, on and on. Do they expect different results? Or are they happy with the result: a declining protestant church run by and for old women of both sexes?

– They remind us that the god has made certain guarantees about his church (not realising that these guarantees may not apply to _them_)

– They cite the recent increase in decadence of the wider world as a cause of the church’s decline (the world has always been decadent).

– They state that the church leader cannot proclaim heresy and that ‘the church’ cannot order anything sinful (Arius nearly broke the church).

They make these arguments while churches close and parishes are merged and seminaries are lucky to see two new seminarians from any diocese in any one year.

Hear, O churchmen:

Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Do you understand what those words mean? Without him you are nothing.

Shamen half-kill themselves for what a good Catholic can have by prayer, the sacraments, good works, fasting and treating the Lord Jesus Christ as one would a benign king. Emphasis on the KING. One takes liberties with kings at one’s peril.

Have Christ as your master and treat sin as trespass; obey your Lord and cut sin out of your life as you would a cancer. Our god is with us.

But in focusing on ourselves more and more, He moves away.

All one has to ask regarding the changes is: Cui bonum? (‘to whose good?’).

[Ha ha, says the Devil.]

The End Times Or Just A New Tyranny?

Here is a list of events that may herald the arrival of the Antichrist, or just a new tyranny:

1. One world economy.

It is now feasible to give everyone a mark on the hand or forehead which will enable them to buy and sell. You can receive benefits if you have the mark. The mark can be an electronic implant or simply an encrypted numerical code. Your bank accounts can be debited or credited. Or expropriated.

2. Celebrity culture.

One man can now bestride the globe as a false saviour, through mass media. He doesn’t need to be moral; he just needs to appear to be.

3. Worldwide hatred of Christianity.

One may not now criticise any religion in public, except Christianity. Isn’t that strange?

At the time of writing, Christians are having their throats cut in the Middle East, with very little protest from Western governments or clergy.

3b. Resurgence of paganism.

Neo-paganism went overground in Glastonbury and California. It is slowly seeping into popular culture. Witches, demons and vampires have been humanised. Clergy and Christians have been demonised.

A man may admit to being a follower of Odin and the response is “how interesting”, instead of derision.

22.July ’15. PS: Now the Devil becomes a hero on TV: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucifer_(TV_series)

Lucifer hates man eternally and profoundly. There is NO love in Hell. Human beings are cockroaches to him. The creators should burn all prints of this project.

4. Boom And Bust.

When an economy hits a prolonged depression, the cry goes up for a Leader to save us. The world economy in general is looking quite unstable. Too many people are in too much debt.

Are we one, two, or three defaults away from a worldwide collapse?

5. The return of euthanasia.

Euthanasia makes humans seem disposable. It starts as ‘mercy’ then then becomes convenient, even malign. Germany’s extermination polices were a natural progression of its pre-war euthanasia culture.

6. Political correctness.

This is the great victory of Leftism. If you can’t take over a country by force or politicking, take over its culture. It is now permissible to shout down, prosecute and persecute people with conservative opinions. People are losing their jobs for off-hand remarks.

The scene is being set for a false saviour. It might be an idea for you to have a contingency plan.

Summer’s Here And The Time Is Right For … Vandalism!

Passengers trains on the Liverpool Street – Southend line will currently see a lot of the following:


As the weather gets warmer, the trees blossom and come into leaf, the birds sing in the morning time and urban dopes plan and execute a selfish and destructive form of self-expression.

What a pity one couldn’t sentence them to have the same done to their domicile, except with images they’d detest: holy icons, or excerpts from the criminal law code.

Or just to have paint spattered on their best clothes. That would be educational.

Irish Sexual Pervert Marriage Referendum – A Plebiscite For Unreason


This man is the Prime Minister Of The Republic of Ireland. He claims to be a Catholic. He believes in an “energy or spirit [that] is around”. ” … an energy, a force, an almightiness there that is certainly beyond my reach”. ” ..I can’t see it as a person or as a being.”

He is reported as admitting that he doesn’t pray, but does go to Mass, to “communicate with that spirit”. His faith is “… my God, and my God is that energy and power that I feel”.

In other words, he is a pagan who was baptised Catholic.


This is a man, who dresses as a woman. He is a sexual pervert, who evangelises for his perversion. He is HIV positive. He promotes that which has given him a very serious disease.

He makes a poor sort of man, in the sense of being useful in a crisis.
He is a caricature of a woman.
He wishes to promote a form of contract which apes Holy Matrimony but which has none of the sanctifying, unitive or procreative potential of that ceremony.


These are Irishmen and Irishwomen who are promoting, as a positive, a form of contract which apes Holy Matrimony but which has none of the sanctifying, unitive or procreative potential of that rite. This contract will be entered into by a minority of a minority. By its existence, it will destroy normal secular marriage, by removing meaning from it.

What Henry VIII started, this generation has finished.

Sex is now a merely a form of self-expression. Marriage is merely a contract between two human adults with genitals, which can be broken on a whim.

I look forward to reading about the first high-profile divorce and about how the property will be divided. The reasoning used should be interesting. For example, how will ‘consummation’ be defined?

We now know that more than 50% of the Irish, adult, voting public cannot reason well. They have legislated that a goat must now be called a sheep.

Calvary – A Terrible Film

I borrowed this film from the local library. I’m glad I only spent a quid to rent it (yay inter-library loans!)

How bad is it? Let me count the ways.

Plot: Stupid. It centers on an anonymous pentitent threatening to assassinate a priest, on an appointed day. Priest goes to his bishop about what to do. Bishop says “it’s up to you”.

Dialogue: The film starts with a disgusting, insane line uttered in the confessional and continues in the same vein; unrealistic, stilted and unimaginative e.g. the local Irish make cynical and insulting remarks to a girl, in her presence, about her obvious signs of having attempted suicide. As ye do.

Costumes: No Irish priest has worn a cassock since the 1960s.

Characterisation: The cast play a strange set of foul-mouthed, cynical, urbane people somewhere beside the west coast of Ireland. The central character of the priest resembles Irish clergy the way Bono resembles a trader on Moore Street.

I think the writers are trying for some kind of Roddy Doyle / Irvine Welsh-style realism. I’m not sure. I’ve only seen Trainspotting and read a paragraph of one of their books, given to me as a Christmas present. They don’t achieve it.

This film ranks up there with “The Quiet Man” as one of the most stupid, cliched and patronising portrayals of Irish people on celluloid. Except “The Quiet man” has John Wayne. The only pleasant thing is the landscape.

If they silenced the actors, edited them out as much as possible, overdubbed Enya and cut it down to 3mins 30 sec, Bord Failte would have a nice promo video.

Rosary March Barracked By Pro Abortionists Stratford London E15 09-05-2015

I was walking home today after a Breakfast Special, at Best Cafe in the Inshop in Stratford Mall, about 11.30am. I saw cop cars in the Crescent, where St. Francis’ Church is.

The police were peacekeeping at a demonstration by a small pro-life group, which was kneeling outside the Church. The rosary-reciting group were being ‘battered’ by the sonic efforts of the pro-abortion group. The latter were banging pots, blowing horns and whistles and singing pro-abortion songs. They were largely female.

Pro-lifers: singing hymns and reciting the rosary.
Pro-abortioners: trying to put them off, essentially.

Quite bizarre: women protesting to shut up people praying against Women’s Right To Kill The Life Inside Them.

On balance, who do you think, dear reader, finds favour with God?


If you don’t believe in God, what do you think happens to you when you die?

If you think “nothing”, then how safe do you feel in a society which is moving towards killing its members when they are very young, very old or just ill?

In the end, what force will your opinion carry, anyway, if the law circumscribes which opinions you can utter?


The wealthier, smarter Jews could see which way the wind was blowing in in the 1930’s Germany and skidaddled while the getting was good. Here’s hoping you and me have the same opportunity!

PS: Note the content of one of the pro-abortionist’s banners: “The only church … is a burning one”. The anger and the general ugliness of the pro-abortion groups tells me Who is ultimately behind them.

I mean, who in their right mind thinks that a young woman getting an abortion is a Good Thing? What’s good about a rape or an act of fornication (an evil) following by a killing (another evil)?

[scratches head]

Postscript: That same day anarcho-socialist types were protesting the result of a democratic election, outside Downing Street. I see Socialist Worker banners held by the protesters and the usual references to the ‘Tories’ (a party which exists in their heads alone). See here

Quote: "Protesters threw bottles, cans and smoke bombs at the police. Scuffles broke out when the demonstrators, blaring hooters, banging pots and chanting obscenities, confronted lines of police outside the gate protecting the Prime Minister’s official residence."

My emphasis, above. It is interesting that more subdued mirror of this protest occurred in response to people praying against abortion in a side-street in Stratford on the same day. Some of the placards the protesters used, in both cases, were quite extreme.

What do the two protests have in common? They were against law, tradition and suffrage. Leftists don’t realise that, come the Revolution, the conservative, Christian people will be the first to the execution chamber and they will be the second. They’ll be too much of a liability. The Great Leader will permit no potential opposition.

Remember what happened to Trotsky!

British Elections May 2015 – The Mutation Of The Zeitgeist

What’s peculiar is how superficial the election seems. Left and Right pretend to disagree on economic strategy, while maintaining the Welfare State by public indebtedness. The Conservatives cut more, while Labour borrow more, but neither can kill the Blob. The Blob must be fed! Too many voters depend on the Blob, and not just obvious ones like retirees and the unemployed.

We have a kind of prosperity, which is built on the City and on personal debt and public debt. 8 years after the Crash, the economy is on a natural uptick, as part of the cyclical Boom-Bust cycle. So the public is quite tranquil.

However, take away the City and property investment and there’s not a lot going on here. Wages are historically low, while rents are sky-high. The next crash could bring riots.

Messers Cameron, Clegg and Milliband are very similar physically and culturally. They are of the same class. Their backgrounds are upper-middle-class and superficial, so they can’t connect with the lower classes in a convincing manner.

The other parties are single-issue. One or other will likely hold the balance of power post-election. They will become tainted by association with the bigger party. They will get a taste of power, like it, and start compromising. This will be good for Britain, as no party will be able to impose bad legislation by fiat. Unless the proposed law is consonant with the current zeitgeist.

The problem is that people can’t reason well any more, either individually and collectively. The current zeitgeist is high on emotion and low on logic. Example: Same-sex ‘marriage’ would have been thought not only evil, but insane and stupid, 100 years ago. Not in 2015!

“Societies think their hearts are softening, when in fact it is their heads.” Within 30 years we’ll probably have an economic crisis, followed by social collapse, followed by totalitarian government, followed by revolution, followed by external attack.

The cure for all of this: a truly Catholic society. Its ethos would instil spiritual solidity and material diffidence in the public, while granting the graces necessary for ordinary material success.

A small country can out-perform a much larger one, if its ethos is right (and righteousness is its ethos!)

You Are Free To Say Whatever You Like As Long As We Like What You Say

You are free to say whatever you like as long as We like what you say.
You are free to do whatever you like as long as We like what you do.
If We do not like what you say, We will hound you.
If We do not like what you do, We will arrest you.
You should tolerate everyone’s behaviour as long as We deem that behaviour acceptable.
What We deem acceptable is what every right-thinking person finds to be right.
What We deem acceptable is tolerance of every behaviour We deem acceptable.
What is old is wrong.
What is static is wrong.
What is new is good.
Change is good.
Right-thinking is defined by what we feel to be right.
Right-thinking is defined by what Our peers pronounce to be right.
Our peers are those who rebel against the established order.
Once We have subdued all the Wrong-thinkers We will have lasting peace.
Once Our peers are in control We can do what We like and then there will be lasting change and lasting tolerance and lasting peace.

From Calvary To Cafeteria – What Don’t You Understand?

The Credo religion started around 2000 years ago. From the beginning, opinions varied about what to believe and how to practice it. Major divisions arose and were settled.
Fast forward 1500 years and a king of Albion, a small Credo country, wanted to divorce his wife. This wasn’t allowed by the Credo priests, so he did it anyway and declared himself head of his own Me-Church. He was helped in this by Credo heretics, who said he could do it. Which he did. More than once.

This Me-Church started dropping practices and beliefs of the Credo church. Since Me-Church was founded upon opinion, individual believers started to splinter from it. This led to the formation of a lot of Me-Tooer churches. 

Fast forward another 450 years. The Credo church is starting to be affected by the Me-Tooer church environment, which is trans-national and dominant in some countries. Members want the liberties the Me-Tooers enjoy; freedom of belief and practice.

It does not occur to this faction that a religion which changes its beliefs and practices cannot claim to be The One True Church; what was held to be true and sacred yesterday must be true and sacred today. Otherwise, it’s a free-for-all; your opinion becomes as good as mine.

Me-Tooers in the Credo church have some notable successes. They made major changes to the sacred rites. These changes made the non-priests more prominent in the rites and were operated in the local language, instead of the sacred one. Those who protested were barracked, silenced or ignored.

In 2014 an attempt was made by the Credo heretics to change the church doctrine. Another attempt will reportedly be made in 2015. This is obvious iconoclasm, yet, fascinatingly, many Credo apologists say it isn’t.

This writer presumes that such apologists would happily agree that a horse is not a camel and vice-versa; that a beast which hunts in packs and howls at the moon probably a wolf, and not a pussy-cat.

Often-times, things are what they appear to be. Credo sophists argue they ain’t, or argue that we should give the benefit of the doubt. Their corrupt view of Credo charity demands it. 

My view is that that which howls at night on the blasted heath IS a wolf. By the time Credo sophists are satisfied, the sheep will have been devoured.

International Finance – Passing The Rotten Potato

Given that:

Most major states are effectively bankrupt: their debt is huge; 
They all rely on credit;
Credit stops if the debtor defaults;
If one big debtor goes bust, it can take many creditors with it;
It’s 7 years since the last crisis … 

Therefore: It’s only a matter of time before the next crash. 

Credit notes (debt) are the rotten potato. As long as you can pass it on, you don’t go bust. The potato has value as long as it’s circulated and no one shouts "It’s rotten!".  All players want to keep the game going. So they gloss over the rot.

The Sissified Society

21st Century England is a sissified society. Narcissism is rampant, weakness is extolled, complaining is a culture and wheedling a virtue.

I would caricature Britannia nowadays as an obese single mother of b******s. Her b******s were begotten by different men. The b*****d sons have ‘problems at school’ and later, trouble with the law. They have no father to smack them down when their natural selfishness manifests. The Liberal Consensus tells us that Smacking Is Always Wrong. So worn-out women have to plead with their hellions to behave. It is sad.

The b******d daughters will joust with their mother. This is normal, as girls compete with their mother, as boys with their father. This will be tiring, as there is no father to tell them to back off. Substitute ‘father figures’ have no authority. The young termagant shrieks at these half-men "You can’t tell me what to do, you’re not my father!" Such girls may later seek male affection that leads to them to having b******s of their own. Thus, the cycle continues until disaster, conscience or Divine Intervention breaks it.

It’s the same if she’s divorced. Parents who divorce lay down their crosses and their children take them up. This is bad enough for individual families but terrible for a society that contains them. It’s a recipe for mass social problems.

BEWARE: There is a logical fallacy at work when liberals argue that: "I had 3 b******s by different men but they all turned out fine!"


1. That’s what you think, ma’am.

I wonder what your children have in their hearts, due to their disordered upbringing? I wonder what strangers would think of them, after spending some time with them?

2. If yours are decent children, if doesn’t follow that this is the case with ALL such children.

It’s the odds, you see. You can’t buck the odds, long term. The odds determine everything, except God’s Grace.

Across a population and over time, what are the odds that children from broken homes will end up as settled, decent adults, having loving homes for their own children?

Would you bet a tenner? Twenty quid?

Or would you bet a tenner that, say, 3 out of 10 kids from broken homes will either end up in trouble at school, in the dock at the courthouse or in hospital with a baby? Would you think your money would be safe?

What are the odds such children will make bad matches themselves in adulthood?
What kind of odds would you get if they get ‘taken into care’ i.e. prison, in all but name?

Answer: short ones!

This is the ugly side of the Fornicating Generation. Selfish b******s are making broken children who are statistically more likely to repeat the cycle of woe.

Now, factor that across a society that says divorce and fornication are legal rights. Then extrapolate across a period of 100 years. What do you think will happen?

Grosse Britannia weeps at emotive television programs and snarls at those who say ‘nay’ to her selfish desires. She thinks the gummint should do something, whenever there’s a crisis, anywhere. Which is every day, according to the yellow press. Is someone, somewhere, hurting? Then the gummint should do something! Our news media is an unending pity-party, when its not frothing with umbrage.

Or, if the gummint does something, what it is doing is wrong. It should do something more … left-wing. Which involves spending tax revenue. Which is other people’s money. Which Grosse Brittania thinks is free. Except it isn’t.

Her male equivalent, Jack Itin, is a drone. A pale, weak, dandy who panders to the termagant above, while lusting after her fatherless, slutty daughter. He takes drugs, fornicates, is vaguely ‘spirichool’. He is very much against The System but not educated enough to argue a workable alternative, thanks to years of child-centred schooling.

Three generations of these sissies think that getting paid to not work is not only normal, but righteous. They do not know nor care that the state is deeply in debt, the interest on which must be paid by those who work.

No! The Dole Must Flow!

Now, behind this genus of idea viruses is a combination of Leftism and Marketing.

Leftism wants to overthrow the existing order BUT only so that Leftists may instate themselves and maintain the constant Revolution. Absent a coherent moral system, they revert to etiquette; a set of manners which arise unconsciously. Currently, they strive to outdo each other in tolerance for evil.

Marketing knows that emotion sells.
Reason doesn’t sell. Holiness doesn’t sell.
Evil sells, pride sells, greed sells and selfishness sells.

Result: degraded media and a populace with a head full of bad ideas. The latest one is that sodomites are lovely, special people, who must not be disparaged. Sissies are great and conservatives are stupid or bigots. As a conservative, I doubt that 1 in 500 people who hold leftist views could articulate how they came to hold them.

Ah, if only the world were truly peaceful enough to indulge such unreason. It’s just that people who promote such views aren’t the one’s who’ll be marching into battle to deal with consequences.

Dear reader, read the signs of the times.

When you see abomination in the holy places, it’s time to prepare for the end; either for death of the body, which comes to all eventually, or the death of your society, which comes when it embraces corruption, or the Final Coming, of which only God knows the hour.

I pray God wakes us up in a peaceful manner soon. The alternative will be terrible. We have forgotten as a people that God is the Great Judge. His Judgement is inevitable. His Mercy is at His discretion. The modern Catholic thinks that His Mercy is inevitable and His Judgement will be favourable to all except the greatest villains.

Unfortunately, there is no historical, doctrinal or traditional support for this proposition.

At The Recent Catholic Synod The Enemy Shows His Hand

At the Reformation, an English king wanted to put away his wife.

We’ve come a long way since then, in the West.

Divorce normalised. Contraception normalised. Abortion normalised. Sodomitic ‘marriage’ normalised.

Euthanasia is next. Then paedophila. Then Satanism in the cathedral. And it will seem normal, for the ground will have been prepared by stealth, cowardice, peer pressure and clever argument beforehand. Not forgetting the darkness the Enemy befuddles mens’ minds with.

Based on reports of the voting at the Synod, in 2014, many Catholic bishops appear to have no problem in extending a ‘welcome’ to sodomites and ‘the divorced and remarried’ i.e. adulterers. They should be calling them to repentance, instead.

To publicly admit manifest sinners to Communion is an insane act; priests that do so will have betrayed Christ and broken God’s Law. For such sinners to receive Christ, without confession, speeds the sinners’ damnation. Unless we are supposed to believe it’s not really Christ Himself in the Host; this is the implication.

So, in a few weeks, Pope Francis & Co attempted to finish what Luther started.

If they succeed they will have destroyed the sacraments of Marriage, Confession and Communion. What they are proposing contradicts not just Tradition, but the Bible.
If they succeed then Rome’s claims for the primacy of the successor to Peter will have been refuted by his successor, Francis; for if he, Francis, is right, then his predecessors were wrong.
If they were wrong then the Catholic Church cannot be Christ’s true Church on Earth; it’s just one of many sects.

I’d like to think the bishops involved are just dull and don’t see the bomb they have put in the hold of the barque that ferries them. Can no one point out to them that what they dearly want has already been embraced by the Anglican Communion, and that it has made the latter not just a joke, but utterly marginalised, in public life?

It’s time the Church vigourously prosecuted heretics and admitted holy men to holy orders, instead of politicians, if only so that we laymen, who hire these professionals, can be sure of getting the classic service and not a suspect local variant.

How To Destroy Christianity In Two Short Sentences

How to destroy Christianity in two short sentences. Just make the following proposition:

God loves us.
Only the very bad go to Hell.

Which follows:
So what did Jesus die for then?

This is the root cause of what we’ve had to suffer since 1970. Unless this proposition is nullified, then Western society will continue its decline, which decline stems from a perversion of Christianity at its heart: the Catholic Church.

No fear of Hell => No fear of sin => A society of villains.

Cui Bonum?

To whose good was the revision of the Catholic Church’s Rite Of Exorcism? 

To whose good was the removal of Prime from the Divine Office, with the prayer "Turn back evil on my enemies and destroy them in Thy truth"?

 To whose good was the changing of the Roman Missal from a propitiary to a celebratory rite?

To whose good was the removal of the prayer to St. Michael The Archangel and the Asperges from the Mass?

To whose good what the creation of a Book Of Blessings which don’t actually bless anything?

Alas, we now have a clergy who don’t believe in the power of the Devil. Which suits him just fine. Worse, it also leads to a lack of belief in God Himself.  If you can neuter the Devil, then the neutering of God is a merely a delayed after-effect.

What Happens When An Officer Takes Off His Insignia?

What happens when an officer takes off his insignia? He stops being worthy of respect.

Bosses who ask their staff to call them by their Christian name are either stupid or hyprocrites. You can’t be friends with people you expect to give orders to; friends don’t give each other orders. Will the boss then get angry when his servants then don’t hop to it when he tells them to? 

Our current Pope is playing this game. He is ‘The Bishop Of Rome’. He doesn’t believe in formality.

I recall Paul VI gave away his crown. Symbolically, that sends a very obvious message. And religion is all about symbolism. Even diabolists get this.

One Day You Will Realise ….

One day you will realise that you you can only be in one room at one time, eat one meal at one time, wear one suit of clothes at one time. Your life is finite and its end approaches faster the older you get. 

When you realise that, the project of owning a mansion on a country estate seems a waste of time and energy.

I kind of hope the Novus Ordo mass won’t be abrogated soon

I kind of hope the Novus Ordo mass won’t be abrogated soon. It’s useful for those Catholics who want to be Protestants, either in how they worship or in what they believe. It is leading to an informal, drawn out schism. If it were abrogated, then the tinkerers would then have the old rite to focus on. Anything not expressly forbidden, but which was crowd-pleasing, would be done.

Also, churchmen seem not to want to antagonise the faithful by giving them the hard facts of Christianity from the pulpit. Coupled with bad teaching in schools, Catholics who regularly break one or more of the commandments and still receive Communion do not hear anything to disturb their comfort.

The Modernist project is to update religion. Proponents do not understand that, in doing so, they undermine it. If the tradition was wrong, then how do we know the update is right? The suspicion arises in that background that, because it is new, that it is not right. How come we, the latest generation, are holier than 20 previous ones?

Update a ‘timeless’ religion? Preposterous! The Orthodox get that, or at least they tread very carefully, I think if only because they know that if they mess up, their followers will decamp to a rival Orthodox church.

People badly want an easy-going religion, not realising that that is a contradiction. Christ’s sayings are hard. The Saints didn’t become saints by taking it easy.

Arguments about Vatican II are circular and thus, defective reasoning

Arguments about VII are circular and thus, defective reasoning. They go something like this:

1. Vatican II is pastoral. It contained no infallible declarations.
2. But as part of the magisterium of the Church, it requires our assent.
3. So what did it teach that is different from the past?
4 Ecumenism, freedom of conscience, collegiality and subsidiarity  "…Nevertheless, many elements of sanctification and of truth are found outside its [the Church’s] visible confines".
5 Do these things help our sanctification, individually or collectively? Do they require our faithful assent?
6. No doctrines were proclaimed at Vat II.

Duurrrr ….

But Vat II is a very good cover story for the real project; the denial of one or more doctrines of the Church: The Real Presence, the nature of Priesthood, the sinfulness of contraception and divorce, damanation, Judgement, the seriousness of Mortal Sin.

"Vatican II said …" = "What I think the Church should say, but doesn’t".

This is simple Protestantism come ’round again: We simply can’t bear the hard sayings of Jesus and the work they make for us. So we make things easier for ourselves.

Then add the new mass and later populist modifications.

Result: What you see in Catholic schools and churches today.

Modern Catholicism contains contradictions: Holiness through populism, sacrality through mundanity, progression through archeologism, change as part of Tradition. This leads, in  those orders and dioceses who espouse these ideas, to an implosion; they are consumed by ennervation; the contradictions sap their energy.

We can see the future of Modern Catholicism in Protestant sects today.

Why God Gave Adam And Eve Just One Rule

God, as a loving father, gave Adam and Eve only one rule to keep. Just one. By keeping it, they could show their goodness.

Otherwise, they would simply be as animals, living by instinct, or as robots, under His total control. No rule = no way to show obedience to God, which is the essence of Goodness.

So, He made it easy for them.

But alas, where there is free-will, a higher being and a Rule, there is the possibility for rebellion.

Signs Of The End Times?

A popular theme in Protestantism is ‘The End Times’ i.e. the Apocalyapse. As Catholics, it’s not a fixation amongst us. Recent events have made me wonder, however. I would say we’re at Defcon 3: "Increase in force readiness above that required for normal readiness"

For example:

The British Prime Minister, David Cameron, is going to go down in history as having sodomitic marriage ‘legalised’ during his incumbency. Just imagine: a vice, deplored throughout the ages, elevated to the status of ‘marriage’. This is a logical impossibility, as two men can’t marry in any practical or meaningful sense. It’s just stupid. At a stroke, the institution is broken and sodomy normalised. The basis of civil society, the family, mortally wounded. Truly incredible.

This tells me that the ability to reason is gone in those that rule us. 

Another recent example:

Britain’s Chancellor George Osbourne has given HMRC the right to rob money from taxpayer’s bank accounts directly. He has also made having undeclared income, lodged offshore, illegal. If they think you owe it, they can take it. These measures are the actions of cretins. Their conservatism is a lie.

This follows on from measures like removal of the right to silence, the Council (Poll) Tax, quick extraditons and entry into the EU. These measures have made Britain into a curiously weak and totalitarian regime.

The poor from other nations come here because it’s better than the hellish places they live, the middle classes will move as far away as they can, to the shires or abroad, while the elite will leave according to whether their positions render them untouchable or not; a man with £500m and properties worldwide can live where and how he wants (as long as it’s quiet and the kids can go to good schools).

The local working class will get it in the neck; they can’t go anywhere. They earn just enough to be taxed and not enough to progress. God help us if the country goes bust and the state-dependents can’t be bought off any more.

The stage is being set for revolution. Any barriers to it have been broken down. A generation of narcissistic hellions, their minds debauched by vicious media and drugs, their spirits broken by divorce and concubinage, with no allegiance to God or nation, will have no scruples about rioting. All it will take is a severe economic depression, so keep an eye on economic indicators like budget deficits, national debt, employment rates and so forth. Our current leaders can’t hold it back: no one will heed them, as no one respects them.

The Catholic Church, having given up preaching the hard sayings of Jesus and dumbed down its rites, will be severely tested in the coming decades. A smart man might start reading approved private revelations, to see if the signs of the times are lining up with prophecy.

Just GIVE Your Business To Google!

I just realised: Google is collecting data on browsing habits. It knows what you like; you tell it.

Chrome, Adsense, Adwords, Webmaster Tools mean it knows what sells. It probably stopped Checkout because it had enough purchasing data already and it didn’t need the money.

My latest minor epiphany was that millions of businessmen are using Adwords to get traffic. They are telling Google what they’re trying to sell, refining their keywords, seeing what works. Google is listening in. It’s lunacy!

They’re doing the slog and Google, by ‘helping’ them get clicks, lets them compete with each other, thereby putting  up the price of those clicks, thereby increasing its profits. It shows you what keywords are popular; you, and everyone else.

It’s getting a % of every sale, at one remove. 

If ever Google decided to move in on a particular niche, it could easily dominate. And you can bet it’s giving commercial data to American security services.

Generation Onan: 1960 – Today

Sociologists try to find names for different genrations of people in the West; Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y etc.

A better name for the lot of them would be Generation Onan. These are the generations that fornicate without much less chance of anyone being generated, because of the use of contraception.

So, basically, we’ve had three generations of w*nkers, with fewer children in each. They call it ‘love’ or ‘sexual expression’ but basically they’re just w*nking each other off.

A Quasi-Apologia For How The Novus Ordo Mass Is Commonly Said

The novelties in the Roman Catholic Paul VI Mass drive traditionalists wild. Trads try to make liberals see reason.

What traditionalists don’t realise is that the New Mass is considered a celebration, focussing on “The Lord’s Banquet”. The performer faces the audience. The audience join in and seem to be integral, as it’s called “The People’s Mass”. The are constantly told to be joyous.

Thus, it is not commonly said solemnly, as the old rite is. For who is solemn and quiet at a banquet? Who kneels down to be fed at a banquet? Who tells the congregation to be quiet at a supper? No one! That would be mad.

What liberals don’t understand is that you cannot then expect the congregation at such an event to treat it with awe. No one is awed at a supper. No one is awed when they see people like themselves in street clothes on stage. None one is awed when the sacred object is passed into their hands, like at a food queue. No one is awed by bland hymns. They can’t be!

If you do it one way (solemn, exclusive and mysterious) or another (populist) you can’t then reasonably expect the same behaviour from the congregation.

“I wish the people were more involved” we imagine an pre-1962 priest thinking.
“I wish the people were more solemn and respectful” we imagine a post-1970 priest thinking.

Well …!

6 Reasons Why God Allows Evil

1. Evil is done by men, not by God.

2. A material universe means decay. Material things decay. This is in the nature of material things. This decay is confused with evil.

3. That there is more than one being means opposition between beings. Angels opposed God, man opposes God and men oppose each other. People pursue their own ends and come into opposition with one another. This leads to evil.

4. People pay for their own sins, those of their family and of their society. Sinful action begets a reaction. This reaction may be just or evil.

5. Without the possibility of great evil there cannot be the possibility of great good. The concept would not exist.

6. Men must have the ability to choose to do evil if they are also to have the ability to choose good. The singular Being that made everything wants us freely to choose good, as He is good. This makes us like Him and different to angels, who, united with Him all the time, only wish to do good.

Political Correctness Is The Nemesis Of Free Speech

Maiden aunts of both sexes, who bristle at someone being rude to someone else and want them prosecuted for it, are useful idiots for those imposing creeping repression on ‘free’ Western societies.


Y’can’t have it both ways.

A man has to be free to call another man a n*gger or a f*ggot if you want to be free to criticise the Capitalist Patriarchy.

Inferring The Existence Of God

We are more intelligent than animals.
The universe is huge.
It is likely there are entities more intelligent and powerful than us.
The universe is finite.
Therefore there is one being who is the most intelligent and powerful of all beings.

How can we lower creatures totally understand higher ones?

If there are beings in a relation to us, as we are to amoebas, then they may exist outside of the constraints of time, space and mortality that we suffer. We cannot comprehend them, as mice cannot comprehend us.

Now we make a jump.

People report seeing ghosts and demons. They report life after death and life beyond the material plane. They get information about the material plane which they could not have got by currently understandable means. This has been going on for as long as Man has existed.

The behaviour of ghosts, demons, angels and the denizens of heaven is like that of beings unconstrained by four-dimensional space-time. They materialse at will and can ‘see’ the future. They intersect with our plane of existence in ways which are frightening to us, as they come from ‘above’. They are like adults doing mysterious things that babies can’t grasp. They foretell the future because they stand outside linear time and can see probabilities coalescing further ahead.

Every Catholic Mother Wants Her Son To Be A Priest

1952: Every Catholic mother wants her son to be a priest.
2012: Every Catholic mother wants someone else’s son to be a priest.

Contraception: the gift that keeps on giving.

In case that’s too subtle for you, dear reader:

Families with 7 kids wouldn’t have been unusual, pre-WWII. Since the advent of contraception and antibiotics, ‘sexual freedom’ has led to declining birth-rates. Now sons are too precious to send to the seminary.

Debt Reduction Unlikely For Ireland

There’s unlikely to be a debt reduction or easing of terms for Ireland.


Well, if a debtor is paying you back what he owes you and on time, why make it easier for him?

You only get better terms on a loan if you have leverage e.g. you show can get better terms, elsewhere, or it looks like you might default altogether and that scares your creditor. Hint.

The Key To Understanding Women

Women progress in life by words and men, by deeds. Men don’t need to dominate with words because men are physically strong. Women dominate other women, and men, with words.

To achieve complete victory, they must marry well and make themselves look as attractive as possible. The prettiest girl, with the most powerful husband, wins. Men are largely oblivious to this.

The glory of women is their deep and wide-ranging feelings. The glory of men is their lack of them: one mood, all the time. Men are direct. They hit the wolf over the head instead of flapping their hands.

Thus, her lies start when she puts on the mascara in the morning and they stop when she takes off the padded bra at night!

Stock Market Crash Around Halloween October 2012?

This is the time of year when the days get darker sooner and summer holidays are a distant memory. People get depressed. It coincides with Halloween, a time of remembering the dead. It’s not a time people feel bullish.

We are currently surfing on a tidal wave of government debt in the EU. Wouldn’t surpise me if someone starts selling and it turns into a run.

However …

I think people are punch-drunk with all the bailouts. Traders may not be as vigilant. And the EU seems to be ready to throw debt at the problem in the medium term. So we’ll see.

Sodomitic Marriage And The Decline Of Reason

Peculiar times we live in. Or are they?

Societies reach a point where the mores of their forefathers are scorned. Leaders, entrusted with exemplifiying the rules and upholding them, break them instead. Self-interest trumps the greater good. That which would have shocked your grandfather is now arriere-garde to his grandson.

Now we live in times where, through a combination of indoctrination and propaganda, something which is unreasonable is touted as moral.

Specifically, it is the current attempt to decree, as law, something that is, by definition, nonsense: sodomitic ‘marriage’.

A quick overview: marriage means the union of a man and woman under law, for the purposes recognising their exclusive bond and the legitimisation of their children.

Basically, it keeps order in society through the regulation of procreation. It ennobles a base passion and legalises an existing love.

Naming two men or two women as ‘married’ is meaningless. They don’t even have the complimentary organs to accomplish it. The arguments for it are only emotive; thus, they are poor reason.

It’s a bit like those women who currently plead to be ordained priests in the Roman Catholic Church. A woman priest is a priestess. Christ was a man and a priest is a man who acts ‘in persona Christi’; he acts as Christ. Christ was and is a man.

It was never part of the Catholic tradition for a woman to confect the Eucharist or hear confessions but the cry seems to be “it’s soooo unfairrrr!” that a priestess can’t put on men’s clothes, perform religious acts exclusive to men and call herself a priest!

It’s a bit like a demanding that a donkey be run in the Derby and for it to be called a racehorse!

I read recently: “A society thinks it’s heart is softening when in fact, its head is”. I agree.

Also, you now have cardboard-cutout politicians currently trying to appeal to the chattering classes. They think they’re being sophisticated, whereas they’re really showing how superficial their understanding of order in society is.

An example is of this ignorance is political correctness.

You can’t legislate against causing offense. Everyone finds something offensive, including your very person and mine. So you can’t legislate against offensiveness or we’ll all be criminals. Our politicians don’t know these basics of moral philosophy.

This tells me that the proponents of political correctness are profoundly ignorant. This is worrying, as these are prominent people in our society.

Other factors add to the mix: Since the destruction of the USSR and the failure of Socialism, Western leftists, the eternal revolutionaries, have turned on their own society in other ways: they are destroying its norms and replacing them with the etiquette of Bohemia. Manners change. They arise out of the mass mind. Manners are no basis for moral norms, the latter which, by definition, must persist.

Whatever is self-centred and rebellious is now seen as good. Even better for a cause if the leftists imaginary patriarchy seems to be against it. The soul that hates itself and its society will embrace any novelty that aids their destruction.

It’s the cry of Lucifer: “Why Him above me? I will not serve!”.

As a Catholic, I am struck how uncannily the aims of leftists match those of Hell: to degrade human beings to the status of mere flesh, to encourage them to break with their forefathers, to let them indulge themselves and then profit from the disorder that follows.

Plus, I guess, it’s boosted by sheer aimlessness. With the USA running the West and the EU running the UK and Brussels running the EU, politicians and the chattering classes have to find something to cause a scandal, otherwise their existence is negated. There’s little for them to do, otherwise.

Legal euthanansia and infanticide are not far off. It’s simply logic, you see.

The End Of Outsourcing

I bought a few diverse items recently. The only thing they had in common was a) Me and b) They were cheap.

Here is what they were:

1. A pair of shoes at ShoeZone, which I renamed Sh**eZone;

2. A pair of trousers at Dunnes Stores;

3. A St Benedict medal at a famous Catholic Church in London.

Q: What did they all have in common?

A: They all started falling apart soon after purchase.

This is one reason why I think outsourcing is finished. It’s gone too far. It’s leads to diabolical quality and unhappy customers.

Another example: I was tinkling the keys of a child’s toy piano in a shop, recently. It was simply broken; some keys wouldn’t play if you pressed them in a certain way. You could feel the shoddiness as you played it. There was no point in buying it; it … simply … would … not … last … all, not even as a child’s toy.

A more famous example: the recent Ulster Bank embarassment. Thousands of customers got a wake-up call as to what would happen if their bank was incapacitated in any way. In this case, RBS had outsourced their IT to India and some gonk had overwritten all the data backups. This is a real amateur mistake: the sort of think a 2-man webhost might do, if both were drunk.

Note: This is where your personal financial data is being handled, folks. These people have your future in their hands, and they’re amateurs. But hey, they’re cheap!

Western firms can’t compete on price any more. They have to compete on quality. They can also compete on speed, as they’re nearer the customer but that’s secondary. Quality is the way forward. Be the best!

You’ve Got To Laugh At The Weather.

Another day of cold, grey London skies. This makes about two month’s worth on the trot, with about six days of intermittent broken sunshine to relieve the bleakness.

It’s the same in Ireland. We had rain, hail, sleet, snow, fog, flooding, thunder, lightning, frost, hailstones and in the case of one poor neighbour, fire, whilst I was on holiday in Ireland over Christmas and New Year. Not forgetting the meteor which flashed green, white and gold in early February!

Coming on foot of the clerical, political and economic scandals in Ireland, you have to wonder if God is upset with us. Just a bit.

Labour To Win 2010 UK Elections?

I think Labour will win the 2010 elections in the UK. Why? Simple mathematics.

1. The Conservatives haven’t garnered enough popular support;

2. Labour is associated with maintaining and increasing benefits and public sector employment; too many people now depend on these for their daily bread, especially in a recession;

3. Most constituencies are solidly for one party or another. If 1. above is the case, the Conservatives can’t win enough marginals to earn a solid majority in Parliament.

Not winning might suit the Conservatives if this recession drags on. The cuts to public spending necessary to keep Britain afloat will make whoever implements them deeply unpopular. The Conservatives could then bait and badger Gordon Brown from the sidelines, over controversial budget measures. Labour’s likely reduced majority will make them vulnerable to this.

What Will Happen In 2010? Some Predictions …

1. IMF called in, Ireland?


– On dole: 380,000;
– In public service: 369,000;
– Total population: 4,000,000;
– Public debt: High;
– Banks: Insolvent without more public cash injected = more debt;
– Social partnership ended;
– Truculent public sector demanding retention of benefits;
– Quangos laden with political place-men left untouched.


– Some cuts in public outgoings: jobs, wages, dole;
– One of the three banks (Bank of Ireland) showing some vitality;
– Corporation tax still low;
– EU unlikely to allow member state to fail.


Current quasi-stability in Western economies could be the ‘last hurrah’ created by governments propping-up of banks.

2. Climate Change Recedes As An Issue.

With the collapse of Communism and Socialism as ideologies, ecology and political correctness seem to have become a focus for social discontent. With recession now threatening people’s livelihoods, climate change is likely to become less important as an issue.  Inertia and vested interests are a factor also; China, US and the Third World won’t go for restrictions on industry. It’d be more useful to focus on the overall issue of pollution and environmental degradation; we need clean drinking water, food and air and the widest variety of species.

3. Public Morals Reach Nadir.

Christianity seems to relentlessly bashed in recent years. In my opinion, neo-paganism-cum-modernism-cum-narcissism is a poor substitute. Infanticide and euthanasia to become legal within seven years. Acts and ideas our forefathers would have thought obscene are now commonplace in popular culture. I think eventually the correlation between this ‘New Morality’ and crime will become widely realised.

Societies tend to decay from within and then are attacked from outside. When leaders no longer obey the moral code and the law, why should the masses do so? Result: disorder.

4. Ongoing Recession.

Governments have bailed out dud businesses (banks). They have shifted the axe from bankers necks to nations. Financiers continue to play tricks (short selling). Vulnerable countries like Greece and Ireland in trouble due to sovereign debt = bad credit rating = public borrowing on harsher terms.

The hope is that that governments have staved off national bankruptcy by borrowing from the future. Can sovereign wealth funds (countries) go bust? Answer: Yes. They can be forced to borrow at higher and higher rates and eventually their paper is no good any more.

It’s a gamble with time; keep the show on the road until the upturn.

There’s a seven year cycle in boom-and-bust capitalism. The bust started August 2007 with the U.S. sub-prime mortgage collapse and took about a year to ripple out worldwide. So the next boom is due about 2012.

The big fly in the ointment is the severe and unusual nature of the current recession; this time, it’s the banks going bust. Banks are the conduits of credit, not merely businessess dependent upon it. I wouldn’t splurge out on that foreign holiday just yet.

A Lot Of Noise And Heat But Not Much Light

Are you confused by the current economic crisis?


Well, here’s what’s happened and what is happening and what will likely happen in the future.

Past: The Clinton administration funded fat mortgages to poor people on poor-quality housing. A lot of paper was issued, backed by this debt. When supply increased way beyond demand, the market crashed and the effect rippled worldwide, as a lot of unworthy people in a lot of countries were also getting fat mortgages or buying paper based on them.

Present: To stop banks going out of business and the ripple-effect of that collapsing their economies, governments have given big loans of taxpayers money to banks and hived off their bad loans into ‘bad banks’. Because money, stocks and property are now depressed as investment vehicles, commodities have risen. That’s why gold, for example, is now at a silly price and will likely crash, when supply exceeds demand, again.

Government bureaucracy and welfare (and thus public spending) is also monstrously disproportionate to the population the the UK and Ireland. There are too many chiefs and hangers on and not enough indians.

Future: Governments can’t keep throwing money at banks. It’s taxpayers money. Some countries, like the UK and Ireland, are extremely indebted. This makes them bad risks for investment; they might not be able to pay you back in the short-to-medium term.

So their economies suffer with less inward investment. That means fewer jobs. They also have a massive administration and welfare strain on their budgets.

If those (individuals, companies, other countries) who own government paper (bonds, paper money) decide to sell them off, they could bankrupt whole countries. Or just depress the value of their paper.

The hope is that governments, through debt-funded spending, can keep the show on the road until their economies pick up.

What is irritating:

– Manufacturing is now done more cheaply in the Second and Third Worlds. First World economies are now based on service industries. As example is the City Of London finance industry in the UK. Unionisation, red-tape, taxation and high wages make First-World countries less attractive for manufacturing. So no one has money to spend on service-industry products in these countries; previous spending was done with borrowed money or money from the finance and property sectors.

– Socialist governments still spending what they don’t have and looking for ways to leech off of those who do. Except the ‘haves’ are hurting now, also.

– Higher taxation when everyone’s feeling the pinch; who wants to start a business when taxes eat into your profits and said taxes go to pay the unproductive?

Prognosis: A long recession or even depression. There’re still a lot of bad paper and bad ideas and ignorant, deceitful politicians which need to be flushed down the toilet of history, so enterprise can re-assert itself.

To prevent a repeat of this situation, simple, clear laws need to be enacted: Lie about your product and be criminalised for it. That’s all.

Barack Obama: How He Suckered The West

Barack Obama is the new Tony Blair. He looks good, has a very organised machine behind him, says vaguely positive things but nothing definite.

"Change, we can believe in!"

That is a meaningless statement. I’m surprised people fell for it; it’s crass marketing. What change, exactly? It allows people to read what they want into it.

I have no idea what he’s going to do in office. Neither does anyone else, as far as I know. From what I’ve read online he’s:

Very keen on abortion;
Very left wing in his youth;
Offers a curious mix of tax cuts for the middle-classes and increased social spending;
Wants to get out of Iraq but continue hammering Afghanistan;
"Smart diplomacy"?

If it wasn’t for his skin colour, he’d be largely character-less.

So what of the future?

I don’t think he or his people have any clever ideas. All I’ve read is that the U.S. is going to throw money at its problems, same as the UK. So we can probably expect a ten-year recession, with a depression from now until however long it takes for the dud paper to be flushed out of the economy and dud politicians to be flushed out of office.

They just don’t have the courage to take the hard decisions, so they will fail, and be run out of office by the mob.

Would YOU Throw Your Money At A Failed Business?

The dullards want ‘business as usual’. They’re propping up bad banks to try to keep a damaged dream alive. It won’t work. The world is running scared.

Good money was paid for bad paper. This illusory wealth must be bled out of the system like air out of a radiator. It would be smart to take the pain all at once, rather than suffer a ten-year agony of recession.

They should guarantee the deposits of savers, demand shares in the banks worth saving, hive off bad loans into a ‘toxic bank’ and let the guilty (shareholders, executives, the corporation of the bank itself) suffer the pain. Instead taxpayers (the nation) will.

Putting taxpayers money into damaged banks and somehow expecting lending to return to normal is magical thinking, at best.

At worst, it’s idiocy. Instead of the banks going bust, countries will.

This is already starting to happen in the U.K. Can a country borrow indefinitely against its future tax-takings to prop up its economy; an economy heavily reliant on the financial sector? Would you lend money to the U.K. or Ireland now?

I wonder who’s going to end up owning us in the end?

A Smart King Hires Wiser Advisors

I predicted the current recesson back in 2005, in this blog. Wasn’t hard. Lots of other people knew the credit boom couldn’t last.

What’s surprising is that our leaders in the US, UK and Ireland pretended it could. What’s chilling is that they might have believed what they said; that it was only a ‘correction’, a ‘seasonal adjustment’. When the sub-prime collapse started in August 2007, they still kept to the same course.

In Ireland, they still supported big property developers and their massive gambles. It’s an odd feeling when you feel better informed than the guy steering the ship.

George Bush is ignorant, at the very least. A smart king hires advisors wiser than himself, and surrounds himself with honourable men. Gordon Brown has no real understanding of business; this is the man who:

  • Sold Britain’s gold at an historical low price;
  • Raided pension schemes for tax purposes and thereby helped destroy them;
  • Oversaw a massive increase in public sector employment;
  • Indulged in massive state spending and hid it in ‘Private Finance Initiatives’;
  • Spent a lot of his time as chancellor defying his Prime Minster and plotting his downfall;
  • Hasn’t been directly elected by the people to his post as P.M.
  • Never ran a business in his life.

Also during the Tony Blair years: the weakening of the Houses of Parliament and increasingly intrusive police and local government powers. Oh, and I forgot: a steady increase in indirect taxation.

The purpose: To make Britain a socialist totalitarian state, right before it collapses into fascism.

Bertie Ahern (the previous Taoiseach or Prime Minister of Ireland) was corrupt. A man who was only interested in getting into office, and staying there. No real ideals apparent there. There was a recent documentary on him and his back-room boys on Irish television. It was chilling to see they type of men running our country. If a Fianna Fail man tells you the sun is shining, you’d have to go outside to check, just to be sure.

Mr. Ahern’s successor, Brian Cowen did a very clever thing; he managed to stabilise our banks (for the moment) without actually paying any money into them, just by offering a guarantee.

At the time of writing, they’re saying they might put some in, or take preferential shares. The latter way is the way to go: have something of value for taxpayers money, that can be cashed in later.

Giving public money to a banker is like giving slop to a pig and expecting it to lay eggs; they’ll just eat it up and then sit there.

That’s what’s really going on in the U.S.’s wars and this current crisis; putting public money in private hands; the biggest swindle in the history of the world.

After this: chaos, I fear, within two years. Already hundreds of thousands of workers are being laid off in the West.

After that, one must pray that people will return to piety. Those that are righteous in the eyes of God are favoured, even when they suffer, for he is purifying them by this. Those that are ignorant of him and behave accordingly, merely suffer. Those that defy him, he destroys, even in the midst of their seeming prosperity; for how many grand earthly mansions are cold inside and house miserable people?

Ancient Rituals Conducted In An Underground London Temple.

Every Monday at 6.30pm a mysterious ancient rite, whose precise origins are lost in time, is conducted in a candle-lit, underground temple in Central London. The attendees are predominantly male, as are the chorus. Not too far from Piccadilly Circus ancient hymns are sung, and ornately-dressed mystics perform strange passes and utter curious words of power. The worshippers kneel in quiet reverence, chanting an occasional respose.

The temple is decorated with the symbols of this practice, and its followers claim great spiritual benefits come from their participation. To someone not au-fait with their creed, their claims are at once far-fetched and strangely enticing. It promises peace, power and a benefit called ‘agape’ in ancient Greek.

With the advent of the internet, their are now a few sites online dedicated to this underground cult, the foremost in Britain being this one.

Young men fixated on ‘swords and sorcery’ or the occult, and young ladies interested in spiritual matters, may be interested to enquire further.

Cowards, Fools And Children Rule Our House

Lenders knowingly gave fat loans to borrowers they knew were bad risks. Borrowers lied on their applications, and took on loans they knew they couldn’t afford. Brokers sold on packages of these loans they knew were bad deals. Our governments knew their tax income was based on a credit boom.

Nobody did anything about it.

When times are booming, the City screeches ‘Free market economy, less regulation’! When times are bad, they cry goes up ‘Bail them out, bail them out’!

Western givernments are rewarding failure with taxpayers money. They are beggaring us to prop up the bankrupt. The children of the ‘Me Generation’ have no tolerance for any hardship, and less sense. The problem here is loss of confidence, and government initiatives can’t fix that; they can only cause one-day rallies.

If you think a horse is lame, reducing its price won’t make you buy it.

So what should be done?

Let there be a depression. Use our wealth to stop people starving, but let dud companies and vain investors fall. Then true value will remain.

Google Owns Your Website.

Google Owns Your Website.

Think about it.

How much of your traffic is from Google? How much do you really depend on it? Google is constantly refining its algorithm. You’re doing OK now, but that will change. They just need to refine the old algo’ until it’s perfect.

You see, Google is constantly expanding. It wants to be THE information provider. And that will ultimately exclude you.

Lets run down what it owns:

Google Earth
Google Base
Google Checkout

… and that’s just off the top of my head. It’s encroaching all the time. Webmasters scurry around fretting about their Google PageRank or SERPs; they don’t see what’s looming up behind them.

Try this query:

Didn’t need any website to answer that one, did they?

Google Base is especially insidious. What do you need a website for? Just list your stuff there!

The internet damaged Old Media. And now Google can easily damage you.

Tick, tick, tick.

Crash, Skid Or Glide On By – Economic Outlook Early ’08

US: Too many properties built for too few buyers  + a country addicted to ‘buy now, pay later’ and equity release + high fuel prices + ongoing small wars + sub-prime mortgage fallout = Recession/Depression.

Too few properties for too many buyers + a country addicted to ‘buy now, pay later’ and equity release + high taxation + low exports + more red tape strangling the City of London + crypto-Socialist Gordon Brown as P.M. + high fuel prices = Low growth, recession, long term decline.

Rep. Of Ireland:
Too many properties built for too few buyers + low corporation tax + end of 10 year tax concession period for some foreign companies(?) resulting in their flight abroad + national wage agreement(?) + high fuel prices + high personal taxation = Recession.

Old-style social democratic countries are in for a series of shocks, as previously-poor countries start buying up their remaining assets, their tax income declines, and their remaining industries relocate to cheaper, less regulated, more industrious nations.

Long-term, the deceitful cartel that is the EU will suffer the withdrawal of one or more states, as membership becomes more trouble than it’s worth, and some bright spark realises that a first-world, non-aligned country with low income tax could become a valuable haven for foreign capital.

The only remaining X factor is who is holding worthless paper, in the form of CDOs and other junk. We’ll know more as and when defaults reach a plateau. Also of interest is what foreign powers will do with their (still) massive US paper reserves. If they start selling, it could start a stampede, rendering it worthless overnight. Therefore, they are holding onto the bulk of it. Might be a smart move to slooowwwwly let it go, when nobody’s looking, and diversify.

Ditsy Female Celebrities – Some Common Features

Britney Spears, Pamela Anderson, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Amy Winehouse: Some unattractive features they have in common.

Modern female celebrities have some features in common.

To see just how similar they are, do the following:

1. Go to

2. Scroll down to SafeSearch Filtering and tick ‘Do not filter my search results’.

3. Now we can have some fun! Mix and match the following:

I propose that the more a female celebrity is in the tabloids, the less likely she is to be working in her ostensible career. Cue ‘Tell All’ books and interviews to pay the rent. We all participate in this gossip-fuelled inanity.

Female Celebrity Checklist:

  • Bleached hair;
  • Panda mascara;
  • Huge hoop earrings;
  • Courts media;
  • Tattooed boyfriend;
  • Drug addict boyfriend;
  • Tattooed, drug addict boyfriend;
  • Checks into rehab;
  • Checks into jail;
  • Tattooed, drug addict boyfriend checks into rehab;
  • Tattooed, drug addict boyfriend checks into jail;
  • Gets new boyfriend;
  • Tries career-switch to music, movies or fashion, and fails horribly;
  • Falls out of cars/nightclubs;
  • Falls out of her brassiere;
  • Spits at media;
  • Media moves on;
  • Career stalls;
  • ‘Tells all’ to media.

Now, I like female celebrity gossip. It takes my mind off my own worries. It can give good lessons about the perils of self-indulgence. What’s offputting is female and homosexual journalists relentlessly laying into these women. It’s a fact that a lot of journos are drug addicted sex-fiends themselves. How would any of them stand up to the criticism they dish out? What would these ‘concerned’ tattle columnists do without these divas to write about? It fills blank pages, and sells a lot of advertising.

Also, the neurotic modern woman, under pressure to ‘have it all’, can feel superior to these fallen women, even if she’s one 100th as rich, and one 10th as good looking.

Welcome to Chavistan

Let me tell you about Chavistan, and you can see whether you’d like to live there:

1. The head of state is hereditary and unelected;

2. It has no written constitution; its parliament can make whatever laws it likes;

3. Elections are decided on a small number of votes in certain districts;

4. Overall taxation is about 60% of income;

5. National decisions are made by an inner circle of government; parliament is largely an impotent talking-shop;

6. The lower classes are uneducated; illiteracy and innumeracy are common;

7. Its hospitals are likely to make you ill;

8. Its people view drugs as a central part of recreation;

9. Its young are wont to carry knives as a matter of course.

10. Its schools are more reformatories than centres of education; assaults on teachers are common.

Want to come for a visit? Contact your nearest British embassy.

Ooooh, Did Nasty Google Smack Your Blog?

The latest round of anti-Google wailing emanated from ‘pro’ bloggers who had their PageRank smacked down. The reason touted was because they were selling links.

Curiously, some were not affected.

Want to know why?

My guess is that those affected had ‘footprints’ all over their site:

1. Mentions of P@yPerP0st and T3xtLinkAd5;
2. Links to these two sites;
3. Backlink profile consisting of links from and to other blogs;
4. Using phrases like ‘Sp0nsored by’ and ‘Paid R3view’ , but most of all …;
5. Just linking out to too much crap!

I had reason to look at a lot of blogs in one session, recently; about 300 of them.

Many had 0 PR, and I thought they deserved it. Too many ‘paid r3view’, ‘working Mom’ and ‘blogging about blogging’ sites larded up with items 1-5 above. They looked like affiliate sites from 1998.

I got the impression that yet more internet apprentices are realising that relying solely for their income on a benevolent monopoly like Google may not be in their long-term best interests.

Related: Keep on Google’s good side with these WordPress themes.

Be Careful What You Wish For.

As an Irishman I suppose I shouldn’t care. The British economy may be about to hit the buffers. Why? Let’s have a re-cap:

1. UK now a net importer of oil;

2. Sub-prime crisis in US causing ripple effect in UK, which was already living on tick;

3. £24bn+ wasted so far on propping up Northern Rock;

4. Country already taxed to the hilt, so no meat left on the bone;

5. Said taxation paying for bloated welfare and public service i.e. wasted;

6. City of London (UK’s only real earner) getting jittery about taxation and regulation.

This is the result of letting deceitful ex-socialists tinker with the economy, praising the notion of enterprise, while secretly regarding businesses as cash-cows for worthless social projects.

Why has it come to this? The reason is that Britain is a rotten democracy. The lower and middle classes don’t have any real say in how the country is run. The head of state is unelected. Most voters don’t know who their MP is, never mind meeting him. Parliament has been neutered. A clique of privately-educated class-traitors use ideology as a substitute for careful planning, and hamstring a nation with their sneak taxes and half-assed ‘initiatives’.

Very few Labour MPs have any business experience. They’re mostly ex-public-service.

The result: A country fighting with one hand tied behind it’s back, in a fight where their opponents are getting stronger. Everyone grumbles, but keeps their heads down, putting all their hopes in paying off the mortgage and putting the kids through private school.

Sorry, but ignoring the gorilla in the room doesn’t mean he won’t bite you.

Gordon Brown has at last got what he wants. Now the spotlight is on him, the nation can see how little this lauded intellectual actually knows. It might be a smart move for readers to have a contingency plan, if things ever get really bad, and he finds an excuse to clamp down hard.

Think it couldn’t happen? Watch what happens in the successions of Bush and Putin, and see if it couldn’t happen here.

Digg.Com – My Loves And Hates – Ubuntu, Pot and Atheism.

Here are a few things I love, and hate, about Digg.com.

Here are a few things I love, and hate, about Digg.com.

Love: Investigative Journalism.

Always interesting to hear about corruption in high places. As a resident of the UK, the slow drip, drip of acid from the Bush administration onto the democratic institutions of the US is frightening.

Something similar is happening here. The excuse is this witless ‘war on terror’. I don’t take a daily newpaper any more. Over here, if you read ‘Private Eye’, ‘The Business’, ‘The Week’, ‘The Economist’ (occasionally), and Digg, you’re informed.

As a result, looking at the nightly news here has become a case of ‘seen that, heard about that, _that’s_ a load of bull’. News can be seen as the jazzed-up opinion it is, and newsreaders for the nodding dogs they truly are.

Love: Funny Videos.

I admit I’m a sucker for a cute cat, or a Japanese doing something dangerously silly.

Love: Beautiful pictures.

Every other day there’s a link to a picture that reminds you how beautiful the world can be. And that’s no small thing.

Neutral: Ubuntu

There are so many posts about this Linux variant I’m tempted to try it on my next laptop. It’ll be a grand day when 67 year-old Mrs. Grollicks from No. 26a. Acacia Avenue can stick a Unbuntu CD into her bargain Dell laptop, and connect to the internet. _That_ will be the Windows killer.

Neutral: Techno-twitchers.

I work on an old Dell Latitude. I play Counter Strike on it. I’m about 7 years out of date. I’m not that interested in techno-p0rn. I have learned one thing about technology: planned obsolescence, and the effect it has on yer wallet.

Get it second-hand off eBay when all the bugs have been worked out. Run the oldest, most secure, stable OS that’ll do the job you want. Understand: no material thing can give lasting contentment. The _latest_ material thing can burn you up with greed and annoyance.

Hate: Pot promoters.

The effects of smokin’ dope have been long known. It doesn’t make you any smarter or funnier; you just _think_ you are. The deluded animal in the wild can be quickly gobbled up. Sober people find the intoxicated annoying, dull, and sometimes dangerous. Prosletyising for pot on Digg is preaching to the converted. Next!

Hate: Knee-jerk religion-bashing.

Lets just say that:

– If you’ve percieved angels, or devils,
– Had prayers answered when there seemed to be no hope,
– Been visited by the dead or
– Just had an indefinable sense of something holier than your little self …

… Religion bashing just looks like adolescent behaviour. A bit like kicking in the glass panes on a telephone box; it degrades an amenity other people find useful.

I suppose a great many people who are anti-religion have been exposed to strict Protestant Christianity. This is oddly like Islam: a ban on religious images, puritanical, inhibited, Old-Testament focussed, with ritual frowned upon.

Folks, consider Catholicism or the Orthrodox churches; their adherents tend to be a lot more cheerful!

Anyway, to those who say religions cause wars, I’d retort that they’re rather more used as an excuse to start them.

People want the other guy’s power, land, money and women-folk, and use religion as an excuse to pick a fight. People think Muslims hate the West for religious reasons. They don’t: they just envy our power, land, money and women-folk!

Also: where would the modern welfare state and the human rights movement be without Christianity, and its specific injunctions to ‘Love Thy Neighbour’ and “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you”?

And finally, let us end on …

Love: There’s something interesting on Digg every day.

How many other media can you say _that_ about?

Bad Times For Britain Ahead?

I’m not talking about the current sub-prime mortgage problem. This is a long overdue correction to some very silly lending practices.

I’m talking about Gordon Brown, and what he’s got planned for UK PLC.

He talks the business talk, but he’s a hardcore Social Democrat. Forget what comes out of his mouth, watch what he does.

He’s on a personal mission to bring the poor of the UK (and Africa) up to middle class standards of living. He hopes to do this by giving them money taxed from the current middle classes.

He’s doesn’t realise that if you give a man money, you make him a beggar. If you educate him, you make him an entrepreneur.

Too many people in Britain are either on benefits or in public service. Contrast this with the cheese-paring attitude shown towards the Armed Forces here, and you get the measure of the current regime: Handouts for Jack The Chav, and Eff All Fer Ye, Tommy.

Rich people can leave whenever they want, so he can’t touch them. The ‘poor’ have nothing worth taking; that leaves Mrs. Adegoje, who cleans a manky NHS hospital for a grinding sub-contractor, on £15K a year, paying 60% of her wages in various taxes before she’s even put a crust in her mouth.

And people wonder why they can’t afford a house?

The NHS and Housing Benefit were set up so that the miserable poor wouldn’t die in the gutter on a cold winter’s night; not so Darren from Dartford could sit on the sofa drinking Red Bull and w*nking his Sony PlayStation at 2.30 in the afternoon, ‘cos he’s on ‘Disability’.

Watch as Britain’s income fails to keep pace with its social outgoings. Wouldn’t take a whole lot to kick it into recession. We’ve already had the flooding crisis, a small blip in agriculture, the ongoing Middle East adventures, the winding down of North Sea Oil, Russia flexing its energy card and a City of London cheesed off at the heavy-handed pursuit of offshore account holders.

Interesting times ahead.

PS: Was watching TV over the weekend with The Girlfriend when I had a revelation: Why is Gordon going after offshore and dormant bank accounts?

Answer: Because everything worth selling off already has been.

No one wants to buy old nuclear power stations. That leaves reaching down behind the sofa for loose change. Ha ha!

Is Google Perverting The Internet?

Google is a very good search engine. It supports thousands of struggling webmasters with Google Adsense. It’s much more responsive to webmasters than Yahoo or MSN.

However, I propose that its influence on the internet is not entirely benign. Webmasters are victims of its great success. How? Read on, and find out.

1. Google Knows Your Business (Better Than You Do).

• You use Google Search: Google knows roughly where you live. It knows what you like.

• You use the Google Toolbar, unmodified: Google knows all the sites you visit.

• You use Google Adwords: Google knows what niches you’re targeting. And which ad copy works.

• You use Google Adsense: Google knows which of your pages are most successful in getting clicks.

• You use Google Analytics or Webmaster Tools: Why not give them your business while you’re at it?

Use two or more of the above and Google knows more about your business than you do. Would you be happy if a competitor had access to that data? Or your government? But you trust Google. Because it’s a nice company.

2. Google PageRank Defeats Its Purpose.

Google PageRank (PR) has led to sites linking out to unrelated and substandard sites, for money. Why is this a problem? Well, Google itself rates a site according to the ‘link popularity’ of the sites linking to it. If your site has links from high PR sites, your site appears higher in Google searches.

Thus, Google created a problem for itself. Webmasters take payments to link out to sites that are unrelated and/or mediocre. This skews Google’s own rating system. It can also screw the site selling links, as linking out to ‘bad neighbourhoods’ can earn it a penalty.

Sites selling or abusing PR may retain the magic green bar, but cannot pass it on to sites they link to; another penalty. Naive webmasters then buy expensive links which don’t work as they wished.

More perverse still is that a whole industry has sprung up around selling and manipulating links based on PR. This distracts webmasters away from what should be their true goal; making great sites that can thrive purely by ‘word of mouth’.

I used to wonder why some webmasters would fret in forums, asking when the next PR update would occur. Now I realise that for some it was because they could charge more for their links.

3. Google Is Stuck In An Adsense-Spam Loop.

Google Adsense A.K.A ‘The Webmaster’s Dole’. This is a major source of income for semi-pro webmasters.

It’s given rise to the phenomenon of MFA (Made For Adsense) websites. Previously webmasters did it for the love (mostly). Now they’re putting up pages about subjects they’re not interested in, purely to get clicks on these ads. Result: low-quality websites which disappoint naive surfers.

The irony is, Google Search is constantly having to tweak its algorithm, to filter out sites like these. The ‘black hat’ webmaster’s response? Churn out a hundred more. Not so much fun for the ‘white hat’ webmaster ‘though; he may find that his one-and-only website, the labour of years, falls foul of a Google penalty. Why? Because it accidentally matches the ‘footprint’ of a spammy site.

Thus, Google is stuck in a recursive loop of its own making:

• Google Adsense encourages spam, which …

• Google Search tries to filter out, which …

• Collaterally penalises legit webmasters, who …

• Buy more links from high-PageRank sites to boost their perceived popularity and/or

• Make more sub-substandard web pages to keep their revenues up, which …

• Google Search tries to filter out.

Prior to Adsense, a webmaster had to sell his own stuff, establish good affiliate relations with other companies, or get three million visitors so some would click on his crude ‘pay-per-click’ banners.

Now all he has to do is insert Adsense and make money immediately. Even if it’s not enough to live on, it encourages him to make more websites, plus more pages, equalling more money.

4. Google Penalties Cause Webmaster Neurosis.

No one, including the ‘black hat’ webmaster, is too bothered when a penalty happens to a spam site. However, they can easily happen to a ‘white hat’ site too. A webmaster reads the latest tricks on a webmaster forum, goes a little too far with ‘search engine optimisation’ then BAM! He wakes up one morning, checks his stats, and gets a nasty surprise. Or he does nothing at all, and still gets a penalty; his site inadvertently ‘fits the profile’.

Result: Many profitless hours spent researching the cause, and fixing it. If he has employees, he may have to ‘let them go’: "Happy Christmas, don’t come back in the New Year".

5. If You Ain’t Ranking On Google, You’re Invisible.

Google has a near-monopoly on search. Because Google is a benevolent company, unlike the ‘Beast of Redmond’, webmasters don’t mind this. In fact, many _love_ Google. Visit any webmaster forum, and see how often Google features in them as a topic.

The problem for the webmaster is when his site doesn’t appear on Google. Not too bad if he’s just starting out, but catastrophic if he has one website he’s monetised nicely, and it drops out of the index.

6. Conclusion.

• Spam goes up;

• Quality content goes down;

• Google techs run ever-finer tweaks on their algorithm;

• More borderline websites get booted;

• Webmasters are driven cracked in pursuit of Adsense gold, PageRank or avoiding penalties;

• Google amasses huge amounts of extremely valuable consumer data.

The average surfer never sees this. He may wonder why the same search a day later doesn’t throw up the same sites. But he won’t change search engines; there’s no real competition.

Lest you think I’m a Google-hater, I’m not. I like Google, a lot. I’ve used Adwords and Adsense, and Search, of course. I’ve put up pages spurred by thoughts of Adsense riches. I know what Google has to fight to clear the cr*p out of its index.

I just wish fewer webmasters were Google-twitchers, and that Google Search had more competition. Webmaster discussions are dominated by one search engine. Yahoo and MSN are a very poor second and third. Naive webmasters will find that a near-monopoly is never good for business, even with a company whose laudable motto is ‘Do No Evil’.

TigerTom Penalised Again: The Google -950 Penalty.

My main site got hammered by another penalty in April 2007: The Google -950 Penalty.

This means that pages on your website go to beyond page 950 in the SERPs, but only for certain keywords.

In practice it means you’re nowhere for the keywords you’re targetting, but can be found for unique or low-competition phrases on your site.

It’s got some prominent webmasters at Webmasterworld.com foxed. It seems an erratic penalty; some pages suffer, or most pages suffer, and some don’t.

Some clever people over there eventually figured it out: It’s an over-optimsation penalty, especially in regard to internal navigation.

If you have lots of links, with keyworded anchor text, on lots of pages on your site, and your keywords are not supported by related external backlinks, then you may suffer this penalty.

In my case I had to write Perl scripts to completely deoptimise my sites automatically, and remove heavy SEO i.e. got rid of H1, H2, title and alt tags, keyword image names, and the like. In effect, turn seven years of tweaking off. Seems to be working at the time of writing.

My site had also, unnoticed by me, gone into Supplemental Hell (some pages ranked, most pages on related keywords don’t), so this was a wake-up call big time.

As ever, the cure to all Google penalties is relevant links with diverse, but on-topic anchor text, from related, high PR/authority websites.

Point one of these at a penalised page and ta-daaa, you’re ranking again.

Backlinks are the key to how Google operates; all else is secondary.

Banned by MSN, and Back Again

TigerTom does it again! This time, I got banned by MSN. And I had plenty of company. Another algorithm update, another sea of tears. I managed to contact MSNDude at Webmasterworld.com before he got promoted/fed up, and get my site back in. God be praised!
Here’s a suggestion if a re-inclusion request doesn’t work, and you can’t get an MSN bod to review your ban:

Set up a crafty de-optimised mirror of your site, using Apache mod_rewrite. IMPORTANT: Bots and humans coming from MSN should get the same version of your site, otherwise your competitors could lobby for you to be hand-banned. Also, the different versions should look the same to a human; just toggle the optimisation a bit.

Ultimately, I suggest three versions of your site; one for Google and the rest, one for MSN and one for Yahoo.
More here:

What I don’t know is if banning MSNbot for a while, then letting it back in to your ‘cloaked’, de-optimised mirror will work. If a hand un-banning is required to kick-start a re-inclusion, there are going to be a lot of unhappy webmasters out there.

Google’s business is search. MSN’s is Windows; I’ll bet they don’t have many people dedicated to placating angry webmasters.

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Nasty rumours about the 2012 London Olympics.

All of the above was heard in a casual conversation in the street in Stratford, Newham, on a lovely sunny day, in early Summer 2006. Is it true? Perhaps the Parisians, who lost their bid to host the 2012 Olympics after intense lobbying by Tony Blair, may have the last laugh after all.

Ah, dear reader, you have found my little blog posting about the 2012 Olympics in the town of Stratford, in the London Borough of Newham, United Kingdom.

Here are some interesting allegations which I have heard:

1. Of the 60 councillors in Newham, about 56 are New Labour, the party of Tony Blair, Prime Minister of England.

2. Stratford has a history of heavy industry going back over 200 years. It wasn’t always high rise developments and social housing.

3. The water table is reportedly quite high; the river Lea runs underneath it, and it is quite low lying.

4. It is geologically unstable.

5. It was heavily bombed during the war, and it also has old wells, thus leaving big, undiscovered holes in the ground.

6. One street, Lavender Street, featured in the news because the back gardens of some residents disappeared into a big hole. This was due to tunnelling work, for a railway, underground.

7. Heavy industry has left toxic heavy metals like arsenic in the soil.

8. Another allegation is that the last few stops in the Jubilee tube line to Stratford were completed overground, due to workers tunnelling underground contracting anthrax poisoning.

9. The Channel Tunnel rail link will not stop at Stratford, but at Lewisham instead. Sports fans will have to get off and take a different train to Stratford.

10. The train service from Stratford to The Millenium Dome in Dec. 1999 broke down, leaving VIPs stranded at Stratford.

11. Straford Station was shut down during the 7/7 bombings. A resident alleges that this is because if a large bomb went off there, clouds of toxic dust could be thrown up in the air, with unpleasant consequences for the locals.

13. The same resident alleges that aforesaid industries needed special licences to operate.

14. Most Olympics cost more money than they generate. Indeed, they can leave the parties responsible heavily in debt, with the exception of construction companies, and local politicians. The latter tend to do quite well.

15. Council Tax in Britain routinely increases well beyond the rate of inflation.

16. A local Council in the UK can compulsorily purchase homes, for much less than their market value, under the Blight Act, if it can claim that they are a hazard, or in a hazardous area.

All of the above was heard in a casual conversation in the street in Stratford, Newham, on a lovely sunny day, in early Summer 2006. It is reported from memory, so may be inaccurate. Is it true? Perhaps the Parisians, who lost their bid to host the 2012 Olympics after intense lobbying by Tony Blair, may have the last laugh after all.

The Twilight Of England

When England played Portugal in the recent World Cup, I confess I bet against them. Their performance in their previous matches convinced me they would lose, or at least draw, to any half-decent team in good form.

And yet I was sad when their star player, Wayne Rooney, got sent off for hoofing an opponent in the b*lls. Sadder still when they lost on penalties. They, and their countrymen, really wanted to win _so_ much; the tabloids here are even covering what their wives and girlfriends are up to, in detail.

When a South American coach passed on working for England because of press intrusion, you know there’s an unhealthy level of interest in the game. And when, after all the blather, they can’t win games, it’s time for someone very strong-minded to take control of their efforts, and tell the media, the past-it ‘star’ players and the Football Association to go h*mp themselves.If you have stress get Supplement Anti Anxiety Control on Amazon.com

A few days previously I had gone to see some London sights with my girlfriend’s sister.

One now has to queue to get into the Houses of Parliament, because of security checks. Previously, we waited an hour in the rain and couldn’t get in because MP’s friends and guests had preference. My girlfriend, who was with us on the first attempt, was in a rage, and let the staff have it.

Inside, we saw a very eloquent Conservative MP deplore the proposed twenty-eight days of internment for suspected terrorists. He said the legislation was going to be defeated in the House of Lords because it contravened EU or Human Rights legislation, so they were just going through the motions.

Made the point that detaining someone for twenty-eight days (without charge) would cause them to lose their job regardless, never mind the psychological strain.

One gets the sense that the tabloids stir up pseudo-outrage over the latest bete noir (at the monent, paedophiles), Tony Blair has a half-baked idea about dealing with it, they pass a Bill about it, it doesn’t work, so now you have masses of bad laws on the statute books which annoy the public and civil servants can’t implement.

We then went to Westminster Abbey. I protested to the ‘Sis’ that I wasn’t going to pay £10 (£10!) to get into a Protestant church, so I waited outside for her. The entrance is so small and restrained I wasn’t aware of it until I saw people queueing up there, and I’d been passing it for fifteen years while I worked nearby! St. Margarets Church confuses you because it encroaches on the approach. The Abbey looks like a bad extension job as a result.

On we went to Tower Hill, and the Crown Jewels. There were more gold objects than I anticipated, and crowns, and ceremonial swords. The ‘Salts’ were interesting. I suppose salt symbolises the Earth, and dominion over it, with salt also being very valuable in itself in ancient times.

Most moving was a film clip of Elizabeth II’s coronation; the choral singing was utterly lovely, and the scene very moving; whoever choreographed it was a master of theatre.

Went to the White Tower, and viewed its Instruments Of Death. They had a kind of thuggish dullness about them. Funny how we like this sort of thing. There’s a small industry around a butcher of prostitutes locally i.e. Jack The Ripper. Not so nice if it happens to someone you know. Or to you.

Saw the famous ravens. Interesting birds. Bigger than you’d expect. Don’t move or say much. I asked a yeoman if they’d had their wings clipped and he said they’d clipped their flight feathers so they can’t fly so high. So unless they hop on a bus, they’re not leaving the tower, and England is safe!

Death To Pseudo-Egalitarianism!

I detest the pseudo-egalitarianism that exists in business now. Sales assistants half your age being famliar with you. Bosses who want to be hip, so they encourage the photocopier boy to call them “Trevor”.

Death to pseudo-friendliness! Down with the unctious capitalist!

I detest the pseudo-egalitarianism that exists in business now. Sales assistants half your age being famliar with you. Bosses who want to be hip, so they encourage the photocopier boy to call them “Trevor”.

The truth is, you ain’t his pal, and he ain’t yours. A total distortion of the _real_ power relationship; he’s the boss, and you’re the servant.

It’s a matter of who’s the boss, and who wants what from whom. If you _are_Â? in sales yourself, a customer can call you “Terry”, but you should call them “Mr.”, until asked not to, or you’ve had a few conversations, and genuinely are ‘pally’.

Best to be formal at first meeting, with everyone, and if they say “Call me Jack”, later fine. People _love_ to be addressed formally on first meeting, with the exception of a few middle-class socialists (who’re nevertheless paying slave wages to the Latvian nanny).

I long for a return to old-fashioned civility; the essence of which is: you are polite and formal with everyone until they give you permission, either directly, or by inference, to be informal e.g. Civil servants should address each other as Mr., Ms. or Mrs., Sir or Madam. Everyone then knows where they stand, and the office jerk can’t ‘get at’ you, so easily.

Various Squawks From A Niggled Bird

People who know little or nothing about Christianity are forming opinions based on a mish-mash non-academic research, Gnostic gobbledegook and quasi-masonic bunkum.

Here’s some stuff I posted on other blogs during a caffeine rush over the weekend. In case it gets edited out:

On concern by the Guardian newspaper over the rights of women in Third World countries:

Typical Guardian. Your staffers, like Blair and Bush, think liberal democracy is the ultimate panacea for all nations, _right now_.

Civil equality is a byproduct of economic success. Because women can find profitable work in the West, they’ve gained economic clout, and can make demands. And have them met.

Simon or Jessica from Richmond pop over to a Third World country on a sabbatical. They’re horrified by local conditions. They agitate for better conditions for the oppressed, for women.

Because that country is only a generation removed from being feudal, you might as well teach a duck to tap-dance. The larger society won’t accept it.

In the West, we’ve had a thousand years to try to get it right. Still, B & B are dismantling some of the rights our forebears fought for. Because of a situation they created.

For example: will The West be able to replace S. Hussein with anything better?

_That_ will be interesting.

PS: Why are liberal/left-wing people in the West so fixated about women’s rights in the Third World?

People in poor countries have more urgent priorities:

– A good sewage system
– Clean water,
– Access to a good education,
– Respect for property rights
– Rule of law,
– Incorruptible police,
– Representative government
– Economic prosperity

… and women’s right will follow in due course.


On the court case against Dan Brown, author of ‘The Da Vinci Code’, a thriller novel based on old Gnostic heresies:

I am sad to read that this court case is helping sell more copies of such low-quality anti-Christian New Age potboilers.

People who know little or nothing about Christianity are forming opinions based on a mish-mash non-academic research, Gnostic gobbledegook and quasi-masonic bunkum.

A gilded lie is much more seductive than the simple truth.

If they are doing this knowingly, I fear the karmic consequences for both parties will be unpleasant.

As I live in London, I might pop along to the court, if I’ve time. Might be interesting to see the protagonists up close.

And shout "Hey, Mr. Brown, lend us a quid, ye bam!"

Heh heh heh.


On the search engine Google breaking copyright law by scanning old books:

If Google have broken copyright law, then they’ll be sued, embarassed, and will have to back down.

Look at what happened to Napster, Kazaa et al. The argument ‘information wants to be free’ is disingenuous. It cuts no ice in court, either.

Authors, who are often poor, want to be paid for their work. They deserve to be rewarded. You are buying _a_ copy of their work, not the right to copy it yourself.

Publishers who take a punt on a book want to reap the rewards. For every success, a dozen go in the remainder bin, money down the drain. They’re entitled to be rewarded also.

Computer literate people are used to getting entertainment for free, legally or illegally.

If legally bought, they’re granted a licence, to sole personal use, of one copy, by the copyright holder.

They’re _not_ entitled to anything else, included making copies for friends and family, unless the copyright holder grants this right. Which commercial publishers don’t.

If illegal, they’re not entitled to anything.


On the British education system:

There’s no respect for education, or intellectual accomplishment, in England. In fact, it’s jeered at, or seen as elitist. It’s also become politicised.

Have a laugh: watch how many times the word "shake up" is used with respect to education or health.

I’ve been living in Britain for 18 years now, and it’s appeared roughly once every 6 months.

England, at heart, has an unhealthy disrespect for education.

Labour sees it as a playground for social engineering. Both the Conservatives and Labour have fr**ged around with it for over twenty years.

Yet it seems to be getting worse, doesn’t it?


More on the ‘Da Vinci Code / Dan Brown court case’. Both plaintiff and defendant are authors of potboilers based on non-academic research of an occult hoax and old Gnostic heresies:

I hope both parties bankrupt each other, but I’ve read the case is actually promoting sales of their wretched books.

You can’t copyright ideas in UK law, I believe, so I reckon it’s a ‘bust’ to begin with, but maybe Baigent and Co. didn’t realise this.

His getting a grilling on his potboiler in a UK court must be an experience, especially given the subject matter.

It didn’t help Crowley or Wilde, I doubt it’ll help him.

Where there’s a hit, there’s a writ!

A Racist, Sexist, Homophobe

Get a manager, go on talk shows, write a book, release a record, open supermarkets, divulge the most intimate details of your life: a grand way of making money. Especially for someone with a poor education, and no prospects.

I had an idea, last night. I lay half-asleep giving speeches in my mind, on the issues of the day.

I think there would be great mileage in being a racist, sexist, homophobe.

The historian David Irving figured that out. Writers are utterly periperhal to society. Artists are _desperate_ to get noticed. Most die poor. So what do you do?

Flaunt society’s norms. Call it art, get a hype going, then sell out fast before they notice you haven’t the talent of a broad bean.

In Mr Irving’s case, he became a contrarian. He developed a constituency. He thought he could get away with it because the West _was_ very tolerant of free speech. Tons of free publicity = money in the bank.

Get your hooters out, like Madonna, then say it’s empowering for women. Release a pop record, and demand your government solve Third World poverty. Do it for the kids. Rebel, by raiding a costume shop, and posturing on TV. Say "we’re very much in love", then run off with the au-pair. Behave like a beast, then go on talk-shows advisingÂ? people how not to become beastly. You’re now an authority on it. You feel our pain!

What marvellous bo**ox. Get a manager, write a book, release a record, open supermarkets, divulge the most intimate details of your life: a grand way of making money. Especially for someone with a poor education, and no prospects.

Then, when you’ve made your bit, complain about ‘press intrusion’!

Alas! Attitudes change. Times change. Mr. Irving pushed to far, for too long, and got clapped in irons. No Socratic hemlock for him, he recanted at the last minute. Too late!

The Peculiar Culture Of Britain

This is Britain. Being miserable may be part of the national character. It’s Anglo-Saxon. It’s Germanic.

I suppose as an Irishman I should gloat at the state of the UK. However, I truly wish the locals were happier.

I’m trying to give up being angry, and carping about the state of things here. It IS their country, after all.

The locals must like it, to put up with it. I’m being serious. This is Britain. Being miserable may be part of the national character. It’s Anglo-Saxon. It’s Germanic.

– Law and order.
– Being happy in public is indecent.
– Form an orderly queue.
– Get pissed and have a fight; a grand night out.
– Have good gripe.
– Are you happy? “Musn’t grumble, can’t complain, all right I suppose, not too bad, thank you”.
– Chips for breakfast.
– Boobs on page 3.
– Religion is for t*ats
– Parliament can make whatever laws it like. And does so. Every day.

I suppose they’ve been subjects for a thousand years, they can’t imagine an alternative. There’s always someone above you, ‘better’ than you. No commoner can ever aspire to be King or Queen. Give ’em an OBE if they’reÂ? good, but _don’t_ invite them in for a cup of tea.

If they only knew the effect of being born and raised in a Republic can have on one’s character: “We’re free, FREE, ha ha, and we bow to no man! WAHOO!”


The Paint Is Peeling On The Ship Of Fools

God forbid you might slap a naughty child, or biff an obvious crook; the current generation still think they’re carrying the torch for the civil rights movement: “Better one thousand crimes go unsolved and unpunished, than one innocent be tried” seems to be the message.

I’ve read in ‘The Business’ that the Treasury believes Britons would put up with 80% tax. It’s currently about 60% for most people, when you factor in indirect taxes as well.

Given that manufacturing is in terminal decline, and The Square Mile is Britain’s only source of real income, one wonders where they get these ideas from.

The fact there isn’t a depression at them moment is due to people borrowing against their future with secured loans and credit cards, etc. I understand even the Government is doing this with the Private Finance Initiative; our decendants will foot the bill for today’s public services.

And they accused Ronald Reagan of ‘voodoo economics’? He had nothing on Gordon Brown. The political culture is so corrupt here it’s seen as natural that a dour crypto tax-and-spend socialist should be seriously considered as the next Prime Minister.

He knows he’ll only get it if his boss hands it to him; he’s not charismatic enough to win it himself. Mr. Brown is a poor public speaker with no ability to connect directly to the proletariat in a friendly way.

What has he got to offer: higher taxes, recession, a crumbling infrastructure? Public transport is poor, there’s more street crime, schools are turning out egomaniacs who can’t spell, hospitals are likely to make you worse, not better,

Britain is crap at sports, even football; most teams buy as many foreign players as they can afford.

That’s what you get when you fixate on an unholy mixture of political correctness and pseudo-monetarism. Nationalism and religion are out, cultural relativism is ‘in’. Sell off the playing fields, and snub the symbols of empire.

Funny now how lately Mr. Brown is trying to promote ‘Britishness’. His party have made it so flying the Union Jack on public buildings is considered ‘fascist’ by the socialist types who gravitate to local goverment.

People have other, more serious problems to contend with; they’re working 60 hour weeks just to stand still; most of their money goes in taxes and bills.

The real rot began when banks allowed joint spousal mortgages. In the beginning I’m sure it was a great way to buy a better house. Unfortunately, it soon pushed prices way up. Now it means both husband and wife will have to work until they drop to own their home, and single people won’t be able to afford them at all.

Which means their kids get less attention. The parents try to make up for that by organising more ‘activities’ for them, and buying them more junk. So the kids become more disaffected, like spoiled Caesars. They resort to hooliganism, because they can, and there’s no one to say them ‘nay’.

God forbid you might slap a naughty child, or biff an obvious crook. The current generation still think they’re carrying the torch for the civil rights movement: "Better one thousand crimes go unsolved and unpunished, than one innocent be tried" seems to be the message.

I think political correctness started in Californian universities in the 1980’s. Society had become very civil indeed. There were no more major battles to fight, so good manners became politicised.

Public servants, university lecturers, students, minority groups, and the perpetually-worried middle classes started chattering against all sorts of perceived oppression. And now it’s so _easy_ to take a pop at the powers that be. You’re not likely to be thrown in jail and tortured, in the West. It’s a bit like a chimp throwing his faeces at his keeper.

The result: a society of people afraid to speak their mind, and constantly self-censoring.

The last frontier is the human mind. Fear those who want to enclose it.

Back To The Grind

The Government owns
your ass here, and is very good at screwing the bobs out of the

Just seen in the news that the Brits are going to allow the Child
Support Agency access to the credit reports of absent fathers
they’re chasing. Which may seem moral, but does not bode well for
everyone’s financial privacy in the future.

The Government owns
your ass here, and is very good at screwing the bobs out of the
serfs. Small wonder they can’t wait to retire abroad. Can you
imagine anyone wanting to retire to Britain! “Come for the rain
and the grumpy natives, stay for the stodge and decaying

Some friends invited us to a Chinese New Year do here, which
involved us paying £15 p.h. each to sing in a karaoke room,
excluding food. We politely declined. Too expensive, and we’re too jetlagged. You can do that in Ireland, anyway,
for free, after a few drinks, even if the people nearby don’t want
you to e.g:

“Allllooonnnee, aaaallll alllloooonne, by de wave, washed shtrand
…. (burp, ah jaze), aaaannnnd alllooone in da croooowwwwded
halllll …”.

Home gain, home again, safe and sound.

As I’ve been my usual critical self about Malaysia, so let me now point out some good points …

Got back around 7pm UK time. Singapore Airlines have a very high level of service and a very professional cabin crew, so the thirteen hour trip passed quickly. Nice on-board entertainment system lets you select which movies you want to watch, and you have full control over them.

As I’ve been my usual critical self about Malaysia, so let me now point out some good points:

1. £1 = 6.5 rinngit

A rinngit buys the same as a pound does, for everyday items, so you can have a very nice time on the cheap.

2. Constant heat

It rained occasionally, and when it did, it was very nice. Cleared the air. Imagine an Irish summer downpower X 3.

Otherwise, sunshine all day, every day. Days are 12 hours long. A good time to be active is around dawn, when it’s cooler.

3. Good food, easily accessed.

It’s from ‘hawker’ stalls and outdoor cafes. These have a reputation to maintain. If they’re full, it’s a good sign. Had some tasty grub that would have a gourmand wetting himself, and very cheap.

The only indoor restaurants I went to were franchises like McDonalds
and KFC. Even KFC is good here. They have their own local cuisine

4. Almost everyone speaks English.

This is a relic of the British empire. Business is/can be conducted in English. Just speak slowly and clearly, avoiding _your_ local slang, and you’ll be fine. Learn a few words of Malay, smile, and you’re golden.

BEWARE: Do not bring drugs into Malaysia or Singapore. They have the death penalty for this. Be discreet about your boozing in Malaysia; it’s a Muslim country. If you’re a sex tourist, forget it.

More Arabs are coming to Malaysia as they’re getting a hard time trying to go America and other countries. It’s now easier for me, an Irish Catholic, to get into Malaysia, than the US, from what I’ve heard. Crazy, eh?

My Malaysia Experience Continues …

Right. I’ve been to Kuala Lumpur, and Penang. Kuala Lumpur has some mad motorists, dengue fever, heat and humidity, the Twin Towers, and Chinatown.

Malaysia has a Western veneer overlaying an uneasy truce between the dominant Malays and the rest. It is not a good place to get arrested in. As I write there is a controversy over some overly-keen police chief shaving the heads of a group of middle-aged Chinese men who were celebrating their New Year with a game of Mah-Jonng. Their crime: they seemed to be gambling. They said they were not playing for money. Regardless, they were punished before being tried.

Bribing police to get out of minor traffic offences is common, I understand. It is not a place to have legal problems. Things can get personal. Political influence and money counts for a lot. They have the remains of the British legal system, but not the spirit that informs it. This is an Islamic country that realises that if it harasses non-Muslims (the Chinese, especially) the economy will suffer.

If you get sick, I understand the island of Penang has some good private hospitals. White men (Orang Putay, or Mat Salay [my spellings]) are conspicuous by their rarity here. I was dressed in white, with long trousers, and wore a Panama hat. My strategy is, if you’re gong to be visible, be _very_ visible. Let them think you’re a bit of a character, and life becomes easier. Not hard for me, as I am(!)

Food is exotic, tasty, cheap and diverse. My paranoia is about hygiene. If it’s served hot I suppose it’s OK. A good place for foreigners is Batu Feringghi on Penang island. It has the highest concentration of foreigners, nice hotels, and a good night market for bootleg DVDs, clothesÂ? and knick-knacks. The island is small, and can be toured in a day or two with a good guide.

On A Little Street in Singapore …

Then we went to Penang, which is a small island off the east coast of Malaysia. The standard of living is poorer here. It reminds me of how Spain might have been, before it got over-developed. They are building towers by the beach good-oh.

I’m on my holidays in South-East Asia. First I went to Singapore for a few days. It’s one big shopping-mall-cum-outdoor-sauna. You need to be fit to traverse its malls, as they go on for miles, and many are underground. Fortunately, most shops have air-conditioning.

It’s very clean, orderly, and the natives are friendly. They also speak good English. If I had to have a base in the Orient, Singapore would be good.

It’s a small island, imports its water from Malaysia, and has no natural resources. It has therefore to work very hard at its finance and retail industries. Even the lift doors have ads on them.

The Long Bar at Raffles Hotel is worth a look, if you can find it. There’s Raffles Plaza and Raffles City, and Raffles Hospital as well. Raffles Hotel has let out ‘rooms’ to businesses. If you squint your eyes you can imagine the fine hotel it must have been. Now it’s hard to find the hotel amidst the concessions.

Then we went to Penang, which is a small island off the west coast of Malaysia. The standard of living is not as high here. It reminds me of how Spain might have been, before it got over-developed. They are building towers by the beach good-oh. Very warm, and very humid.

This is a Muslim country, which means there is a tension between the trend toward consumerism and self-expression, and the ethnic minorities, and the puritanism of Islam.

What is fascinating is that the Government has just barred the creation of an Islamic ‘snoop squad’ or moral police. They wanted to spy on courting couples, and the like, I think. The Government realised quite rightly that it could easily get out of hand. Another scandal lately is the using of faeces to feed farmed freshwater fish, or ‘patin’. The national paper ‘The Star’ seems to carry a fair bit of critical news of the ‘we must improve our standards’ variety, which is encouraging. The fact remains that this is a two-tier society; the Malays, and the rest. The former get preferential treatment.

Eating out is often done in open-air cafes, with just a roof to keep off tropical rainfall, and overhead fans to ameliorate the heat . Reminds me a bit of rock festival catering. The food can be quite tasty. I have read one would be wise to avoid ice and salads. In Muslim countries toilet paper is not traditional; a hose is often provided in the lavatory instead, so if the cook doesn’t wash his hands thoroughly …!

Outside my window, they are tearing down a couple of hills for sand and gravel, I think. A great pity, as the local wildlife is quite charming. When they’re gone, you can’t just put them back again. I saw an iguana and a monkey climbing a tree in the back-garden. Very warm and humid here, so you need air-conditioning if you are European and need to think straight occasionally.

I don’t mind the heat _too_ much, but I resent having to wash two or three times day just to remain decent. It’s a chore, for an Irish farmboy. Regardless, ever since HK Express now flies to Bangkok which makes it quite easy to get here, I recommend my friends and folks to come explore. There’s tons to do and for cheap, as long as you can withstand the heat.

I have also had to concoct an insect repellent, as I’m afraid of malaria and dengue fever. Some relatives of my travelling companions have caught the latter recently, so it’s no joke. Citronella (mixed with olive oil for spreading on the skin or you can use under eye masks) is reputed to work. Also using unscented toiletries, wearing light-coloured clothes, and washing the latter with unscented soap powder. Here’s hoping!

Osama Bin Laden hacked my website!

The site is http://www.ttfreeware.com. It runs a slightly out of date version of PHP-Nuke. It got hacked on 22nd December 2005, by some lads from Bahrain.

The site is TigerTom Freeware. It runs a slightly outdated version of PHP-Nuke. It got hacked on 22nd December 2005, by some lads from Bahrain. They put up their own message on the front page; as most of it was in Arabic, I don’t know what it said. Possibly ‘Chelsea boys were here’.

I was glad they hadn’t truly wrecked it. Might have been because it was a freeware site, and had a great big picture of the pyramids of Giza on the front.

As I was on an antediluvian internet connection, I couldn’t upgrade it. So I stripped out everything except the download module. Remains to be seen if it remains unviolated.

I’d read PHP-Nuke is particularly vulnerable to hacks. They should just release a version with minimal functionality, and no possibility of third-party input, as default. This sort of bovver can waste months of someone’s work.

Where Are The Heroes Of Yesteryear?

Too much information, not enough perspective. Fill up our ‘papers with the opinions of mediocre minds.

Charles Kennedy, the Liberal Democrat leader, has been tossed overboard by his honourable colleagues.

I remember looking at pictures of politicans and sporting heroes from years gone by. I was struck by how few would be known today, even by name.

Just because eveyone tells you you’re important, doesn’t mean you are. I used to work at a market research company. One executive told me that if he contributed to the literature on pharmaceutical marketing, he could die happy.

We should all get out of the house and climb a mountain, occasionally. See things from the perspective of God. We are players on a stage, and the Gods are on the balcony. Sitting around whinging, focussing on minutae, will get us bottled off.

I think it was the noted English occultist, Amado Crowley, who said: "Man thinks he is a problem waiting to be solved. He doesn’t realise he was meant to be an answer".

Man is a key. Some people ‘fit’ their space in the continuum, and they are blessed and can bless. The rest of us pick at our psychological scabs, and exist in petty conflict with our brothers and sisters.

Christmas Blues

Christ beckons us look up from our trough, and see the stars; find happiness in the happiness of others.

Best to ignore the commercial side as much as possible; a two month build-up to disappointment.

Christmas Mass, a visit to the manger, meeting old friends and family, and some good programs on the telly (maybe), that’s what’s best. Christ beckons us look up from our trough, and see the stars; find happiness in the happiness of others.
You have the Word, and the Way; ye’ve no excuse now, ye heathens! The rest is corn for the chickens.

Enter The Black Heart Of The Concrete Forest.

I’ve read that the pace of development in Saudi Arabia has driven the local Arabs mad; from tribal to post-industrial in thirty years.

I was being driven on the southern approach to the Blackwall tunnel, when I realised that here was the black heart of the concrete forest.

The stink of petrol fumes, Magic 105.4 on the car radio, housing estates beside industrial ones, aggressive drivers, sooty grime and nary a green thing in sight. The nadir of our civilisation: the dull insolence of thoughtless greed, petrified in concrete.

Further on, we viewed two car drivers arguing. Neither could hear the other; they were still motoring. They were gesticulating, mouthing challenges. Neither was going to pull over and have it out; that would have meant delay. It looked for all the world like two apes shrieking silently in ritual combat.

To complete the experience, we should have stopped off at a drive-in McDonalds, ordered a burger with extra fries, and eaten it in the car. I’ve read that the pace of development in Saudi Arabia has driven the local Arabs mad; from tribal to post-industrial in thirty years.

Maybe that’s why they’re so angry; they can see what they’re going to lose.

Have You Got A Jesus Complex?

A suggestion for those who rilly, rilly want to help society’s discards.

Some folk like visiting mass murderers in prison. Some conceive of ‘The Sporanos’ as aspirational viewing. Some women marry crooks knowing full well how they earn their living. Some people think most criminals can be ‘rehabilitated’ in ‘the community’.

I think the latter should add their names to a database. Then it can be tallied up who lives where. Then rehabilitation centres can be opened in those places where those greatest number of well-wishers live.

I wonder what the demographic breakdown might be? Certainly, you couldn’t have a paedophile half-way house anywhere near a working class council estate, I should think.

On the other hand, it might work well in Hampstead or Richmond. They don’t want McDonalds, but the might put up with kiddy-diddlers. By interacting with the concerned middle-classes, who will ‘support’ their efforts to ‘re-integrate’ into society, these ‘victims’ of their own infernal urges might ‘reform’ their characters, and become the tolerant, multicultural, open-minded, concerned stake-holders we all aspire to be.

Put simply, anyone who think criminals should be allowed back into ‘the community’ asap (which community?) should consider how they’d feel if they moved in next door.

Oh Come Let Us Ignore It.

TigerTom decides to ignore the commercial side of Christmas as much as possible.

I think Christmas will be more fun if I leave my shopping ’til two weeks before the day. Put up the decorations a few days before. I’ll enjoy Christmas Mass and carol singing. Have some nice grub on the day itself. Enjoy the odd good film they put on the telly. Take the decorations down January 6th, and that’s it.

Which is how people used to do it when I were a lad. Let Christmas be celebrated on the day itself, and boycott shops that put up decorations before December. Far too much pressure on people to buy a load of stuff that’ll make them feel slightly cheesed-off on the day itself.

Turn that G-dd-amn thing OFF!

Amuse yourself with televisual cliches.

As I get older, I find more television programmes unbearable. It’s not entirely the programme makers fault. Instead of an evening’s viewing, there are now 24 hours to fill up, across umpteen channels.

So they have ‘filler’. Currently, it’s ‘Reality TV’. Except nothing on TV is real. It should be called ‘unscripted documentary TV’.

Surely there is no more room for property, ‘make-over’ or romance-based programs. How about this: "Fat Single Woman With Hooligan Kids Renovating Property in Provence".

A quintuple whammy. The kids’ psychotherapist becomes her boyfriend and helps her renovate the house, in an idealised foreign setting, while she drops two dress sizes.

[It’s MY concept! I thought of it first! The rights belong to MMEEEEEeeee!.]

UK soap operas. Have some fun: flick through the five UK terrestrial channels between 6 and 10pm. Score a point if a woman is crying. Score five points if a woman is reproaching a man. Score ten points if he whines pathetically in reply. Score fifteen if she then storms out of the room.

In reality, your average red-blooded British male would say "Aw, piss orf, ya silly cah!" before she’d got two words out, and then head off down the pub.

UK TV dramas are full of misery. As an Irishman, I can’t believe that people enjoy these. I’ve lived in London’s East End. Real Cockneys occasionally smile and crack a joke.

Directors have got a bad habit of using blue filters as well, to ‘heighten’ the miserable mood. It’s terrible crap. Thank God for the programmable video recorder. Record the shows you like, fast forward through the ads and ‘talking about our feelings’ segments.

I must remember to calm down, it’s only the news …

The author burbles on about the US, and other ‘bete gris’.

Aw, geez, for the luvva …

It is scarcely credible that the President of The United States could seriously consider bombing a TV station whose views he disagreed with. Especially one in the domain of a friendly power (Qatar). His advisors seem to have the mean-spiritedness of Richard Nixon, while he has the bumbling demeanour of Gerald Ford.

A lot of people witter on about President Bush. He’s this, he’s that. He seems to me to be a ‘good ole’ boy’, with firm Protestant moral convictions (except in business), out of his depth when dealing with countries that have hundreds of years more experience of skullduggery, venality and cussedness.

I think he’s being prodded by advisers who are looking to their own short-term business interests, rather than the greater good.

He has the same problem as Tony Blair; not rich enough to say "get stuffed" to those more powerful than him. No military experience, again like Tony Blah, so he doesn’t realise the terrible consequences of thinking you can have a ‘short, sharp war’.

I suppose it’s the difference between Hollyword propaganda and reality. The media defines our view of the world beyond our doorstep. American news is full of crime, so American are paranoid. UK news is full of political woe, so Briton are depressed. Show business was always the business of the beautiful, gilded lie. American media churns out thinly-disguised morality plays. Their themes are ‘family’, ‘teamwork’ ‘stick up for the little guy’, ‘prejudice is wrong’, ‘Go USA!’, ‘we’re sorry about all that slavery business’, "I love you Dad", "I love you too, son!", and my pet hate ‘It’s good to talk about your feelings’ (actually it can be very BAD, if those feelings are negative, but that’s a topic for another day). And a lot of people world-wide believe in it. I think Americans do too.

The reality is armed, fearful Biblical literalists holed up in the mountains, afraid of their own neighbours. Poor black people living in ghettoes. Poor white people living in trailer parks. Americans don’t seem to know much about how the other half lives, or other countries. One Arab country is probably very much like another. Except Saudi Arabia. America guarantees its security, and in turn the Saudis supply the oil, and the occasional generous donation.

I wonder what would happen if America and China ever fell out? America covets China’s markets. China owns a lot of American debt. America is a democracy. China is a dictatorship; they wipe their nose on the idea of civil rights. Funny thing is, because the only foreign currency most people are aware of is the dollar, America’s economy is probably safe for the time being. It’s unlikely its creditors will start offloading its currency, for what else could they put it into?

See? Advertising works. 🙂

Telecom Tips

A couple of sites to get cheapo calls at.


Telediscount.co.uk give very cheap calls via your normal land line. Probably not
as cheap as Skype, but no fiddling with software involved, excellent
signal quality.

I can usually tell I’m being called on a cheapo VOIP line, as they’re
often half-duplex, so if you talk, the other guy can’t. Or have they

Another trick is if you pick up the receiver of a ringing phone, and say
‘hello’, and if you hear nothing but a slight hiss for half a second,
that’s your cue to say "I’m sorry, I don’t want any financial products"
and put the receiver down.

[The half second is the voice-recognition software kicking in]

Probably old-hat to USA folk, but starting to be more common in the UK. I’ve also had some auto-dialled ads. ‘Phone spam!

The Future Of Britain 2005-2006

What is likely to happen in the coming year. A rant.

Let’s see:

– Expense of a foreign war,
– Consumer spending down,
– Slowdown in lending as it approaches saturation point,
– More personal bankruptcies,
– More repossessions,
– A Chancellor who wants to make the poor middle-class by giving them tax-payers money,
– Insane increase in Government staffing levels, approaching Indian levels of inefficiency,
– Bodged Private Finance Initiatives,
– Mediocre politicians desperately clinging on to power, before getting a final shove.

On a positive note:

The housing market will stabilise, as there really isn’t anything else worth investing in for Joe Public.

The stock market has been exposed as a crooked gambling den, pensions have been blighted by bloated expectations and the Chancellors idiotic taxation of them. There’s nothing else to invest in.

Tony Blair’s third term will be overshadowed by scandal and his abdication of power by announcing his retirement too early. Should taxes go up (as is likely), and the economy down (quite possible), his exit may be speeded up by a populace coming down off its credit ‘high’, and realising it is, to all intents and purposes, skint, save for the roof over its head.

How To Be A ‘Fat Cat’, While Catching No Mice.

TigerTom’s quick guide to succeding as a CEO of a PLC.

The following post was written Sept. 18th 2005, but I think it’s worth pushing to the front again given the latest stock market convulsions. I think I’ll add a few bits to it as I go along.

“TigerTom’s guide to succeeding in a PLC, without actually making any money:

  • Downsize the workforce (fire people);
  • Mergers and acquisitions;
  • Rebrand the company (logo change);
  • Re-organise;
  • Outsource everything;
  • Apply the latest management theory, whether it’s suitable or not (‘internal markets’, anyone?);
  • Sell your shares and hop to another job before the company goes t*ts-up.

The first duty of any company is to _make a fat net profit_. None of the above accomplish this, but they looks good to Wall St.

Run through them three times in your ‘career’, then you’re old enough to retire!”

Capitalism is a shared belief system. I’ll accept that piece of paper from you for my good or service because I believe it has negotiable value. Crashes happen when the faithful stop believing. Last man out is left with the baby.

London Under The Gun

My experiences post the 7th July bombings

Had cause to go into town (central London) on Tuesday. As I went past the ticket barriers at my local tube station I noticed there seemed to be an unusual number of burly men dressed plainly, hanging ’round the ticket barriers. Also more police than usual.

In a bare concrete side-room, people were being interviewed, behind a screen.
My surmise it was a ‘snatch’ operation for potential bombers, or those travelling without tickets, or just a general trawl for ne’er-do-wells.

London seems undiminished by recent events. As a resident of more than 15 years, if it’s not one excitement, it’s another. I would be unhappy travelling on the tube on peak hours, but the chance of being blown up is less than that of being knocked down crossing the road; East London is home to angry young men taking it out on the gearbox of their poor-man’s rally car.

The amount of sentimental rubbish written post events like these is nauseating. England had anarchist bombers a century ago. What’s changed is the existence of virulent mass-media, a population devoid of community, burdened by taxation, maddened by consumerism, and largely friendless; perfect for stirring up by non-events.

Unfortunate events become something to emote over from your couch. Pasty fat girls lay wreaths at the doorsteps of strangers, for entertainment.

We are supposed the be ‘passionate’ about things. We ‘feel’, instead of reason. If we’re not excited, our lives are lacking.

As Yeats said "the best lack all conviction, the worst are full of passionate intensity".

A perfect mulch from which another Hitler could sprout.

History is re-packaged as entertainment, and no lessons are learnt from it. Hence the Iraq war. If Messrs. Blair and Bush had studied the history of the British and Roman Empires, they wouldn’t have invaded Iraq, and wouldn’t have subsequently tried to democratise it at the point of a gun.

Unless there’s some clever, cynical reason for doing it, like grabbing the oil. That might make some sense. I undertand that the US will have oversight of Iraq for over twenty years(?); nice if you want to secure that resource while you scramble to be less dependent on it.

A Cure For Sinusitis?

How I got rid of my sinusitis, or at least beat it into submission.

I had sinusitis about a year ago. I didn’t go to the doctor. I had odd symptoms, looked them up on the internet, didn’t seem life-threatening, so thought about how to get rid of it.

The symptoms are:

Pain around the sinus area (around the nose), sensation of toothache, fatigue, mild nosebleed (blood spotting when you blow your nose), stinking phlegm, loss of sense of smell.

Nice, eh?

My course of treatment:

– Eat an orange;

– Massage the sinus area;

– Sluice out the nasal cavity by ‘snorting’ warm, salty water.

Sluicing – Get a small bottle like an old pepper pot or medicine bottle. One with a neck small enough to put up your nose. Wash it out with hot water. Put some salt in it; enough so it’s unpleasant to drink. Add warm water. Shake it so the salt dissolves.

Wrap a towel round your shoulders to collect spillages. ‘Snort’ the saline solution you’ve made; so it goes down the nasal cavity into the back of your throat.

Blow your nose.

Repeat for both nostrils, three times each.

– Have a single aspirin (unless you’re a bleeder; aspirin is an anti-clotting agent, as well as an analgesic).

– Retire to bed for a nap.

PS: A quick way to clear your nose is to bend over, and whip your head up a few times. A better way is regular exercise, particularly jogging.

Long term, moderate your lifestyle. Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables, and less junk, take more exercise, get to bed before midnight, 11pm if you can manage it. Sinusitis gets a grip because you’re run-down.

Interestingly, the sluicing method above appears to make a regular cold worse.I imagine this is because sinusitis is a bacterial infection, whereas colds are viral. In the latter case, you’re probably just giving the viruses a warm bath and moving them around a bit!

I imagine this is because sinusitis is a bacterial infection, whereas colds are viral. In the latter case, you’re probably just giving the viruses a warm bath and moving them around a bit!?

Whither now for England, whither now for the West?

TigerTom posts some thoughts on the state of the world economy.

We live in curious times. American culture is dominant. Its propaganda goes everywhere via Hollywood media, and it’s other products follow in their wake. They’re drinking Coca Cola in the jungles of South America.

And yet …

China owns trillions in American debt. Western economies are kept afloat by a housing bubble, and low-interest credit obtained thereon. The Chinese banking system is parlous, our own more solid, but still giving out credit like a crack-addled wh*re.

What next? Well, housing is limited by the amount of land. It’s finite. The small investor distrusts the stock market, after the dot.com collapse. People want something to put profit of the labour of their years into. Property is safe … enough.

Likely there will be a decline, even a modest collapse. 20% growth year-on-year for a basic need like housing, bought on credit, won’t continue forever. Not a problem, unless you’re the one over-extended.

Will there be a depression? Probably. Like poker, the trick is knowing when to ante-up, and when to fold. The economy is a belief system; as long as no one shouts "The emperor has no clothes!", the ball goes goes on.

Then, there is the decline of manufacturing. They make things cheaper in the East. This could be fought by focussing on quality and branding. Britain is relying on The City Of London and services to keep Britannia afloat, but knowledge-based services can be offshored. Better to be known as The Brand and The Best in your industry, and the rest is jake. The Japanese learnt this lesson. Too bad their antiquated banking system and corporate culture didn’t follow suit.

Manufacture to the highest standard, limit editions, get the marketing right, and hammer copyright violators. If you can wear plimsolls, or you can wear Nike, which would you choose?

An example is offshore banking. What name do people think of? Switzerland, and maybe the Cayman Islands coming a poor second.Â? At one time, they provided the quality, the branding followed, and the rest get the scraps.

Where are the British equivalents? Where are the brand leaders? Damned by a decline in the work
ethic, an uneducated workforce, red-tape, high taxes, untrained management, cheese-paring accountants
and Trotskyist unions defending the worker’s right not to bother. Nothing is hated more than success here, nothing more loathed than a local boy made good.

Google Reinstates TigerTom.Com

Google re-instates TigerTom.Com. How to get back into the Google index.

http://www.tigertom.com has been re-indexed by Google. I found a site giving advice on how to do a re-inclusion request.

1. First, you check your site is truly gone, by going to http://www.google.com, typing ‘site:www.yourdomain.com’ without the apostrophes. If it returns no pages …

2. You check Google’s webmaster guidelines at http://www.google.com/webmasters/guidelines.html. These are not really guidelines; you should treat them as iron-clad rules.

3. You stop the offending content from being ‘bot’ or web-accessible, permanently.

If you’re familiar with Apache web-server mod_rewrite you can:

– Send a 410 ‘Gone’ response to requests for the offending pages, or
– CHMOD them to 600, which will return a 403 ‘Forbidden’ response, or
– Move them to a different directory if you need to keep them, or
– Just delete them.

Don’t try to be clever. Just get rid of them.

2. You go to http://www.google.com/support/bin/request.py and type ‘re-inclusion request’ in the subject box.

3a. You add the complete URL of your site i.e. http://www.naughtydomain.com,

3b. You state that you have read the webmaster guidelines above,

3c. You admit what you did wrong; simply, succinctly, with no carping or special pleading.

Don’t try to be clever. Don’t lie.

Google has cached copies of your site. When an engineer checks your
site, he’ll look for the offending content, and compare it against
their cache. He’ll spend a maximum of two minutes on it; don’t give him a reason to continue to exclude you.

4. You ask for re-inclusion.

5. You wait.

In my case, it took about a week. I sent follow up emails, and a fax, and I was going to write letters if that didn’t work. That was probably excessive. Once you have a ticket number, that’s all that should be necessary.

They sent a standard reply saying the ‘problem had been passed to their engineers’. That’s good. I understand they send no reply to spammers.

A week later my site was back in. Lesson learnt. To make sure I’m not so vulnerable again, I’m splitting my content to:

http://www.ttkitchens.co.uk and of course

I’ll probably put up more sites, too, on the principle ‘best not to have all your eggs in one basket’.

The reason my sites were banned was because they had pseudo-directory pages with links being run through a re-direct script. This is a hallmark of an ‘Adsense scraper’* site, which Google is trying to filter from its ‘SERPs’**

* A site specifically set up to host Google Adsense advertisements http://www.google.com/adsense. Ususally of low quality, consisting of links to other web sites, text copied from free-print articles, and a Google skyscraper ad block near the top.

** Search Engine Result Pages

Google Bans TigerTom.Com

TigerTom.Com has been banned by Google. This was for having pages with near-duplicate content, too many external links, and a similar layout to Adsense-Scraper sites.

TigerTom.Com has been banned by Google. This was for having pages with similar text, too many external links, and a similar layout to Adsense-Scraper sites*.

Google bans sites algorithmically: a site that fits their ‘spammer’ profile gets dropped via software from their index automatically. Real spammers shrug their shoulders and move on; honest webmasters write emails begging for mercy.

Like me. I’ve sent emails to Google begging for re-inclusion. If you are reading this in Sept. 2005 or later, go to http://www.google.co.uk, and type the following:


If it returns pages from that site, then I’m back in. If it doesn’t, then I’m scuppered!.


*These are sites that put up thousands of web pages, which have links to other sites, content copied from other sites, are auto-generated, and which exist just to get advertising.

Freeware releases at TigerTom.Com


This is now freeware. Why? Well, I realised recently that if I dropped dead tomorrow (God forbid) this ebook
would remain locked and unavailable. Also, the audience that really needs it, teenagers, can’t buy it; no money,
or no credit card.

  • The Black Book Of Power;
  • The Black Book Of Ecommerce;
  • New TigerTom Game;
  • New Dating Service;
  • A tribute to the Main Man;
  • Chat Rooms Latest.

—— The Black Book Of Power ——-


This is now freeware. Why? Well, I realised recently that if I dropped dead tomorrow (God forbid) this ebook would remain locked and unavailable. Also, the audience that really needs it, teenagers, can’t buy it; no money, or no credit card.

And I’m not 100% comfortable selling the knowledge it contains. Who can put a price on divinely-inspired wisdom?

So download, and enjoy!

Feedback here: http://www.tigertom.com/contact.htm

—– The Black Book Of Ecommerce ——-


This is now also freeware. The ecommerce section was getting stale, and the 0ffshore section is not quite what visitors seem to want; advice on how to ev@de tax!

It’s a lot of work to keep it up-to-date, so I shan’t. Have you previously paid for it? Read on…

I’ve removed two files from this version, so previous paying customers will enjoy certain advantages. They can also ask me for one-to-one up-to-date advice any time.

Any residents of Nigeria or Rumania looking for dodgy financial back-doors will remain disappointed.

This ebook is useful for ecommerce and 0ffshore newbies. Even the experienced may find something of interest.

Feedback here: http://www.tigertom.com/contact.htm

—— New TigerTom.Com Game ——


I put out a press release for a f.r.e.e. PC game I had made. Got a mention in the Irish Sunday Independent newspaper, and an interview on a Waterford radio station called Beat 102-103. Not sure how I came across, but they let me rattle on for a bit. I have a sneaking suspicion they found me supercilious and a bit odd i.e. my normal self.

——- New Dating Service ——–


The software that run it is now as good as any you’ll find
on the internet. And it’s still f.r.e.e to use.

I’d appreciate feedback from users.

Regular users of TigerTom.Com could use it to put up extensive profiles of themselves. Ladies: DON’T give your real name, address, telephone number. Use disposable email addresses.

Feedback here: http://www.tigertom.com/contact.htm

———- The Man Himself ——

For Christians:


————— Chat Rooms —————


Had to move to another server due to these rooms. They were overloading the server. Just about to go on me Christmas holidays, when my web host turns off TigerTom.Com. Lovely. Moving server and tweaking new rooms from a farmhouse in Ireland is no joke.

New rooms added, many people booted for naughtiness. Sterling work being done by the moderator ‘Tazer’ & Co. Thanks to him.

Old News


25th May 2004:What’s new? Quite a lot.

Will that do? 🙂

23rd November 2003:Made a music video DVD.

Been busy doing freelance web design, and investigating new and interesting features for this site. Watch this space.

10th March ’03:The affiliate program is now commission-only.

I had to get rid of the pay-per-click feature because it was too much trouble policing it. The commission rate has been increased to 30%, plus a 5% commision for everyone who signs up ‘under’ you i.e. if they use your affiliate link to get here, and sign up, you get 5% of the gross of every sale they make (they still get 30%).

6th March ’03:I have reverted to selling my software, and updated it.

Currently, it’s $49.00 for the power ebook, $199.00 for the ecommerce ebook, and $99 each for the CGI scripts.

Price includes free lifetime upgrades. Affiliate commissions are at 25%.

30th January ’03: Found out that that the CGI scripts site I subscribed to was run by a drug-addicted, lying, boastful, spam-supporting, vengeful incompetent. Allegedly. I wondered why most of his scripts didn’t work(!)

The only program of his I had running was the dating service software, which I’ve replaced.

The Lounge and Dating chat rooms now require user registration. This is to stop impersonation. It is truly saddening, and educational, to see how many people will behave shamefully, given the cover of anonymity.

It is heartening to see how many nice people there are, who behave well towards each other, once you keep the ‘angry young men’ outside the door.

The bulletin board seems to be popular too.

14th December ’02:TigerTom is on holiday from 16th to 30th December. Technical support will be sporadic, at best.

Happy Christmas to one and all!

12th December ’02:Software is now free, possibly for a limited period. The ebooks have reverted to their old names. TigerTom offers free music downloads (of his own music, ha, sorry, no Eminem bootlegs, heh). The new forum and dating service seem to be working well.

16th September ’02:TigerTom.com is moving server. Expect annoying problems with some parts of the site.

I’ll be sending out a newsletter when the site settles down, describing all the new stuff I’m adding. Some can be seen already.

5th August 02: I am changing the titles of the ebooks. They need to be more ‘attractive’. This will affect the affiliate program HTML code. Watch this space.

The cost of my software has gone up, and I intend more price increases in future. This will be in parallel with new features being added. Buy now, and get free upgrades later!

I have also changed the layout of the commercial pages. Their content is now clearer.

The club chat room is now easier to access.

11th July 2002: Sent out the newsletter, and added a new chat room. The newsletter mail-out crashed twice, so not everyone got it. I’ll send another out in a few weeks.All discounts and freebies will now be advertised via the newsletter. This includes the software auction.

Added two important chapters to The Black Book Of Ecommerce.

1st July 2002: Fixed a problem with the message boards. They should work properly now.

7th June 2002: Major revamp: I’ve introduced an auction system for my software. You can buy my ebooks for as little as $5.00 USD. The auction link is on the front page of the demo ebooks.Also: affiliates now get bonus clicks if a referral signs up up to my mailing list.

These features are new as of today. Any bugs should be ‘swatted’ within a week or so.

20th May 2002: The affiliate program software is now fixed, and a new message board has been installed.

15th May 2002: Just found out my affiliate program software was giving out odd passwords, like “J387 /3”. They worked, but it’s confusing, and weird. I’ve lost some respect for the guy who wrote the program. I’ve had to do a fair bit of ‘cleaning up’ and ‘adding on’ to the code. If you find a problem yourself, let me know, and get free software.

Psst! want to know a secret? I’ve bought three different sets of affiliate program software in the past few years; two had serious bugs, and the other ran waaaayyyy too slow. Makes you wonder how reliable other affiliate programs are.

12th may 2002: Software sales via ClickBank are now discontinued. Affiliates signed up with TigerTom directly are not affected. ClickBank no longer seem to allow my affiliate scripts to ‘piggy-back’ on their service, so I had to dump them.I’ve re-jigged that chat rooms, so they consume less bandwith.

Some visitors can now get TigerTom software free.

6th May 2002: No web site? Send the email I send to you when you sign up, to friends and acquaintances. If I get enough clicks you get any one of my programs free. Only one program per affiliate. Target currently set at 150 measly clicks!Note: Existing affiliates can also avail of this offer. Trade clicks for software.

20th April 2002: Affiliates can now earn commission from sales at The Internet Marketing Consultant site, (currently 20% of the initial deposit, and 10% of any sales thereafter). No change to your affiliate HTML code is necessary, if you’ve signed up with TigerTom.

8th April 2002: I’m writing this from a cyber-cafe in the Republic Of Ireland. The chat rooms are still off-line, and will remain so. My web-host has said they don’t appear to be using up much server CPU cycles, but they are using nearly 1Gb of bandwidth a day. This costs me money which I can’t afford at the moment. I’ve fixed the error that barred access to the message boards. Sorry about that.

I’m re-vamping the ebook order process, so you won’t be able to buy them at the moment.

2nd April 2002: I’ve re-vamped the The Black Book Of Ecommerce. It’s no longer free.

I also set up a new internet marketing consultant site, uploaded some mp3 files, and will be on holiday from 4th to 18th April inclusive. That is all. More stuff soon-ish.?

Oh, and I’ve posted the meaning of life here.

20th December 2001: T. O’ Donnell will be on holiday from 21st-28th December inclusive. May I take this opportunity to wish all visitors and customers of TigerTom.com a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year. Latest news: Fixed a bug in the chat rooms, totally automated my software sales and registration process, and got listed in Yahoo! Not a bad year, all things considered.

26th August 2001: The Black Book Of Ecommerce is now available free. I won’t be updating it any more. I’ve decided to concentrate on my other ebook, The Black Book Of Power.? Keeping both updated was too much work. With the amount I’m learning about internet skullduggery, I would need to update the web design ebook every other day. The ebooks are becoming ever more sophisticated in presentation and content. Get ’em before the rest of the world finds out about ’em!

Put up an email slot-machine game. Quite pleased with it.

I did the lottery in July. Congratulations to Helen Banks, W. J. Spens, Roger Coianiz, Arska Iso, Borsi Kolar, and the others.

Found a bug in the chat room software. The chat text wasn’t being deleted from the data file. Cobbled together a solution. Dear Lord, will someone make a chat room that isn’t a server hog, doesn’t cost $300, and that works properly! (Heh heh!)

6th June 2001.? Let chaos reign!? TigerTom.com has moved server again.? Many programs probably won’t work in the interim.? To increase confusion I’ve changed the chat rooms and discussion board software entirely; the previous programs either didn’t work properly, or were server-hogs.? Let me know if you’re having problems. I will also be making a significant change to the ebooks in the near future.

9th April 2001.? Announcing a Spot-The-Mistake competition.? I have set up a new order system and affiliate program, and updated my Perl script.? If you can spot serious errors in any of these, you get a free ebook.? A serious error would be:

  • A hyperlink which doesn’t work, or which links to the wrong file.
  • A form which gives an error message, or outputs incorrect information.
  • A program which does something it shouldn’t.

A minor error would be:

    Mistakes in spelling, or grammar, or web-page design (probably plenty of those!).

The first to spot any serious error, gets a prize. Read the pages linked to above before contacting me.? I have already pointed out potential problems with the ebooks for some users. Basically, I’m looking for errors that might put off potential customers or affiliates. This web site is getting more ambitious everyday, and I need some help.

Awarding of prizes is at my discretion, so no griping!?

24th March 2001. The affiliate program will be up and running on the 5th of April, God willing. It has taken so long to set up because it is complex, and probably unique. Also, in tandem, a new order service for my ebooks will be ready by then.

TigerTom.com will have reduced numbers of visitors for the near future because I am denying access to certain types of internet service provider, and countries. This is to reduce fraud and hacking attempts on this site.

14th January 2001. My affiliate program software was turning into a monster, so I had to start slashing at the code to cut it down to size. Which is another way of saying it ain’t ready yet. My order processing company are still ruminating on what I’ve told them, but I ain’t worried about that. The next version of my secure order Perl script has some new features, but I’m not uploading it yet as I need to test it a bit. Now I know why albums and programs and films take so long to make. The tweaking never ends!

The newsletter ain’t ready yet either, ‘cos I’m so busy fiddling with the two items above. I’ll probably just send it out using this Windows program I have, and to heck with it. It’s supposed to be sent out twice a year, but I procrastinate. An expectant world holds its breath! [grin].

Good news! This site now has it’s own server, courtesy of the generosity of my web host. The chat rooms were bogging down the old server, so now I have one of my own (I think). Many thanks to the kind folks at Netmar, a web host with a heart.

21st December 2000. Still fiddling with my two-tier affiliate program. It hooks into my secure order form for a seamless sales-and-registration process, but the company that processes the orders has some technical problems, so I have to wait for them to fix them before giving it a proper dry-run. Ho hum. I’ll probably send out the newsletter in the New Year at this rate. I’m trying to decide whether to use my own software to send it, or another program I’ve got. Having seen the results of the ‘send-it-and-be-damned’ mentality in other webmaster’s newsletters, I think caution is advised, as my subscribers are now in the thousands. Also, I’d like to make the reading of it worthwhile and interesting, rather than just a sustained sales pitch

May I take this opportunity to wish visitors to TigerTom.com a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year.

2nd December 2000. New free online games page added. There are three interactive games; chess, draughts, and connect-five. You can play these games against other visitors to this site. My new affiliate program is nearly set up. It is a two tier program AND affiliates are rewarded with pay-per-clicks-in-kind as well! Still some bugs to iron out, but it should be ready to go in about two weeks.

I shall be sending out a newsletter as well shortly.

15th September 2000. I have finally uploaded a beta version of my OMNI Perl Script. This script is like a Swiss Army knife for the internet entrepreneur. It has a lot of useful features, and some quite sophisticated ones. And it’s free. The chat rooms‘ software is now much more exclusive. If it looks like someone’s mis-behaving, it’ll try to kick them out and keep them out.

This site has also had a ‘make-over’. I wanted something a bit more professional looking, while still loading fast.

Also, my e-books are now complete. You can download shareware versions here.

I will be sending out the newsletter and doing a lottery shortly.

7th May 2000. New chat rooms installed, because lamers were making the old ones unusable. New message board as well, because the old one was getting ‘fat’. New versions of my programs uploaded too (phew!).

27 March 2000. Still working on my e-Books. I’ve been downloading and trying out presentation software like billy-o. Also still working on my secure order script. Have tarted up the index page of this site to make it more professional looking.

19th February 2000. We have some lottery winners! Congratulations to W. Spence, California, and B. King, and also M. Kent of Iowa, USA. Thank God they replied! 🙂 I’m still working on the secure order script. It’s going to be a good ‘un. Still typing away on the revised versions of the Business Plan and The Manual too, when I’m not goofing off. Got the top listing in Altavista for the search term ‘tarot reading’ recently; bit of a fluke, but I’m well pleased.

I’m now giving direct downloads to demo’s of my products, as it’s less hassle all round. It was interesting however to see which files people wanted, and where they came from.

The link exchange page is now working, and has features in it that block crass spamming attempts, which I put in myself [smirk]. I’ll be keeping a wary eye on the Photo Personal’s page, to see if it acts up again.

31st January 2000. Still haven’t notified the lottery winners. Disgraceful. Will do it this week. Been really busy fiddling around with other stuff on this site. The Photo Personals are acting up again, as is the new Link Exchange page (sigh). I might replace the Photo Personals with new software entirely, but I’ll leave the current posts up so your effort in posting is not wasted. If you want to post your picture, wait until the new software is installed. Thanks.

Put up an automated tarot reading thingy. Seems to work O.K 🙂

11th January 2000. First, I’d like to apologise if you’ve sent off a form or emailed me recently. I’ve been in Ireland, and when I came back I found the ISP I use for receiving emails had been hacked! They immediately blocked access, and have been sending out letters to get people to change their passwords. Don’t worry, your orders are still safe – they’re encrypted, so in the unlikely event of someone getting hold of them they still couldn’t read them.

On a lighter note, thank you to all who opted to participate in the lottery, after my mail out. I’ll be informing the winners shortly, and will post the results here.

The Pic Post page is behaving a little oddly. I’ll be keeping an eye on it.

And a happy new Year to you!

3rd September 1999. More changes. I’m changing the links page, as it keeps getting corrupted. You either get lots of dull commercial ‘spam’ on these things, or they’ve got so many technical features they get corrupted. So I’m doing it the old-fashioned way. If you want to trade links, use the contact form to send me the necessary details, and I’ll put them on by hand. It’s a link for a link, to sites which are similar in content but not competing with me.

I’m also applying for a secure server certificate of my own, and doing even more clever tracking things for the associate program.

Also, all the software products are being updated.

8 August 1999. Major changes at tigertom.com. I’m discontinuing some pages, and adding an associate program, whereby people can sell the products on my site and get a commission. The latter is the trickiest thing I’ve ever set up on a website. I’m building it from scratch, instead of buying in software. Should be ready soon. I’ve also added a better Photo Personals service.

17th July 1999. I’ve fallen behind with the lottery, but it ain’t my fault! I’ve sent out mails to potential winners, but they either haven’t replied, or have done so, and not chosen a prize. I suppose it does look like spam if you get a mail saying ‘You win!’, or words to that effect. And my commercial prizes are not much interest to a Quake player, for example. Hey ho. AND I do ask people for their name and the area they come from, so people can see I’m not cheating. In the secrecty-obsessed world of the Internet, I suppose that puts them off. I’ll send out a few more this weekend, and see what happens.

22nd June 1999. Photo Personals back to normal. And: We have a winner! M. Arjun from Pune City, India is the winner of May’s TigerTom Occasional Lottery. Congratulations to Mr. Arjun.

18th June 1999. My Photo Personals / PicPost setup is misbehaving. Normal service will be restored as soon as possible.

Saturday 17th April 1999. New stuff added. A dating pic post page, a better message board, free horoscope and mp3 pages and shareware versions of my commercial files. Nice! Click on the links above.

Tuesday 9th March 1999: Site now almost back to normal. My apologies for any inconvenience caused. Put up a new product on my site. Should be interesting to see how it goes.

Saturday 27th February 1999. My web host was attacked by hackers in the early hours of the morning, and this site was down for a while. Not only mine, but all the accounts that my web host had, even their own site, were erased. Fortunately I had a backup.