Brexit – The Simple Truth

The EU has everything to gain by making it as difficult for Britain as possible.

The simple truth of Brexit is that the EU has everything to gain by making it as difficult for Britain as possible and nothing to gain by being in any way accommodating.

That is why EU ministers are relaxed.

They are also aware of, and can do nothing about, their own coming national financial crises. It won’t affect them personally (they get nice pensions) so again, they’re not as frantic about the crisis as you might suppose.

They’re just currently a bit annoyed someone is upsetting the gravy train. As a class, they are also scared the good times might be coming to an end.

A Baby When Wanted And A Foetus When Unwanted

Greek pagans forbade their doctors to perform abortions.

Re: The Irish Abortion Referendum and from memory:

– Greek pagans forbade their doctors to perform abortions, but, we have superior morality(?)

– Ronald Reagan said: “I note that all the people in favour of abortion have already been born”.

– When a member of the British Royal family is pregnant, the being inside her is referred to as a baby, but when Jane Smith is pregnant and the entity is not wanted, it is referred to as a foetus. They are both the same type of entity, so what is going on?

– One has to state that human life begins at conception, for practical reasons: stating that it is protected at ‘X weeks’ but not at ‘X weeks minus 1 day’ is illogical. It’s all or nothing.

– The problem of abortion for the wider society is that it gives rise to the idea that human beings can be ‘terminated’ if they are troublesome, and that they are generally disposable.

If a human being is a thing, well, we discard things all the time, so ultimately you and I can therefore be binned quite easily.

– Next up in the agony columns: voluntary, and then later, involuntary euthanasia: “Grandad says he’s depressed. Shall we kill him?”

– What’s needed is a reversion to continence generally in society. The ‘sexual revolution’ has caused terrible, but largely hidden problems; they are hidden because they are not glamourous or salacious enough to feature on prime-time RTE. They are miserable and sad. They don’t fit the program.

Proposition: Misery makes money, ‘though: do happy people buy more stuff, or unhappy people?

– Cui bono? To whom is abortion a benefit?

Doctors and the devil, I think.

These 4 Things Need To Die

People need hope: true hope or false hope, but they need hope.

– Political correctness;
– Health and safety culture;
– Compensation culture;
– Welfare-statism.

Overall the problem is leftism, which is Communism at its heart. It must die.

Communism is state-sponsored theft, which results in a crooked, repressive, stagnant society. At the root of Communism are some of the oldest sins: covetousness and anger.

Leftists prate about tolerance, fairness and compassion but when they take power they put the conservatives up against the wall first, and then their own comrades.

Then the most cunning and brutal of the pack becomes the Glorious Leader, often to the surprise of his sleeker comrades.

Then the Terror begins.

Do the fervent, emotional, struggling revolutionaries ever imagine it might be them that gets a bullet behind the ear, in a grubby, non-descript basement, one day?

No fanfare, no big speech, no religious rite, no friends to mourn you. Just your carcass slung in the back of an ambulance, to be quickly harvested for organs in the nearest state-controlled hospital.

Who knows: your red heart might end up powering the body of a party favourite. For the cause, komrads!

Party officials form the new overclass. They get nice dinners and the proletarians get a subsistence living. Or they starve.

Communism finds fertile soil when the ‘haves’ use the have-nots too hard. A man who sees no future for himself will happily join a mob fighting to take yours.

A man who sees his children starve will hurl yours into a pit for spite.

People need hope: true hope or false hope, but they need hope.

The Effeminate Public Response To Jihadist Attacks In The West

When jihadists strike at Western non-combatants, what is the response?

When jihadists strike at Western non-combatants, what is the response?

– Hugs;
– Tears;
– Cards;
– Candles;
– Lighting displays;
– Sentimental rhetoric.

“We will not be afraid”
“We will not be divided”
“Our hearts go out …”
“These are not real Muslims …”

This is essentially a feminine response.

– It does nothing to address the core problem;
– It is a lie, or a displacement behaviour;
– It makes the speaker feel better;
– The speaker is virtue-signalling and convert-preaching.

We are afraid, we are divided and we’ll have forgotten the atrocity in 48 hours.

Back to eating snacks and watching reality-TV, yippee!

The Truth About The Syrian Civil War 2016

The truth about they Syrian civil war is simple. It’s a war between an Alawite dictator and a ragbag of other Muslim sects.

The truth about the Syrian civil war is simple. It’s a war between an Alawite dictator and a ragbag of other Muslim sects. Neither subscribes to Western, Christian notions of decency. Each side has committed war crimes, by Western standards. The losers will be tortured horribly and then executed. Surrender is not an option.

It’s surprising reporters don’t get that. They bleat that Western governments should do something, against Assad and his coalition. ‘Think of the children’ they say.

Well, the problem is that, to the locals, using the most destructive methods possible against your enemy is righteous. “I and my brother against my cousin. I and my brother and my cousin against the infidel.” Arabs don’t subscribe to Christian ideals of chivalry.

Total war, no mercy and a bunch of insurgents who have no emotional connection to the country thrown in to poison the mix.

What could US ground troops do against that? America failed in Iraq. It failed in Libya. Third time’s the charm? “Gimme a break!”, as they say in the US of A.

Barack Obama isn’t that stupid and neither is Donald Trump, we hope.

RIP Political Correctness 6.9.16

Oh, no noteworthy event caused it. I just think it’s run its course.

Today is the day political correctness died.

Oh, no noteworthy event caused it. I just think it’s run its course. So I’m making it official, by a committee of one.

Brethern, let us raise up our heads, now burdened less, and rejoice. Amen.

A Nation’s Pyramid Of Needs

Order must prevail, preferably good order.

The recent Brexit vote indicates that the British mass-mind is sober. It has got its priorities right.

A nation needs the following, in order of importance:

1. Autonomy.

This is the ability to be free to govern itself as a separate entity. Any nation dependent on, or commanded by, another, does not have autonomy. Its citizens are thralls.

2. Security.

Order must prevail, preferably good order. Citizens must have confidence that they can walk the streets unmolested. They must have confidence that what property they hold, they can keep. The nation must be able to repel foreign foes.

3. Economy.

The majority of the people must have confidence that they can keep themselves and their dependents for the coming year. Without this, they may riot. A hungry man feels he has little to lose.

4. Infrastructure.

This is roads, communications, utilities. A nation can call itself civilised when it can safely and completely dispose of its own waste!

5. Honest Government.

Honest police, honest bureaucrats, honest politicians. This is the capstone of the pyramid. Westerners who say “All politicians are corrupt” have never had to operate in a society where most of them truly are.

Brexit: A Clear Victory – Or Is It?

The manadarins of ever-closer-integration will re-run the referendum within 2 years.

EU fans need not worry, unfortunately. The manadarins of ever-closer-integration will re-run the referendum within 2 years; long enough for:

1. People to forget the hoo-ha on 23rd June;
2. To really frighten John Bull this time;
3. To re-assure them by telling them more lies, as a vet caresses a dog he’s about to euthanise, and
4. Just in time to avert formal separation.

They re-ran the referendums on the Nice and Lisbon treaties in Ireland until they got the ‘right’ result. No reason they can’t do it with the UK.

Even as I write, the mass-mind of the emoting class is pitching reasons to do this, online: “Leavers didn’t know what they were voting for”, “London voted to stay In”. A petition with a million (digital) signatures has been accomplished overnight.

What a pathetic generation this is: very worried about the rights of perverts and animals, oblivious to the erosion of their own political power.

I am convinced this generation’s mind has been darkened by sin.

What they don’t realise is that these manoeuvres will give a future tyrant the excuse he needs to abolish their treaties altogether; they’ve set the precedents.

Pagan Liberalism Vs Islamic Puritanism

It’s wryly amusing to a conservative Irish Catholic to see Western pagan liberals trying to force Islam into their worldview.

Islam is a militant, puritanical and doctrinaire religion. Muslims are everything liberals are not. Islam wishes to put them under, or to, the sword. Still they cry: “That is not the true Islam! Moderate muslims’ voices are not being heard! Don’t be biased against muslims!”

They do not realise that political correctness is a psychic virus. It causes the infected to act against their own interests, to value enemies over their own kind and to spread the virus further. Its energy is from leftism and ultimately the Lord Of Misrule.

My current view is that they cannot understand people who have sincere views about who and what they are and who wish to impose their views on others, by force.

They, the muslims, believe their views to be the best and they utterly scorn western decadence. They despise us.

The liberals make up their beliefs from out of the mush of western media. Their beliefs are written in sand. They bow to any and every idol and believe in none, except one: the idol of themselves.

These two ‘religions’ are not compatible except in one area: both scorn Christianity and work to undermine societies based on it.

A pity they don’t realise that Christianity the engine of the West’s success, whose fruits they both currently enjoy.

A pity one couldn’t drop San Francisco, Hampstead and Islington into Saudi Arabia and sit back and watch the results.

The End Times Or Just A New Tyranny?

Here is a list of events that may herald the arrival of the Antichrist, or just a new tyranny:

1. One world economy.

It is now feasible to give everyone a mark on the hand or forehead which will enable them to buy and sell. You can receive benefits if you have the mark. The mark can be an electronic implant or simply an encrypted numerical code. Your bank accounts can be debited or credited. Or expropriated.

2. Celebrity culture.

One man can now bestride the globe as a false saviour, through mass media. He doesn’t need to be moral; he just needs to appear to be.

3. Worldwide hatred of Christianity.

One may not now criticise any religion in public, except Christianity. Isn’t that strange?

At the time of writing, Christians are having their throats cut in the Middle East, with very little protest from Western governments or clergy.

3b. Resurgence of paganism.

Neo-paganism went overground in Glastonbury and California. It is slowly seeping into popular culture. Witches, demons and vampires have been humanised. Clergy and Christians have been demonised.

A man may admit to being a follower of Odin and the response is “how interesting”, instead of derision.

22.July ’15. PS: Now the Devil becomes a hero on TV:

Lucifer hates man eternally and profoundly. There is NO love in Hell. Human beings are cockroaches to him. The creators should burn all prints of this project.

4. Boom And Bust.

When an economy hits a prolonged depression, the cry goes up for a Leader to save us. The world economy in general is looking quite unstable. Too many people are in too much debt.

Are we one, two, or three defaults away from a worldwide collapse?

5. The return of euthanasia.

Euthanasia makes humans seem disposable. It starts as ‘mercy’ then then becomes convenient, even malign. Germany’s extermination polices were a natural progression of its pre-war euthanasia culture.

6. Political correctness.

This is the great victory of Leftism. If you can’t take over a country by force or politicking, take over its culture. It is now permissible to shout down, prosecute and persecute people with conservative opinions. People are losing their jobs for off-hand remarks.

The scene is being set for a false saviour. It might be an idea for you to have a contingency plan.

Irish Sexual Pervert Marriage Referendum – A Plebiscite For Unreason


This man is the Prime Minister Of The Republic of Ireland. He claims to be a Catholic. He believes in an “energy or spirit [that] is around”. ” … an energy, a force, an almightiness there that is certainly beyond my reach”. ” ..I can’t see it as a person or as a being.”

He is reported as admitting that he doesn’t pray, but does go to Mass, to “communicate with that spirit”. His faith is “… my God, and my God is that energy and power that I feel”.

In other words, he is a pagan who was baptised Catholic.


This is a man, who dresses as a woman. He is a sexual pervert, who evangelises for his perversion. He is HIV positive. He promotes that which has given him a very serious disease.

He makes a poor sort of man, in the sense of being useful in a crisis.
He is a caricature of a woman.
He wishes to promote a form of contract which apes Holy Matrimony but which has none of the sanctifying, unitive or procreative potential of that ceremony.


These are Irishmen and Irishwomen who are promoting, as a positive, a form of contract which apes Holy Matrimony but which has none of the sanctifying, unitive or procreative potential of that rite. This contract will be entered into by a minority of a minority. By its existence, it will destroy normal secular marriage, by removing meaning from it.

What Henry VIII started, this generation has finished.

Sex is now a merely a form of self-expression. Marriage is merely a contract between two human adults with genitals, which can be broken on a whim.

I look forward to reading about the first high-profile divorce and about how the property will be divided. The reasoning used should be interesting. For example, how will ‘consummation’ be defined?

We now know that more than 50% of the Irish, adult, voting public cannot reason well. They have legislated that a goat must now be called a sheep.

Rosary March Barracked By Pro Abortionists Stratford London E15 09-05-2015

I was walking home today after a Breakfast Special, at Best Cafe in the Inshop in Stratford Mall, about 11.30am. I saw cop cars in the Crescent, where St. Francis’ Church is.

The police were peacekeeping at a demonstration by a small pro-life group, which was kneeling outside the Church. The rosary-reciting group were being ‘battered’ by the sonic efforts of the pro-abortion group. The latter were banging pots, blowing horns and whistles and singing pro-abortion songs. They were largely female.

Pro-lifers: singing hymns and reciting the rosary.
Pro-abortioners: trying to put them off, essentially.

Quite bizarre: women protesting to shut up people praying against Women’s Right To Kill The Life Inside Them.

On balance, who do you think, dear reader, finds favour with God?


If you don’t believe in God, what do you think happens to you when you die?

If you think “nothing”, then how safe do you feel in a society which is moving towards killing its members when they are very young, very old or just ill?

In the end, what force will your opinion carry, anyway, if the law circumscribes which opinions you can utter?


The wealthier, smarter Jews could see which way the wind was blowing in in the 1930’s Germany and skidaddled while the getting was good. Here’s hoping you and me have the same opportunity!

PS: Note the content of one of the pro-abortionist’s banners: “The only church … is a burning one”. The anger and the general ugliness of the pro-abortion groups tells me Who is ultimately behind them.

I mean, who in their right mind thinks that a young woman getting an abortion is a Good Thing? What’s good about a rape or an act of fornication (an evil) following by a killing (another evil)?

[scratches head]

Postscript: That same day anarcho-socialist types were protesting the result of a democratic election, outside Downing Street. I see Socialist Worker banners held by the protesters and the usual references to the ‘Tories’ (a party which exists in their heads alone). See here

Quote: "Protesters threw bottles, cans and smoke bombs at the police. Scuffles broke out when the demonstrators, blaring hooters, banging pots and chanting obscenities, confronted lines of police outside the gate protecting the Prime Minister’s official residence."

My emphasis, above. It is interesting that more subdued mirror of this protest occurred in response to people praying against abortion in a side-street in Stratford on the same day. Some of the placards the protesters used, in both cases, were quite extreme.

What do the two protests have in common? They were against law, tradition and suffrage. Leftists don’t realise that, come the Revolution, the conservative, Christian people will be the first to the execution chamber and they will be the second. They’ll be too much of a liability. The Great Leader will permit no potential opposition.

Remember what happened to Trotsky!

British Elections May 2015 – The Mutation Of The Zeitgeist

What’s peculiar is how superficial the election seems. Left and Right pretend to disagree on economic strategy, while maintaining the Welfare State by public indebtedness. The Conservatives cut more, while Labour borrow more, but neither can kill the Blob. The Blob must be fed! Too many voters depend on the Blob, and not just obvious ones like retirees and the unemployed.

We have a kind of prosperity, which is built on the City and on personal debt and public debt. 8 years after the Crash, the economy is on a natural uptick, as part of the cyclical Boom-Bust cycle. So the public is quite tranquil.

However, take away the City and property investment and there’s not a lot going on here. Wages are historically low, while rents are sky-high. The next crash could bring riots.

Messers Cameron, Clegg and Milliband are very similar physically and culturally. They are of the same class. Their backgrounds are upper-middle-class and superficial, so they can’t connect with the lower classes in a convincing manner.

The other parties are single-issue. One or other will likely hold the balance of power post-election. They will become tainted by association with the bigger party. They will get a taste of power, like it, and start compromising. This will be good for Britain, as no party will be able to impose bad legislation by fiat. Unless the proposed law is consonant with the current zeitgeist.

The problem is that people can’t reason well any more, either individually and collectively. The current zeitgeist is high on emotion and low on logic. Example: Same-sex ‘marriage’ would have been thought not only evil, but insane and stupid, 100 years ago. Not in 2015!

“Societies think their hearts are softening, when in fact it is their heads.” Within 30 years we’ll probably have an economic crisis, followed by social collapse, followed by totalitarian government, followed by revolution, followed by external attack.

The cure for all of this: a truly Catholic society. Its ethos would instil spiritual solidity and material diffidence in the public, while granting the graces necessary for ordinary material success.

A small country can out-perform a much larger one, if its ethos is right (and righteousness is its ethos!)

You Are Free To Say Whatever You Like As Long As We Like What You Say

You are free to say whatever you like as long as We like what you say.
You are free to do whatever you like as long as We like what you do.
If We do not like what you say, We will hound you.
If We do not like what you do, We will arrest you.
You should tolerate everyone’s behaviour as long as We deem that behaviour acceptable.
What We deem acceptable is what every right-thinking person finds to be right.
What We deem acceptable is tolerance of every behaviour We deem acceptable.
What is old is wrong.
What is static is wrong.
What is new is good.
Change is good.
Right-thinking is defined by what we feel to be right.
Right-thinking is defined by what Our peers pronounce to be right.
Our peers are those who rebel against the established order.
Once We have subdued all the Wrong-thinkers We will have lasting peace.
Once Our peers are in control We can do what We like and then there will be lasting change and lasting tolerance and lasting peace.