The Coronavirus Panic Is Hysteria But Shouldn’t Be Ignored

The disease is viral pneumonia and if you get it it can be quite, quite unpleasant.

4.4. 20

Only one good thing: once Da Peeple find out how bad they’ve been hobbled, and for what, they may start looking for better representatives.

Fact: Your government has no money beyond tax revenues. No work = no tax = no ‘free money’.

This lockdown is because politicians elected on how cuddly they are can’t make hard decisions for the long term greater good. e.g.

Yesterday: Bailing out bankers rather than suffer a short depression.

Today: The weak must be prolonged, whatever the cost, rather than face biological facts (seasonal fatal illnesses), or else The Ruling Cabal might suffer upset to their life-styles.

People elected to the Church Of Nice can’t easily turn ’round and say “let the virus take the weakest, we go on.”

The upper classes can ride this out. Many others can’t.

And still, no mass, and more seriously, no Confession. The current bishops are … not very manly. In the past the holy ones would risk disease to minister unto the needy. I’m not as surprised as I might be, but it’s a terrible indictment of those men who put on the purple, to lead a diocese. It’s just sad.


Given the mortality rate, this ‘pandemic’ is pure hysteria. You don’t shut down a society because a small number of old and/or already-ill people may die. The medium and long term harm to the society could be serious.

Has no one thought who pays for all the medical care the sick need? No, not the gummint; the governed, through direct paying, and taxation! They can’t earn money if they’re sitting at home!

Still, at last we can see the calibre of people who lead us, and the temper of the general population. They operate at the level of 8 year old girls.

As for our bishops – denying the sacraments to the sick and the dying will greatly weigh against you, in this world, and the next.

29.3.20: LATEST:

My hope is this that this is a pseudo-crisis which an hysterical, Protestant society has confected on its path of slow suicide and will be seen as such by the wise.

Facts: Very, very few people, across large populations in the millions, are seriously affected by this disease.

Of those seriously affected, unto death, the vast majority have serious underlying conditions.

This does not warrant the shutdown of a society. I propose that a Godless society simply can’t think straight; it is panicked at the smell of smoke and turns the hose on everything.

12.3.20: UPDATE:

I’ve now read that the disease is viral pneumonia and that if you get it it can be quite, quite unpleasant. As in, strong men brought to their knees.

People shouldn’t take stupid risks that expose themselves to it, or help spread it, like going to public gatherings, especially if they feel even slightly unwell already. That will spread it much more widely and hospitals will be overwhelmed.

Ironic that in a world of mass-social-media you can’t get reliable information about a simple virus. Grrr.

===== Older:

Just for the record, the panic started because we were informed that:

– The virus originated in China, a Communist tyranny;
– The Chinese government covered up news of the infection initially;
– The source city has a ‘wet market’ which sells exotic animals for culinary purposes;
– The source city also has a biological warfare/research facility;
– The biological warfare/research facility staff have a history of selling test subjects to the ‘wet market'(!);
– Some commentators said that the virus had pangolin and HIV DNA sequences.

– Most commentators know nothing about medicine.

We now hear that the fatality rate from this virus is less than that of some historically recent infections e.g. the flu virus of the winter of 2017-2018.

Influenza can kill the already-weak but most healthy people recover in a week if they rest, take fluids and anti-inflammatories and eat nourishing foods.

Conclusion: Stay home if you get the bug, keep calm and carry on!

How To Make Interstellar Travel Possible

Fact: Very few planets we know of seem likely to harbour life. They are also very far away.

Fact: Very few planets we know of seem likely to harbour life. They are also very far away.


1. Send microprobes [with instructions to replicate bigger telescopes at their destination] and relay visuals back to earth.

1a. Create oases at regular intervals outside our solar system, to the nearest likely planets; assume it will take 300 years+ to get to the nearest system.

1b. Create mini black holes, at long intervals, outside our solar system, to slingshot probes around their gravity wells, to the nearest star.

2. Find black holes, send a micro probe in and see where, and if, it pops out. Timeline: hundreds of years.

3. Study advanced out-of-body techniques to send subjects’ minds to remote-view distant planets.

4. Create a gravity-pinch so a vehicle generating it can be ‘drawn’ at sub-light speed in a particular direction.

5. Find some equation of space/time/gravity/electro-magnetism that allows us to manipulate them in a novel way. Easy!

6. Find some way to ignore current laws of physics, by using higher ones.

7. Collate all known accounts of spaceships. Filter out occult, eccentric and misidentification accounts. Find commonalities in the rest and try to copy the science.

7a. Create miniature versions of any likely-successful craft, for testing purposes.

The Nazis appear to have made some kind of working craft, using unusual propulsion, near the end of the war. The reason they were able to do it is because they were highly motivated, highly organised and looking in a different direction to US/UK scientists; they weren’t inhibited in trying weird ideas.

Contrast that with current Western projects 60 years later; they’re all still based on ‘bottle-rocket’ technology. We’re never getting off this planet by that means.