The Meaning Of Life.

The meaning of life is this:

You contain a spark of the Divine, which will, in time, recall you to itself, so that you may account, for yourself, and so that It may know Itself.

We incarnate, we die, we rest a while, and then come back again, until the Prodgal Son returns to his Father's house a better Man, and the Father rejoices.

We have been instructed to love one another, and love our enemies as ourselves. Our enemy in one who seems to have different interests to us; he is in fact our brother. In hating him, we harm ourselves. In harming him, we make a debt which will have to be repaid.

Evil makes us ill; we must be good in thought and emotion, as well as by word and deed.

We must put our egos in their proper place, and uncover the Divine soul within us. Our Ego deceives us that it is the master; it is only the mask, a regent that has taken the rightful King's place.

The Seven Deadly Sins and their accompanying emotions should lessen in us, and our virtues increase.

All that is is vibration, at different frequencies. All that is can be altered by will via imagination.

Heaven is a higher frequency of perception. It is all around us.