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"Looking for the best mortgages in the UK?"

Consider ...
  • Your mortgages UK rate;
  • Discount;
  • The term (no. of years);
  • Reputation of lender;
  • Insurance required by the lender;
  • Application and handling fees;
  • Pre-payment penalties;
  • Affordability;
  • Your credit rating.
These are the criteria you should use. Don't make a decision based on interest rate alone.

Mortgages - UK interest rates are current at a 30-year low. Lenders are discounting their rates and offering special deals.

There are several additional costs that should be taken into consideration:

Estate agents fees: 1.5 to 1.75% of the eventual selling price.
Solicitor's fees: A few hundred pounds.
Stamp duty: Payable on properties over £60,000 – 1% being payable in tax, rising to 3% for properties of £250,000 or more.
Removal Fees: You may decide to hire a van, or good removal firm will cost a couple of hundred pounds depending on the distance you are moving

Mortgages - UK companies are constantly trying to get the biggest market share. Only so many mortgages are taken out in the UK each day. When a mortgage company starts to lose its market share it approaches independent consultants with better interest rate and deals. You would not really be aware of this as it is changing constantly. Use an independent mortgages UK agent to find these products for you.

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Getting Mortgages in the UK.

Whether you have an A1 credit rating and simply require the best deal, or if you have less than an A1 credit rating we can help.

Special mortgages
are available if you have CCJ's, mortgage arrears or no proof of income. These can often be only 1% or 2% above standard mortgage rates.

We offer a high standard of service. Our mortgages UK are available to suit your financial needs:-

  • Fixed;
  • Variable;
  • Discounted;
  • Capped;
  • Payment holiday.



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