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TigerTom's Two-Tier Affiliate Program.

1st March 2006: This program is suspended until I can come up with something that offers a decent return to affiliates.
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Commission rates are as stated below.

BONUS: Two-tier: If your referral signs up to this program, and makes a sale, you get paid a commission, for every sale they make.

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BONUS If you find an error in the affiliate program e.g. a bad link, or script error, tell TigerTom, mention this offer, and get a payment of £10 GBP.

Known bugs:
20/11/04: One of the banner generation pages doesn't work. Use this option instead.

The affiliate program is part of our shop.
Your affiliate ID is the value of the variable 'ref' in the links generated.

The shop is run on Oscommerce.


Sale commission = 10%.

Commission tiers = 10.00/5.00%

Payout trigger = £50.00.

Tracking cookies expire: 2010.

Products & Prices: See here.

Terms and Conditions - read them!

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Affiliate news:

1 Dec. 2004: Affiliates will now get 20% of TigerTom's referral fee for a successful loan, mortgage, double glazing or conservatory application.

TigerTom's referral fee is in turn calculated as percentage of the loan or sale amount, not a flat fee.

Affiliates will be credited by hand, on the basis of their cookie turning up in the online application or contact form emails.


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Terms and Conditions:

Cheque payments will be made by T. O' Donnell Inc. monthly, and for sums of £50.00 or greater. 

Do not promote your affiliate link via email spam. Do not cross-post your affiliate link to UseNet newsgroups. Put your affiliate link in your 'signature' if you post on message boards.

You may alter the HTML code of affiliate links so long as you do not try to deceive or annoy your visitors, or cheat the program.

Decisions on acceptance into the program are made by T. O' Donnell Inc., and once made, and the reasons given, no further correspondence concerning acceptance will be entered into.

All information submitted is confidential.

T. O' Donnell Inc. reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.

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