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"Looking at fast personal useful loans & UK based?"

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Consider ...

  • Your loan rate;
  • The term (no. of years);
  • Reputation of lender;
  • Application and handling fees;
  • Affordability;
  • Pre-payment penalties;
  • Your credit rating.
These are the criteria you should use. Don't make a decision based on interest rate alone.

How can YOU get the BEST deals?


- Do some research.

- Get written quotes from four lenders.

- Improve your credit rating.

+ Don't just pick a lender out of a newspaper. Ask friends. Use the internet! This is a major purchase. It makes sense to spend a bit of time shopping around.

+ Verbal quotes are not worth the paper they're printed on; get them in writing, and get more than one.

+ You can improve your credit rating by only having one or two credit-cards, for example, and paying them off on time. Get rid of lines of credit you don't need.

+ The smaller you can make your loan, the better. Loans, like credit-cards, are an expensive way to get money. If you can beg or borrow from friends or relatives to bulk up your cash-at-hand, do so. You'll feel a lot happier if you're only paying a few hundred, rather than a grand, a month.

There are secured and unsecured loans.

The idea of a secured loan is that you put up an asset/capital as security, so that if you default on your payments, the lender can claim you asset to pay off your debt. The asset that is usually used as security is your home, which is why this type of loan is often referred to as a homeowner loan. They are often easier to arrange and you can generally borrow larger sums of money, due to the lender having some form of security.

Unsecured loans. This type of loan is not secured against your assets such as your home, but it does not mean that a lender would not pursue you for their money, should you be able to keep up the repayments. The lender can pursue any debt through civil procedures, which could ultimately result in your home being at risk.

1. Look for lenders who are targeted towards your need. Your specific requirement may not match with their existing plans and if the company can sketch out a specific one for you, consider them.

2. Look for customer support: Every company claims great customer support. Review it yourself. You can also get feedback from existing customers.

3. Look for interest rates: They should be competitive. Even if the rates are comparable with the market rate, you should negotiate for a better one. You may not get any direct benefit from negotiation but you will get to know how the lenders deal with customers.

4. Look for honesty: Many lenders charge you more interest than due especially if you have a low credit score. It's better to get your credit report so that you can negotiate with the same tool they're using.

5. Look at their 'sociability': The company should be helpful in nature. Many lenders just think about the deal. Some may be kind enough to finance you at the optimum interest rate and agree your terms and conditions in part or fully.

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Whether you have an A1 credit rating and simply require the best deal, or if you have less than an A1 credit rating we can help.

People with all credit backgrounds (self-employed, CCJs etc) with rates to suit your needs.

Rates start from 7.9% APR. Credit card, bank or any other personal financial details are not required until any personal loans in the UK are approved!

No fees

    How would you like to be able to...
  • Do the home-extension or the loft-conversion?
  • Make your kitchen or bathroom fit for royalty?
  • Buy the car of your dreams?
  • Go on the holiday of a life time?
  • Consolidate all your costly credit cards and unsecured personal loans?

We offer a high standard of service and advice.

Be aware that a lower rate does not guarantee a lower cost. A number of factors that combine to calculate the total cost. In addition to the interest rate, you should consider the additional borrowing costs (often stated somewhere within the small print section), as they may be high enough to make the loan dearer than you thought. Typical examples of these additional costs are the payment protection schemes.

Ignore adverts. To tempt you, they will list the most attractive features. They will leave out the biggest problems. If there are business addresses on the advert, and it's near you, drive by the company before speaking to the sales staff. Where are they based, and what do their offices look like?


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Consumer Tip:

Borrowed thoughts, like borrowed money, only show the poverty of the borrower.

Lady Marguerite Blessington (1789 - 1849) English socialite, writer. In "Instant Quotation Dictionary", by Donald O. Bolander, 1979.

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