The Secret Of The Meaning Of Life.

Jesus lives in the heart chakra.

The Kingdom of Heaven is within us.

Life after the death of the body exists.

We share in the karma of our family and nation.

We are here to have a unique experience of the Universes, for and at God's Will-Pleasure.

Jesus Christ, The Virgin Mary, the Angels and Saints speak to us constantly.
Our Guardian Angel speaks to us.
Our Conscience also speaks to us.
We rarely listen.

God has come as Man, and still appears to the righteous, even in flesh.

Thoughts and feelings are semi-independent of us. They go out from us, and try to achieve their object, and then return. We bear the karmic consequences.

All material things decay, even human beings. Coveting them tires us, and brings no lasting peace.

Stand guard over your heart. Ignore or nullify evil thoughts and feelings. Seek the good.

Penetrate to the heart of your familial religion, and say, mindfully, its simple prayers. Go to Mass, regularly, the old Latin mass if possible. Say the traditional prayers of the Catholic faith, in Latin, if possible.

Work towards the well-being of others, not solely yourself, and not just your immediate family. Observe the effect.

Undertand the great benefit of true humilty, and beware what you covet. Love even those who seem to be your enemies. Observe the effect.

Discernment is the highest monastic virtue.