TigerTom's Video Chat Room Basic Instructions.


This requires:

A webcam;
A Flash-enabled web browser.

Optional: Broadband internet connection, full-duplex soundcard, headphones + microphone.


Below is an graphic that shows the important parts of the room, marked with a red circle.

You type your:

1. User name,
Text you want to send, and
3. 'Click to send' your webcam image to the room.

- There are icons to send or stop your audio and video, on your webcam image box.

4. Click
on the name of the person whose video you want to see.

- A little webcam icon will be beside their name, if they're running a webcam.

(In the example below, only TigerTom is in the room, and he's not running his webcam yet.)

The idea is, you can talk into your microphone, see and be seen via your webcam, and type text if your connection is bad.

To use the rest of the features, click on them and see what happens!

All clear? :)

Click HERE to enter the room now.