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NEW: TigerTom's Tipperary Showdown

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Name: TigerTom's Tipperary Showdown

TigerTom's Tipperary Showdown Screenshot

File size: 1.58mb
Operating System: Windows 95-XP
Requirements: 300Mhz, 64mb RAM, sound card, mouse, DirectX 9.0.
Email: http:// http://www.tigertom.com /contact.htm
URL: http:// http://www.tigertom.com /free-online-game.shtml
Download: http://http://www.tigertom.com/download/TTTShowdown.zip


A simple 2D first-person shooter set in County Tipperary in the Republic Of Ireland.
3 levels. Shoot the aliens. Avoid getting shot. Do not shoot the aliens waving a white flag.
Game also publicises the theft of an ancient, rare local artefact called a 'Sheela Na Gig', and asks for its return.

Stolen Kiltinan Sheela na Gig
Have YOU seen this lady? Call TigerTom.



It is the year 2011. Inspector TigerTom of the Garda Siochana (Special Investigation Division) has arrived in Tipperary to investigate recent alien attacks. Twenty-one years ago a 'Sheela-Na-Gig'*, a mystical ancient Irish artefact, was stolen from Kiltinan Church, near the town of Fethard. He suspects these events are interlinked.

Not all the aliens are hostile; some are carying a white flag.

Your duty:

Shoot those aliens carrying guns, before they shoot you.
Spare the lives of those carrying a white flag.
Survive until the next round.

Slan agat!

[*Note: The 'Sheela-na-Gig' is a real artefact, which was stolen from Kiltinan Church, Fethard, County Tipperary, Ireland in 1990. For more information click the 'Exit' button in the game.]

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