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7th December 2009: TigerTom Chat Rooms and associated social sites will be suspended indefinitely from Thursday 10th December 2009.

I apologise for any inconvenience caused.

T. O' Donnell, London, Dec. 2009.

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Please note: Services require separate registrations.

DISCLAIMER: This service is provided as is. Use it at your own risk. There is no technical support. T. O' Donnell is under no obligation to its users, and accepts no liability.

  • You may have to re-register every so often. This is to stop the databases getting too 'fat' with unused registrations.
  • Swearing will get you banned, usually temporarily.
  • You may also be barred if you share the same IP address ('internet telephone number') as someone previously banned. These are assigned randomly by your internet service provider.

10am, 1pm, 4pm, 6pm, 8pm, 10pm, 12 midnight, 2am and 4am GMT (UK time) are designated the official TigerTom Free Chat Times.

TIME NOW IS: Fri 07:26PM

Meet your pals here. This room is for general conversation, and requires registration.

Use the forum to leave messages for your pals.

Use this room if you want romantic encounters i.e. don't pester the people in the lounge above.

Use the forum to leave messages for your pals.

This room offers an alternative to TigerTom 'regulars' who want to progress to the next level of internet chatting. Everyone is welcome.

Read how to use it here..

This room is very simple, and is unmoderated. It's a glorified 'shout box', and is for testing purposes only. Please don't whinge to TigerTom if you have a hard time in here; use one of the other rooms if you want a civil conversation.

Alternative to the other free chat rooms.


TigerTom visitors
should note that separate registrations are required for each room. Their databases are kept separate to make upgrading, changing or repairing the rooms easier. This means we can use the best software currently available on the Internet.

Registrations may be deleted regularly, to speed up the service. You may need to re-register.

They may 'kick' you if you swear in them, or use words that contain a swear word, or if you post the URLs of websites. Hint: Don't say "Scunthorpe"!

Report any problems with the software to me.

Can't get in? You may be denied access if you share the same IP number ('internet phone number') as a previously banned user.
You may be denied access if one of the moderators bans you.

TigerTom cannot get you back in automatically, and doesn't have the time to do it manually. If you can get in, good. If you can't, use another service.

TigerTom deplores cyb3ring and the use of bad language. Please note that your comments may be logged, and that TigerTom will be happy to co-operate with the police, should it be required.

Do not disclose confidential information in the rooms. You don't know who may be listening! The moderators have access to the logs of your conversations, even the private ones.

You may need a cookies-enabled browser to use the rooms. WebTV may not work.

REMEMBER your USERNAME and PASSWORD. There is no automatic reminder facility in at least one of the rooms. Don't use odd characters in your username. Passwords and usernames are CAse SenSItive (get it?).

Click on the button to chat. Hitting the 'enter' key may not work.

DISCLAIMER: This service is provided as-is. USE THE ROOMS AT YOUR OWN RISK. There is no technical support. T. O' Donnell is under no obligation to users, and accepts no liability.

Thank you for your comments. Keep them coming here or here.

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