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Contents: How To Attract a Woman, Without Speed Seduction.

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'The Manual'

How To Attract And Seduce A Woman.

9th April 2000: 'The Manual' has been incorporated into The TigerTom Guide To Life, a demo version of which may be downloaded here.

If you want to...

  •  Be much more successful with women.

  •  Find out why your last relationship didn't work, or your current one's in trouble.

  •  Just increase your chances of a hot date on a Saturday night, then...

  • You need 'The Manual' !

What's 'The Manual' about?

It's a large text-file of hints and tips to greatly increase the chances of the average male in...



 and understanding women.

 Extracts from 'The Manual':

..."If you find that the talk flows easily between you and your potential conquest, and you are energised by it, that's a very good sign. Conversely, if you can feel your life force draining away, or if the conversation is awkward and stilted *in a negative way*, that's bad. If you are both flushed with embarassment because you fancy each other, you're still in the game. If you desire her greatly, but there's no sign of attraction on her part, you'd best leave off. Ain't nothing worse than getting into a one-sided relationship. The Gods will not smile on you if you do it deliberately. Conversely, a true love match opens up many doors."

"...Learn to distinguish true love and compatability from 'calf-love' and infatuation. Don't let your gonads rule your heart and head. Ultimately you should have a chat with yourself about WHY you seem to like women who aren't right for you. Do they remind you of your mother, or of some little girl you fancied as a lad? Do they remind you of yourself? Being attracted to people like ourselves is very common among adolescents and people in their early twenties. Have a look at young couples around you. More mature people tend to seek out, not quite their exact opposites, but complimentary characters to be with and love.

Possibly you are attracted to people who exemplify that which you found erotic in puberty i.e., that type that you fixated upon, and haven't quite gotten over. Blondes with big breasts for the macho man, pigeon chested, bespectacled introverts for the intellectual. What I'm saying is, to succeed in the mating game, or indeed in life itself, you should 'know thyself'."

"...NOTE #7 This is an odd one. Your shoes. Are they scuffed and worn and cheap and old, or are they shiny and smart? Both men and women make snap judgements on the basis of your footwear. You might wear a nice suit, but your shoes will let you down. A good pair of shining leather shoes marks you out as a diligent man of means, and will draw appreciative remarks from female acquaintances.

Women are by-and-large quite fastidious, and are drawn to a well-kept, sweet smelling man. Wash thoroughly at least once a day, or twice if you're going out in the evenings. Easy on the aftershave. A little is plenty. Get a decent one. Anything that doesn't reek too much will do. Avoid the cheap and nasty ones. Don't use girly soaps - ordinary carbolic will do. YOU don't want to smell like a woman - that's her job. Failing this, the fact that you smell nice at all is a big bonus for a lady. Many men don't!"

"...A word about pheromones.

We respond to smells, especially because they are less obvious to us than visual cues, yet are still so evocative. They hark back to our animal ancestry. We still use the phrases "you stinker!" or "it didn't smell right", to judge the worth of things. You don't need to buy these professionally-advertised pheromone sprays - you produce enough of your own when you sweat. FRESH sweat mind you - not day-old reek! You smell your best on the dancefloor - you're clean, having washed before going out, yet you've worked up a little sweat. Emphasis on the LITTLE. It'll mix with your cologne to work up an attractive fug *IF* IT'S NOT REALLY THAT NOTICEABLE AT ALL!."

"...Have you noticed how you sum up the mating possibilities of EVERY woman you meet in a split second? It's our animal ancestry again. Notice how you can tell a person's mood a split second after meeting them. You're unconsciously picking up a thousand clues from every aspect of their sound, smell, appearance, especially their faces. Women do likewise, but are not as quick about it - they're looking for internal and status-related qualities as well. We've learned, as social animals, to be alert to these things. It's vital for survival. The conscious mind has very little to do with it - you may deceive yourself 'she is / she is not interested in me'. Your subsconscious knows better."

The full product comes with a 30 day guarantee.

The information in it can be used by any man. Have the girl of your dreams on your arm within weeks. Save yourself years of frustration and loneliness and bad relationships. Attract a woman easily. This is the file that the politically correct Western media don't want you to read.

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