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Here is where you get my experices of getting internet merchant accounts.

Testimonials from some satisfied customers:

"I think that your back-up and follow up service is excellent. I wish we had the time to be as good as that." T. Mackenzie, Planet Earth Internet.

Tom, Thanks so much for the attention.. You are providing a superb service..I am very impressed with what you have created and how you have helped me out with my problems..I know you are very busy and dealing with me takes time away from dealing with the software you are having problems with. Dude, you are the best... Ed Lynn,

An E-book on Internet Merchant Accounts and Ecommerce Strategy.

If you can set up a secure order form on the internet, and get internet merchant accounts, you can trade world-wide.

BUT - banks are wary of small internet businesses. They will not lightly give you an internet merchant account.

Small internet businesses are classified as
home businesses, and the transactions are classified as 'card-holder not present'. They're open to fraud : stolen credit card numbers, expired numbers, numbers generated to fool order-page algorithms, 'charge-backs' and cancelled orders.

You often have to pay extortionate signing-up fees. And monthly fees. And for the 'hire-purchase' of processing software. And a percentage of each sale. And there are a lot of dodgy-looking so-called internet merchant account providers and processors out there.

Most are US only. A few are EU only. Some offer international merchant acounts. You should get one if you think you'll be doing in excess of $1000 worth of business a month, as third-party processors charge too high a percentage of your turnover for their services. This is especially important if you are selling products with a low profit margin.

This is not one of these tacky reseller deals either. You own the internet merchant account. You can mix and match options to suit yourself. This is an original report.


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