A Personal Development Primer covering Self-Help and Self-Confidence.

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The Book Of Power!

Sensational Strategy Secrets Revealed!

Written by 'Tiger' Tom O' Donnell

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Personal development plan ebook
  • Alternative success tips;
  • Profitable business strategy;
  • Gain love and friendship easily;
  • Healthy living;
  • Be popular with other people;
  • Be proud and happy with your life;
  • Discover your true self;
  • Free, complete books included.
  • Instructive love advice;
  • Free!
A Personal Development Primer covering Self-Help and Self-Confidence.

  • Acting successful makes you more attractive.
  • The more attractive you are, the greater your self-esteem.
  • The greater your self-esteem, the more successful you become.
  • The more successful you become, the more attractive you are!
  • All of these attractive qualities are interlinked.

  • Gain one of them, and you can gain them all. "The Book Of Power!" will show you how.

Other books just focus on a single aspect of your life.

"The Book Of Power!" is a personal development plan, covering self-help, business strategy, how to attract a woman or man, weight loss and beauty tips.

BONUS: The ebook is crammed with classic texts on war, politics, diplomacy and strategy. Complete books by famous authors are included.

Act NOW to Win Love, Friendship and Security!

  • Exciting tips on how to attract a woman or man.

  • Practical beauty secrets for men and women.

  • Superior self help advice.

  • Learn how to keep fit and lose weight comfortably.

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