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T. O' Donnell, Ex Tarot Reader

T. O' Donnell no longer offers or condones tarot readings.
All occult practices can be means for the Adversary and his thugs to get a hook in your soul. You'd be better off going to a Latin Mass, if you're a Catholic, or joining up, if you're not.

  • Say the ancient, traditional prayers of your religion, mindfully;
  • Fast;
  • Do penance;
  • Abstain;
  • Go to Confession, attend Mass, take Communion;
  • Be charitable to people outside your immediate network of family and friends;
  • Observe the effects dispassionately. You will be pleasantly surprised.

As St. Padre Pio said:

"Pray, hope, and don't worry."

Having done the above, if you have personal problems, find the saint whose province your problem is, and petition them. You'll feel a lot better. Even if your problem doesn't get solved, you'll be able to bear it more easily.

You get nothing for nothing. You give Jesus, Mary, the Saints and Archangels a little something, and you get a lot back. Unlike neo-pagan religions, the price is easy to pay, and the return is sublime.

Historical note: Tarot is a modern invention. It is not ancient. It started out as a Renaissance plaything and got taken up by occultists. A lot of modern occultism leads back to the Freemasons and their satellites.

Everyone who gets involved in occultism fantasises that they'll become the master. They never imagine that they might become the slave.

Beware of any group whose stock-in-trade is secret knowledge. This is how fraudsters rook intelligent people; they use their own greed against them. And they can say at the end; "you did it of your own free will, my friend."

Horoscopes and Tarot are the dainty entrées to a feast in which your immortal soul is the real main course.

Get smart, spooky kid!


Here is the doo-hickey. I'll leave it up for the time being so as to attract Gothy teens and worried young women who might read the message above, and get some sense.

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